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Thursday, April 8, 2021 -- Biden's Border Crisis, Major League Blowback, A Strange Insurrection

Biden's Border Crisis
The crisis at the border gets worse with each passing day.  More than 20,000 migrant children are currently in custody. 
Yes, some are five and six years-old, but most are teenagers.  And many of them are young adults -- 18, 19 and 20 years-old.  They are arriving with no identification, and human traffickers have told them to say they're 16.  Some are also gang members. 
The Biden/Harris Administration is putting them all in huge detention centers.  Not surprisingly, sexual assaults are reportedly taking place in these taxpayer-funded shelters.
To give you some idea of just how bad the crisis is, the Biden Administration is about to open its 12th emergency overflow shelter at the Long Beach Convention Center.  At least three military bases are now housing migrant children as well.
Why?  Because border apprehensions increased 72% last month compared to February, and they're up 450% compared to March 2020.
Here's something else the media is largely ignoring.  The people crossing the border aren't just coming from Mexico and Central America.  We're catching people from all over the world, including Iran and communist China. 
And for every person we catch, we have no idea how many unidentified people are slipping past the Border Patrol. 
Amid all this chaos, there's no sign that President Biden and Border Czar Harris have any desire, much less a plan, to secure the border.  The result, according to CNN, is that a record two million illegal immigrants are expected to cross the border this year. 
But what's happening at the border doesn't stay at the border.  It affects us all.  


  • Fentanyl is pouring across the border.  The opioid crisis in your state will get worse. 
  • Many migrants are COVID positive, potentially delaying the reopening of your schools. 
  • MS-13 gang members are coming in.  In fact, 4,500 criminal aliens have been arrested at the southern border so far this year.  Remember that when you hear about gang violence in your community. 
  • And, yes, terrorists are crossing the southern border too.

If Joe Biden was doing everything else right, and he's not, the border disaster alone would make him a failed president.
We are working closely with multiple members of Congress and conservative leaders to help frame the messaging against this insanity, and to ensure that GOP senators don't buy into any amnesty deals.
Left-wing Priorities
Like California, New York is dominated by the political left.  And like California, New York considers itself a sanctuary state, a safe space for illegal immigrants.  But if simply ignoring the law wasn't enough, New York's liberal politicians are making their priorities crystal clear.
Empire State Democrats just approved a massive new budget that includes $15,000 stimulus checks . . . for illegal immigrants.  Adding insult to injury, the fund for this program is twice as big as the funding New York Democrats set aside to help small businesses.
It's a long shot, but we are doing some research to see if a conservative candidate could be elected governor of New York next year!
Major League Blowback
According to Charles Gasparino of the Fox Business Network, sources in Major League Baseball say that Commissioner Rob Manfred made the decision to pull the All-Star Game out of Atlanta after speaking with left-wing activist Stacey Abrams, Al Sharpton and basketball star Lebron James. 
James has publicly supported boycotts of Georgia, while Abrams and Sharpton warned Manfred that some baseball players would refuse to play in Atlanta.  They also pressured Manfred to have Major League Baseball publicly endorse H.R. 1.
Gasparino's reporting is noteworthy because Abrams has denied supporting boycotts of her state and publicly resisted calls to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta.  But it seems that someone is lying.
Meanwhile, the MLB is bracing for some major blowback.  A new poll found that 70% of Americans believe that "corporations and sports teams should generally stay out of politics."  Nearly two-thirds said they were less likely to do business with companies that "insert themselves into political issues."
The poll also found that the most "controversial" elements of Georgia's new election integrity law – voter ID requirements, limits on drop boxes and electioneering activity near polling stations – enjoyed overwhelming support.
Things To Think About
The Olympics: 
The International Olympic Committee has yet to decide where the 2030 games will be played.  But if the competition came down to communist China or Georgia, America's corporations and many Democrats would have to side with communist China.
That's exactly what they're signaling right now.  Apparently, they find the widespread oppression and even genocide in communist China far less offensive than voter ID laws and the monitoring of drop boxes in Georgia!
Our Schools: 
As you know, everyone has been concerned for decades now about the various ways our educational system is failing our children.  They continue to fall further and further behind the children of other nations, including adversaries like communist China. 
Communist China did not close its schools this year.  Our education bureaucracy did, and the left-wing big city teachers unions are still resisting efforts to reopen our schools. 
So, I feel totally justified in saying that in a very real way the biggest asset that communist China has in the United States is the teachers unions!
A Strange Insurrection
The Washington, D.C., medical examiner has released a report outlining the causes of death for four of the five people who died at the Capitol on January 6th.   As you no doubt recall, the media told us over and over that because of Donald Trump, five people were killed during that "insurrection."
Here's what the medical examiner told us:  


  • Two Trump supporters died of heart attacks. 
  • One Trump supporter died from an accidental drug overdose. 
  • Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, also a Trump supporter, was shot and killed by a Capitol Hill security officer.  Her death was ruled a homicide.  

So, four deaths are explained, and the victims were all supporters of Donald Trump.  But three months after the event, the medical examiner's office in our nation's capital still cannot explain the death of Officer Brian Sicknick. 
For weeks after January 6th, the left-wing media told the American people that Officer Sicknick had been bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher by Trump supporters.  There was never any evidence of that.  Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit seeking a copy of his autopsy. 
Our prayers go out to all these families. 
But Officer Sicknick's death was repeatedly exploited by the Democrats and the media during President Trump's impeachment.  Yet, he too was an enthusiastic Trump supporter.
Breyer's Warning
With the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice Stephen Breyer (82) is now the oldest member of the Supreme Court.  And the left is mounting a full-court press to force him off the bench now while Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer can ram through his replacement. 
While Breyer is being coy about his future plans, he did not hesitate to blast the left for threatening to fundamentally transform the Supreme Court.  During a speech this week to Harvard Law students, Breyer warned that the left's court packing schemes would undermine the court's credibility, making it a political puppet of the ruling majority in Congress at any given time.
"If the public sees judges as politicians in robes, its confidence in the courts and in the rule of law can only diminish, diminishing the court's power, including its power to act as a check on other branches," Breyer said.
By the way, liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg was staunchly opposed to packing the court too.