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Thursday, April 4, 2024 -- Biden's Interference, Confronting Communist China, NOW Goes Nuts

Biden’s Interference


There is a shocking report from Caroline Glick of the Jewish News Syndicate regarding the recent protests that have erupted in Israel.


According to Glick, one of the protest leaders indicated in a WhatsApp group chat that he has been communicating with officials in the Biden administration. He then went on to explain that the Biden White House has a “four-part plan” to bring down the Netanyahu government.


Predictably, a key element of that plan involves massive protests in the streets to make it look like “the nation in Israel [is] fighting the government of Israel.”


Consider what we have just seen:


  • Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer delivers an outrageous and unprecedented speech demanding new elections in Israel.


  • Joe Biden approved this speech before and after it was delivered.


  • Suddenly, there are massive protests outside of Netanyahu’s home and in the streets of Jerusalem.


Is that really just an odd coincidence? Or is Joe Biden meddling in Israeli affairs, trying to force Benjamin Netanyahu out of office? It wouldn’t be the first time.


But that’s not all.


There is breaking news this afternoon that Joe Biden demanded an immediate ceasefire (translation: surrender) in Israel’s war with Hamas during a call today with Prime Minister Netanyahu.


This is an unbelievable betrayal!


I have never heard Joe Biden say to Hamas, “Surrender now, and release the hostages! You are the only ones who can stop the war you started.”


ACTION ITEM: Call the White House comment line now at 202-456-1111. Tell President Biden that America must stand with our most reliable ally, Israel. Tell him to let Israel win the war Hamas started.




Confronting Communist China


Extremely smart people are increasingly alarmed by what communist China is doing in the United States. Here’s a very brief summary of what we know Beijing is doing:


  • FBI Director Christopher Wray says the Bureau is opening two investigations every day to counter massive Chinese spying, and 2,000 such investigations are currently underway. For all of Washington’s focus on Russia, Wray warned, “There is no country that presents a broader, more severe threat” to America than communist China.


  • A Chinese spy balloon flew over the United States, transmitting data back to China.


  • A hazardous biolab was discovered illegally operating in California. All the employees spoke Chinese. What was going on there? We don’t know.


  • The Chinese communists have opened multiple secret police stations around the country to harass dissidents and Chinese nationals in our country.


  • Chinese communists are buying farmland all over America, often near sensitive U.S. military facilities. When Republicans try to stop it, Democrats resist because they are so blinded by their false narrative of racism.


  • Communications devices were discovered on Chinese-made cranes at U.S. shipping ports.


  • TikTok is owned by communist Chinese interests and regularly promotes themes that hurt America’s children.


With all that in mind, it is unacceptable that thousands of young Chinese men are illegally crossing our border, mostly near San Diego, and in record numbers. The San Diego area has multiple sensitive military facilities.


There is no way the Biden administration can have any idea who these people are. And yet, the administration is making it easier for Chinese illegals to get in.


Speaking on Fox News last night, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that nobody legally leaves China without authorization from communist authorities. I have absolutely no doubt this is being done for nefarious reasons.


Optimists say there could be several hundred Chinese agents in this influx. Pessimists say this could literally be a Chinese military division entering America under the ruse of being “asylum seekers.”


President Biden had a conversation with Premier Xi Jinping this week. Biden and Xi issued statements about what they discussed. Neither man indicated that the issue of Chinese illegal immigration into America was discussed.


Why isn’t Biden demanding answers from Xi? Why is Biden allowing all of this to happen?


We must secure the border, and we must get serious about the growing threats from communist China.




The Double Standard


The neo-Marxist left’s weaponization of the law was on full display this week. The Biden Justice Department just prosecuted and convicted four more peaceful, pro-life activists.


For the crime of praying and singing hymns outside of a Tennessee abortion clinic, they are now facing jail time and crushing fines.


Last year, the Department of Justice prosecuted three pro-life activists in Washington, D.C. The city has suffered through a serious crime wave recently because of left-wing judges and woke prosecutors.


But when it comes to non-violent protests by pro-life Christians, there is swift “justice” and no mercy. This double standard is disgusting compared to what leftist judges and prosecutors are allowing all over the country.


It is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that the left is abusing the law to imprison conservatives and Christians.




Another Double Standard


Meanwhile, there was a horrible hate crime in Tennessee that has gone largely unnoticed by the media and the Biden administration.


Early on Easter Sunday, someone parked a trailer in front of the Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. The trailer was full of Bibles. But this person wasn’t making a donation so that poor children overseas could read the Good News.


No, this sick and twisted individual set the trailer on fire and burned as many as 200 Bibles.


Imagine the media’s reaction if someone burned a trailer full of Korans in front of a mosque. It would be national news for days. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Chuck Schumer would be rushing to the nearest microphone to lecture Americans about our “Islamophobia.” Somehow it would be Trump’s fault.


Attorney General Merrick Garland would be launching federal civil rights investigations. I haven’t heard a word from him about the burned Bibles. I guess he’s too busy prosecuting pro-life activists.




Stop The Insanity


I recently told you about a male player on a girls’ basketball team who injured several girls on the opposing team, forcing that team to forfeit the game. Here’s an update.


It turns out that this male athlete had been suspended from a rowing team after he was caught ogling a female player and making crude comments as she was getting dressed in the locker room.


This is a perfect example of the abuse of girls that is happening all over the country because of idiotic leftist policies.


This young man appears to be sexually attracted to women and seems to enjoy hurting them, too. Yet progressives insist -- in the name of civil rights -- that he has a right to look at people’s daughters in girls’ locker rooms and then go out onto the basketball court and hurt them.


This is insane!


We should not be encouraging men who objectify women and commit violence against them, but that’s exactly what the left’s policies are permitting.


If a normal heterosexual boy says something suggestive or gets too aggressive while making a pass at a girl on a university campus, he’d better lawyer up fast.


But a 6-foot guy who claims to be a girl gets away with it. And he has the full weight of the president of the United States, the Justice Department, and so-called “progressive groups” behind him. (See next item.)


This is beyond insane. It is sick. It is outrageous. This sickness is made so much worse because of the power it has behind it to force everyone else to kneel, to accept cheating, and even to change the way we speak.


In a healthy society, there would be huge protests by angry parents and grandparents demanding that our elected officials “follow the science” and protect our wives, sisters, daughters, and granddaughters.


Yet somehow, Democrats get to run around claiming to be the ones who are “for women.” The reality is that the only thing they are really for is the right of women to kill pre-born babies.




NOW Goes Nuts


Speaking of progressive groups, the “feminist movement” has failed women once again. The National Organization for Women (NOW) says that opposing men in women’s spaces and sports is “white supremacist patriarchy.”


Beyond squeezing in more leftist buzzwords, I’m not sure what the racism angle is. But as for “patriarchy,” they’ve got it exactly backwards!


After years of fighting for “women’s rights,” NOW is allowing men to usurp those rights and violate women’s privacy.


Hundreds of female sports championships, medals, and titles have been stolen by men. Hundreds of young women have had their hopes and dreams crushed by mediocre male athletes. Sure looks like the “patriarchy” is prevailing.




Defending Faith, Family, & Freedom


In this week’s Defending Faith, Family, and Freedom podcast for the James Dobson Family Institute, I share my thoughts on the Biden administration’s grotesque attack on Easter and, by proxy, tens of millions of American Christians.