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Thursday, April 7, 2022 -- Don't Mess With Texas, Who's Going To War, The Saga Continues

Don't Mess With Texas


Texas Governor Greg Abbott made an announcement yesterday that sent the open borders crowd into a total meltdown.


As you know, more than 150,000 illegal aliens are crossing our southern border every month.  Experts fear that could jump dramatically to 500,000 every month when Joe Biden ends Title 42 enforcement in May. 


Title 42 is a critical public health policy that President Trump used very effectively to seal the border during the pandemic.  Even though we're being told that certain mask mandates must remain in place and a new virus variant is about to hit, Biden is planning to unleash a tsunami of illegal immigration across the southern border.


We also know that the Biden Administration is busing illegal aliens all over the country.  They're doing this without any notice to the state and local officials where these illegal aliens are being dropped off in the middle of the night. 


Yesterday, Governor Abbott announced that he's going to give this failed president a taste of his own medicine.  Texas officials will start busing illegal aliens to Washington, D.C., where the problem truly lies. 


The problem is that the courts have ruled that only the federal government can enforce our immigration laws.  But Joe Biden refuses to do his job.  So, Abbott is going to bus illegal aliens to Washington, forcing our open borders government officials to deal with the problem they created.


While I applaud Abbott's move, this is not a reliable solution to the border crisis. The solution is to get open borders politicians out of office, replacing them with America First conservatives who take border security seriously


Biden's open borders policies are extremely unpopular.  Even some Democrats are beginning to speak out.  But as long as Joe Biden controls the federal government, the border crisis will get worse.


In the meantime, politicians who agree with Governor Abbott must find a way to stop Biden, who refuses to enforce the law.  If that means impeaching the president for failing to uphold his oath to protect the country and to enforce our laws, then so be it. 


Impeachment, under these circumstances, is more than justified. 




Who's Going To War?


President Biden addressed a major labor union yesterday.  After he had just finished railing against Russia and talking about Ukraine, Biden said, "If I got to go to war, I'm going with you guys.  I mean it!" 


Really?  We're going to war in Ukraine now? 


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was peppered with questions about what exactly Biden meant because the president's words matter


Biden told U.S. troops in Poland that they were going to Ukraine.  He suggested we would use chemical weapons against Russia.  These repeated slips of the tongue are dangerous!


If he was a novice to foreign policy, you could forgive an occasional slip up.  But Biden has been around Washington, D.C., for decades.  His foreign policy experience was supposedly his strong point.  It obviously isn't.


For those willing to risk a wider war by directly confronting Russia:  Why would you trust the same gang – Biden, Harris, Austin, Milley – that directed the Afghanistan disaster?


Why should we trust the incompetent people who told us that Russia would crush Ukraine in a matter of hours?  People who make these kinds of monumental mistakes usually get fired!


My friends, this is a very dangerous time.  While confronting Russian aggression, we must be extremely careful to avoid Biden stumbling us into a nuclear war with his loose talk and failing mental faculties. 




The Saga Continues


If you think you've heard the end of the Hunter Biden laptop saga, think again.  Much more is coming, and it's potentially far more damaging. 


Jack Maxey is the conservative activist who provided copies of Hunter's laptop to the Washington Post and other media outlets, which have since verified the authenticity of the laptop. 


Maxey revealed this week that he is now in Switzerland conducting a forensic review of 450 gigabytes of data that Hunter Biden thought he had deleted from the laptop. 


What we already know about the data on the laptop is bad enough.  Just imagine how bad the stuff Hunter tried to delete must be!


We're following this news closely, and we will keep you posted. 




Jackson Confirmed


The Senate confirmed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court this afternoon.  The vote, as expected, was 53-to-47.  Three Republican senators – Romney, Murkowski and Collins – joined all 50 Democrats to put on the Supreme Court. 


Don't miss the significance of this vote . . . It's not good.


To begin with, not a single Democrat – not "moderate" Manchin in West Virginia, not Tester in Montana, not "pro-life" Casey in Pennsylvania, not Ossoff or Warnock in Georgia or Kelly or Sinema in Arizona – voted against her.  


Every Democrat voted for a judge who can't define "woman," who rejects the Declaration of Independence, who routinely gave weak sentences to criminals charged with possessing child pornography and who was endorsed by radical activists who call our Constitution "trash." 


But the three RINOs justified their votes by claiming Jackson was qualified, and had no scandals or ethical concerns.    


So, if anything should happen to one of the five clearly conservative justices on the Supreme Court now, these three senators would apparently vote with Democrats to put the left back in the majority of the only branch of government that is currently protecting our liberties.


That's beyond disappointing.  It's a betrayal, especially by Mitt Romney.


The Republican Party nominated Mitt Romney to be its presidential candidate in 2012.  He assured us he was "severely conservative" – whatever that means.  What a joke!  He was a disastrous candidate who gave us four more years of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. 


Let me remind you that Romney voted against Jackson just nine months ago to be one of 179 appellate court judges.  But now he believes she deserves a promotion to be one of nine Supreme Court justices?  That's inexplicable!


The bottom line is that Mitt Romney can't be trusted on anything.  He was unreliable on the life issue.  He rolled over and allowed marriage to be redefined in Massachusetts. 


Some say he has such a good character.  I disagree.  A person of good character does not play games with issues this important!