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Thursday, December 17, 2020 -- Critical Report Delayed, Best Wishes

Critical Report Delayed
The intelligence community is supposed to release a report tomorrow regarding the extent of foreign interference in the 2020 elections.  This report was mandated by a 2018 executive order issued by President Trump.  But the report isn't coming anytime soon.
The office of the director of national intelligence unexpectedly announced late yesterday that it would not be releasing the required report on time.  According to various sources, there is a split within the intelligence community regarding whether communist China interfered in the election. 
Translation:  There are intelligence analysts who believe China interfered in the election and there are others who don't.  But why is the intelligence community divided?
In July, Bill Evanina, the director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, warned that communist China was "expanding its attempt to influence the General Election and shape U.S. policy." 
In August, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said, "China poses a greater national security threat to the U.S. than any other nation . . . That includes threats of election influence and interference." 
In September, Attorney General William Barr told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that China was being the "most aggressive" and "most assertive" in attempting to influence the 2020 election.  Blitzer was shocked and pressed Barr to explain why he believed that.  Barr answered, "Because I've seen the intelligence."
CBS News reports that Ratcliffe confirms that China, Iran and Russia did interfere in the election.
Many insiders say that communist China did not want Donald Trump to win reelection because Beijing found him "unpredictable." 
Translation:  Communist China was used to having presidents from both parties willing to deceive themselves or worse in order to accommodate the communist Chinese. 
Last week we reported to you about a Chinese academic leader who bragged that China had great friends and allies on Wall Street and in Washington for decades.  Then Donald Trump came along and suddenly China couldn't get what it wanted. 
Trump is very predictable in always wanting to put America first.  But China prefers having American presidents who usually put communist China first. 
That same Chinese academic was pleased that Biden had seemingly prevailed in the election, and he bragged about communist China's influence with Hunter Biden. 
This may be one of the most dangerous periods in American history.  Every day we are learning more about the extent to which the Biden family has been compromised by financial interests controlled by the communist Chinese military and the Chinese Communist Party.  (See next item.)
"Best Wishes"
As we noted in yesterday's report, Hunter Biden flew to communist China with his father aboard Air Force Two in 2013.  Ten days later, his firm landed a billion-dollar deal backed by communist China's state-owned bank.  Over the years, Hunter continued to develop his Chinese connections.
In June of 2017, Hunter Biden was eager to nail down a deal with a Chinese energy company.  So he sent an email to the company chairman, Ye Jianming, asking that he "quickly" transfer $10 million to Hunter's business.  Hunter closed the message by writing, "Please accept the best wishes from the entire Biden family as well as my partners."
Surely that line left no doubt in the minds of the Chinese communists that they were buying influence in a powerful American family.  So powerful, in fact, that one family member was even considered as a potential presidential candidate. 
Increasingly, it appears as if the entire Biden family was in bed with the Chinese communists.  Of course, we know of one liberal Democrat, Rep. Eric Swalwell, who may have been literally in bed with Chinese communists.
More than a dozen House Republicans, including key members of the GOP leadership team, are demanding that Swalwell be removed from the House Intelligence Committee. 
They are also demanding a full briefing from the FBI about the extent to which Swalwell was compromised by a communist Chinese honeypot.  But House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is accusing the FBI of stonewalling since it has twice canceled the briefing. 
Standing For Life
I was invited to a White House event yesterday along with other pro-life leaders to celebrate the pro-life accomplishments of the Trump Administration.  Vice President Mike Pence presented quite an impressive list of achievements.  Here are the highlights: 


  • President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy, ending government funding for abortions performed in other countries. 
  • President Trump became the first president to address the annual March for Life in person.
  • He signed legislation allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood.
  • President Trump ended fetal tissue research at the National Institutes of Health.
  • He appointed more than 220 federal judges, including three Supreme Court justices. 

And there's more.
Yesterday, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar announced that the Trump Administration was withholding $200 million in federal funding from California because of a state mandate that requires health insurers to cover elective abortions.
"We have informed California that this policy clearly violates federal conscience laws, but the state refuses to fix the issue and comply," Azar said. "Accordingly, we plan to withhold $200 million in federal Medicaid funds from the state. . .  We will seek to withhold an additional $200 million every quarter until it complies."
The Justice Department also announced that it was suing the University of Vermont Medical Center for forcing staff members to assist with abortions. 
The Trump/Pence Administration is fighting every day to defend the sanctity of life, and so are we.