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Thursday, April 21, 2022 -- Battle In The Boardroom, Governors Unite, Demonizing Israel

Battle In The Boardroom


We're all used to the biased media, the left coast Hollywood liberals and the campus crazies who dominate our colleges.  But it's been a real shock to see many of America's iconic, supposedly capitalist companies suddenly go woke. 


Now they are pushing insane ideas, and indoctrinating their employees with mandatory critical race theory (CRT) propaganda.  We've seen big corporations threaten governors who support pro-family, pro-life legislation and even voter integrity laws.


The worst offender of all is Disney.  The company founded on providing family-friendly entertainment is now all in on pushing radical gender ideology on young children.  Disney has put its influence and political power behind repealing a very popular parental rights law meant to protect children.


Thankfully, we're seeing serious pushback against woke corporate America.


Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature are on the verge of ending Disney's special tax and self-governing status


Elon Musk is making headlines for trying to restore free speech at Twitter. 


And Ed Rensi, the former CEO of McDonalds is fed up, too.  He told Fox News:


"Corporations have no business being on the right or the left because they represent everybody there. . .  It is not the providence of board members or executives to take shareholder money and spend it on social matters.  Corporations should not get involved in social engineering."


Rensi, other former CEOs and free enterprise groups, including our friends at Second Vote, have formed the Boardroom Initiative to fight the woke agenda in corporate America.  They're taking on Bank of America, which subjected its employees to a radical CRT "training program" last year.


It's perfectly acceptable for corporations to lobby for lower taxes and less regulation.  But being pro-business does not mean Big Business gets to dictate our values and what we teach our children. 




Chaos On Capitol Hill


Late yesterday afternoon, an urgent warning went out ordering members of Congress to immediately evacuate the Capitol Building.  A short time later, it was called off as a false alarm. 


The "emergency" was an airplane that had entered restricted airspace near Capitol Hill.  It was an Army plane carrying members of the Golden Knights, an elite parachute team that was performing for Military Appreciation Night at the Washington Nationals baseball stadium.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi was furious at the FAA for triggering "panic" among those "still grappling with the trauma of the attack on January 6th."  Really?


Pelosi's "trauma" aside, many people got a good laugh at the bureaucratic bungling.  But if you think about it, it's not a laughing matter.  It is emblematic of the incompetence and rampant abuse of power that is bedeviling our country.


  • Why don't we have answers yet regarding the lack of security at the Capitol on January 6th, when they knew in advance of potential threats? 


  • Why were Secret Service agents so easily bamboozled for over a year by two Middle Eastern men claiming to be federal officers? 


  • Was anyone held accountable for the withdrawal fiasco in Afghanistan? 


  • I know John Durham is trying, but the people who abused our intelligence agencies to spy on Donald Trump, and who attempted a coup to destroy his presidency, have yet to be held accountable.


The biggest issue facing the country is the corruption in Washington, D.C., especially in the Deep State.  Conservatives must drain the swamp!  The American people will thank them for it.




Whoops, He Did It Again


After making a brief statement about Ukraine at the White House this morning, President Biden took a few questions from reporters. 


One reporter asked Biden if he was having second thoughts about ending enforcement of Title 42, a pandemic emergency health order that allows the government to immediately deport illegal aliens. 


But Biden instead answered with his talking points about appealing the court order to end the mask mandate on public transportation while referring to Title 42 in his response.  The president apparently never realized that he was talking about two totally different subjects even as he repeatedly referenced Title 42.


Or maybe Biden really thinks Title 42 is about masks on airplanes. Who knows?!


And, yes, the Biden Administration is appealing the decision to end the mask mandate on airplanes.  As White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained this is all about power:


"Our focus here was seeing what power we had to preserve what we felt was in the public health interest of the country. . . For current and future health crises, we want to preserve that authority [power] for the CDC to have in the future."




Governors Unite


Whether or not Joe Biden understands what Title 42 is, a majority of the nation's governors clearly understand the disaster his open borders policies are creating, and they are joining forces to combat it.


A central component of their effort, known as the American Governors' Border Strike Force, will be coordinating state law enforcement resources to crack down on drug cartels, illegal alien gangs and human trafficking – all of which are out of control because of our open borders.


I know many on the left and even some well-meaning conservatives fall for the "compassion" argument when it comes to illegal immigration.  But there are tremendous negative effects from illegal immigration that extend well beyond the southern border.


As we have said, communist China is supplying chemicals to drug cartels to make fentanyl, which is now one of the leading causes of death in America.


Moreover, it is simply undeniable that illegal immigration contributes to higher crime rates.  The state of Texas has gone to great lengths to document this unfortunate reality, which the media and far too many politicians choose to ignore.


Over the past 10 years, 250,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 416,000 crimes, including nearly 800 murders and more than 11,000 sexual offenses.  These crimes never should have happened because the criminals never should have been here!




Demonizing Israel


Lost in all the headlines about Ukraine and Russia is that Israel is confronting the most intense wave of Palestinian extremist violence in months.  Of course, it's happening during Ramadan, when Palestinians are once again lying about threats to the Al Aqsa mosque.


Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was interviewed on CNN by Christiane Amanpour.  It was more of a debate than an interview, as Amanpour repeatedly demonized Israel.  Just consider this remarkable exchange:


AMANPOUR: This is a picture that the world has gotten used to now. It's a constant cycle of killing, bloodshed, all sides really. . .


BENNETT: Well, the way the facts were presented is not accurate.  Israel is peaceful. . .  Unfortunately, a new wave of terror was thrown upon the Israeli public. We lost 14 people in four different terror attacks. . . This is unacceptable.


So, I object to the notion of "both sides."  No. When they don't attack us, we have no issues with them. But when they do attack us, I have to fight back and hit them at their terror bases. And that's what any leader would do. . .


Now, regarding the broader picture, look I'm not going to [conduct] experiments on the security of the Israelis. . . We handed Gaza over to the Palestinians. . . And what we got in return is hell, tens of thousands of rockets shot at us. . .


AMANPOUR: Let's just take what's happening on the Temple Mount, Haram al-Sharif. . . Why do you allow Israeli soldiers to go into that mosque?


BENNETT: Christiane, there you go again starting the story in the middle. . . Last Friday . . . roughly 300 Palestinian rioters entered Temple Mount Mosque with explosives, with stones. They began desecrating their own mosque, burning, throwing stones. . .


My responsibility as prime minister of Israel is to provide freedom of prayer to everyone in Jerusalem, including Muslims, which is why I had to send in policemen to remove the rioters. . .


AMANPOUR: Again, the context, the West Bank has been occupied since 1967. Settlers are allowed to be there. It is a minority. I know that. But they're there. And they are violent, this minority. . . what is your response to that?


BENNETT: No, what you have been projecting is blatantly false.


AMANPOUR: Why do you say that?


BENNETT: Because it's a lie, simply a lie. . .


AMANPOUR: You cannot say that to me. You cannot tell me I'm lying.


BENNETT: Let me finish. I object to the symmetry that you're trying to create here. . .  But who's getting murdered? We're seeing Palestinians murder Israelis. We're not seeing Israelis murdering Palestinians. And that's why there's no symmetry here. 


For years, liberal reporters demonized Benjamin Netanyahu, as if he was the impediment to peace.  As usual, their false narrative is totally wrong.  The problem isn't Israel or who happens to be prime minister.  The impediment to peace is Palestinian violence, stirred up by Hamas, Hezbollah and the radical mullahs of Iran.