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Thursday, April 14, 2022 -- Musk Makes His Move, The Fight For Freedom, Biden's Lies

Musk Makes His Move


Twitter is atwitter today on the news that Elon Musk has made a bid to buy the entire company!  This is the biggest business story of the day, but it's really not about stock prices or business.  It's about political power, and the woke left is having a total meltdown. 


As we recently reported, Musk bought a 9% stake in Twitter and was initially set to join the board of directors, but he had bigger plans in mind.  This morning, Musk announced that he's offering to buy the company for $43 billion in order to take it private. 


In a letter to Twitter's CEO, Musk wrote:


"I invested in Twitter as I believe in its potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe, and I believe free speech is a societal imperative for a functioning democracy.


"However, since making my investment I now realize the company will neither thrive nor serve this societal imperative in its current form. Twitter needs to be transformed as a private company."


This is a huge development!




The Fight For Freedom


Sadly, there is a relentless attack by the left on the freedom of speech in America at every level.  University campuses, once the centers of free speech and open debate, today are centers of cancel culture, censorship and conformity. 


As you know, virtually every media outlet in America is owned and operated by leftist progressives.  That's particularly true of the increasingly important social media platforms, where half of Americans get their news.  But in the social media world, there is blatant censorship of conservative viewpoints.


Donald Trump is banned from Twitter and Facebook.  But government officials from repressive regimes like communist China are on.  The satirical site Babylon Bee has been shut down by Twitter.  But the Jew-hating mullahs of Iran are still on.


The left owns social media, and it is determined to use that power to manipulate public opinion and rig elections.


What Musk has done is raise the prospect that the left's monopoly on power could be broken.  Depending on how it plays it out, this could be the biggest story in decades in the realm of politics and constitutional freedoms.


Unlike other American oligarchs who used their vast fortune to interfere in our elections, Musk is using his fortune to save American freedom.


The great irony is that the biggest counterattack in this war against free speech is coming from political liberals like Joe Rogan, Bill Maher and Dave Chappell.  They are shocked that the modern progressive left has rejected long-accepted values of freedom, like free speech and free association.


For example, one liberal columnist tweeted that he is "frightened" by the thought of Musk buying Twitter, adding, "For democracy to survive, we need more content moderation, not less."  


Here's a so-called "journalist" arguing for censorship!  Not long ago, that would have been unthinkable.  But it's increasingly the norm.


Today's progressive leftists are increasingly intolerant and totalitarian.  They are the greatest threat to freedom and democracy in America today.




Biden Loves Masks


Just so you're clear where you stand as a citizen compared to illegal aliens, consider these items:



  • Anticipating a huge influx of people at the border, many of whom have medical issues, the Biden Administration is planning to transfer doctors from the Veterans Administration to the border.  They have to take care of their most favored group – illegal aliens – and they will do it by undermining care for our veterans.


  • There are also reports that the White House might send a "top envoy" to Ukraine so they can see how the borders of Ukraine are being protected.  Meanwhile, there are still no plans for Joe Biden to visit the southern border of the United States.




Biden's Lies


The Biden White House seems to have an allergic reaction to the truth.  It lies about the border, the economy, Hunter's laptop, historical events, etc.  Every member of the White House Communications Department, the cackling vice president and even the "Big Guy" himself, spends much of their day distorting the truth. 


Here's a perfect example.  Not long after the Bidens moved into the White House, their dog, Major, bit a Secret Service agent.  It was brushed off as a "minor" injury.  The dog had to be sent away for training.


Evidently, that was all a lie.  The out-of-control animal bit agents over eight consecutive days, resulting in at least one "severe" injury.  If they'll lie about small things like that, they'll lie about big things, too. 


Major isn't biting anymore, but Biden continues to take a big bite out of our paychecks with his runaway inflation!




Trump On Hannity


In a long interview last night on Sean Hannity's show, former President Donald Trump zeroed in on Biden's failed foreign policy.  He said:


"What Obama and Biden did: they did the all-time worst thing that could happen. . .  because of energy and other reasons, they drove Russia and China together.  That is something that never could have happened. . . They drove those two big monsters together."


Trump is right, of course.  Biden thought he could get communist China's help in stopping Putin.  Instead, Beijing and Moscow have taken their alliance to a whole new level.


On a separate matter, when Hannity asked Trump what he would do differently if he was elected to a second term, Trump said he would "not focus on the [corrupt] media at all," adding, "I would just focus on getting the job done for the American people."


That sounds wise to me!




American Racism


We've heard a lot lately from Joe Biden and the left-wing media about "white supremacy" in America.  The left's narrative is that this is a huge and growing problem. But, once again, the left's narrative is totally wrong.


Yes, America has struggled with racism.  At its peak, the KKK was a formidable organization with four million members.  That was 100 years ago!  And there's nothing like that today. 


Do bigots exist?  Yes.  Sadly, this a fallen world.  But there are not only white supremacists, there are black supremacists, too.  There are bigots of all races, and in all cases this hatred based on skin color is a sin.  As Christians, we must and we do condemn it. 


But we're being told over and over again, and our children are being taught in schools through critical race theory, that all white people are racial supremacists and they are genetically made that way.  That is a vicious lie being used by the left to divide our country and silence debate. This lie itself is in fact racism. 


The man arrested for shooting innocent riders on the New York City subway is being described today as a "mentally disturbed homeless person."  But, as we noted yesterday, it's also clear that he is a black supremacist. 


There is a very influential black supremacist group in America today.  It's called the Nation of Islam, run by Louis Farrakhan, who is also a raving Anti-Semite. 


Several years ago, Barack Obama and members of the Congressional Black Caucus held an event with Farrakhan.  They lined up to have their pictures taken with him.  Because of Farrakhan's hatred for of Jews and white people, massive efforts were made to hide the photo of Obama and Farrakhan from the public.


A follower of Farrakhan's attacked the U.S. Capitol, killing a Capitol Hill police officer.  Another of Farrakhan's supporters ambushed and killed five Dallas police officers.


Does Louis Farrakhan, the New York subway shooter or the Waukesha parade killer represent Americans of color?  Of course, not. 


Do the nuts who marched with torches at UVA represent white Americans?  Of course, not.


In this good and decent land, most Americans of all races simply want to have good neighbors, a stable job and they want our country to grow and prosper. 


Anyone in public life who is trying to stoke racial tensions, who tries to convince minority children that they have no hope because America is run by white supremacists, should be rejected and ostracized for spreading lies and poison.