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Thursday, April 27, 2023 -- Sudan, Germs & You, The Economy Stalls, Biden's Fake Media

Sudan, Germs & You


Sudan is in the middle of a brutal civil war.  One militant faction just seized Sudan’s National Public Health Laboratory.  A World Health Organization representative in the country said this development (the seizure of the lab) was “extremely dangerous.”


There are some very bad disease “isolates” in the lab, including cholera, representing a potential public health danger.  But it gets worse.


An investigative report by Natalie Winters for the War Room discovered that over the years, the Sudanese lab has received financial assistance from the CDC, the Department of Defense, and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Health. 




Why do we keep investing taxpayer funds in bio labs in questionable, unstable countries?  Don’t forget that U.S. money indirectly went to the Wuhan lab in communist China.


Decisions like this are either stupid or sinister.  In either case, the next Republican president must make it a top priority to get control of the elements within our own government that are making us less safe.




The Economy Stalls


The latest report on economic growth is not exactly the news the White House was hoping for.  The economy barely grew at all in the first quarter of 2023 – just 1.1%. 


That was half the 2% growth that most economists had predicted.  So, this is a big miss for the Biden White House.


Perhaps that explains why Biden emphasized abortion and gay rights while attacking parental rights in his reelection announcement video!


Keep in mind that this disappointing economic figure is exactly what the Federal Reserve intended. The Fed wanted to raise interest rates high enough that they would slow down the U.S. economy. 


Why did the Fed want to slow down the U.S. economy?  Because that was the only thing it could do to slow down Biden’s inflation.  Not Putin’s inflation, but Biden’s inflation. 


Joe Biden’s runway spending, his reckless deficits, his attacks on American energy, his massive regulations increasing the costs of cars, electricity, gasoline, etc., etc., etc., -- his policies are driving up costs and prices across the board. 


So, when this White House says, “Four more years!” they mean four more years of the Biden/Harris malaise.  That sounds to me like a four-year prison sentence for America.




McCarthy Delivers


Kudos to Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans!  They passed the Limit, Save, Grow Act yesterday to raise the debt limit and enact reasonable spending cuts.  The House leadership team issued a statement following the vote.  Here’s a brief excerpt:


“House Republicans just delivered a plan that will address the country’s debt crisis.  Our conference came together to pass the only plan in Washington that will tackle the debt ceiling, stop excessive federal spending and inflation, and put our country back on track for sustained economic growth.


“Today’s vote also sends a clear message to President Biden – continuing to ignore the problem is not an option.  The president must come to the table to negotiate.”


Unfortunately, Biden is still refusing to negotiate, and he’s threatening to veto the bill if it passes the Senate.  As the Wall Street Journal editorial board noted, the burden of a default is now on Biden.


By the way, it is ironic that Biden, congressional Democrats and their liberal media allies are all warning that if Republicans don’t give in to the left’s demands, the government will have to shut down. 


These are the same powerful forces that shut down the entire country for months on end, and told the rest of us to shut up about it.  Shutting down the government for a few weeks would look like a picnic!




Biden’s Fake Media


Polling shows that many Americans are increasingly concerned about Joe Biden’s age.  They think he’s just too old to run again and they have serious doubts about his mental fitness.


Well, yesterday’s White House press conference with the president of South Korea won’t reassure anyone.  In fact, it only reinforces our worst fears about Biden’s condition.


The president was caught with not one, but two “cheat sheets” that clearly indicate he is well past his prime and not up to the job. 


One card indicated which officials would be in the Oval Office.  “YOU” – referring to Biden – was at the top of the card.  Why does President Biden have to be told what room he’s in?


The second card proves what a total farce this White House and our “lamestream” media have become.  The card had the name and picture of a Los Angeles Times reporter that Biden was supposed to call on during the press conference. 


But Biden also had something else on his “cheat sheet” – the question the reporter was going to ask him!


Can you imagine the media ever agreeing to give the Trump White House questions in advance?  They would never comply with such a request, and the Trump White House would never demand it. 


If they had, the media would have gone nuts, accusing President Trump of “censoring the free press” and “pushing propaganda.”  It would have been a national scandal.


Well, Biden’s “cheat sheets” should be a national scandal!  They are more evidence that we have neither a functioning president nor a free press.


Even in front of a crowd of sycophantic, left-wing media hacks, the White House staff is still terrified that Biden can’t handle the situation. 


So, reporters had to submit questions ahead of time so Biden could be told how to answer.  (It didn’t help.) 


I’m sure it was also drilled into his head to not talk about Corn Pop, his arrest while visiting Nelson Mandela, that time when he was a truck driver or about his friend Angelo, the Amtrak conductor who died years ago.




Poll Position


It’s too early to make predictions about the Democrat presidential primary, but if I worked in the White House, I’d be getting nervous. 


The latest Fox News poll finds Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., moving up to 19%.  Last week, a USA Today poll had Kennedy at 14%. 


After Biden’s announcement Tuesday morning, Kennedy issued a statement saying that he and Biden “differ profoundly on fundamental issues such as corporate influence in government, censorship, civil liberties, poverty, corruption, and war policy.”


Kennedy is furious that the Democrat National Committee is refusing to allow any presidential debates during the primary process.  We’ll see how this plays out. 


There are a couple of key markers of whether an incumbent president is likely to win reelection.  One is the strength of the economy, which is weak, and how Americans feel about the future, which isn’t good


Another marker is whether the incumbent president faces a serious primary challenge, and this is looking like it could be a serious challenge given that so few Democrats (22%) are “excited” about Joe Biden running again.


Meanwhile, the latest Morning Consult poll finds that Donald Trump is expanding his lead (now 37 points) over his closest potential challenger, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.  Trump now leads DeSantis 58% to 21%.  No other candidate received double digit support.   




Filling The Stadium


The revival that began at Asbury College is continuing around the country.  The latest encouraging sign is taking place this weekend at the University of Oklahoma (OU).  


More than 80,000 tickets were sold in a matter of days after FTS OU (Filling the Stadium at the University of Oklahoma) was announced.  The stadium seats 86,000, but FTS OU organizers had to start a “wait list” due to the incredible demand.


Keep praying for America!




Truth Prevails


Tucker Carlson released a brief statement last night on social media.  He didn’t provide any details about why he left Fox News.  Nor did he offer any details about his future plans.


He praised the commonsense of the American people, condemned the shallowness of the media and closed his remarks with this note of encouragement:


“When honest people say what’s true, calmly and without embarrassment, they become powerful. . . That’s the iron law of the universe, true things prevail. . .  As long as you can hear the words, there is hope.”