Campaign for Working Families

Monday, September 18, 2023 -- Pray Vote Stand, Biden Attacks, Trump Stands With Workers

Pray Vote Stand


The Pray Vote Stand Summit, sponsored by the Family Research Council and my non-profit organization, American Values, took place this weekend.  I wish all of you could have been there!


Multiple presidential candidates addressed the summit, as did other conservative and faith leaders.  Dr. Ben Carson delivered a powerful address highlighting the neo-Marxist left’s assault on America.  (More on that subject below.)


Summit attendees participated in a straw poll, which Donald Trump easily won – 64% to 27% for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.  No other candidate received double digit support.


The Family Research Council is celebrating its 40th year defending Faith, Family and Freedom in Washington, D.C.  As someone who served as president of FRC for 11 years, I was honored on the final night of the summit, along with former FRC President Jerry Regier.


As many of you know, FRC was founded by Dr. James Dobson in 1983.  I am honored to be working with Dr. Dobson once again as Senior Vice President of Public Policy at the James Dobson Family Institute.  You can go to to support that wonderful ministry and sign up for my public policy updates.


Today, the Family Research Council is led by my good friend, Tony Perkins, who shares our commitment to getting men and women of faith fully engaged in the culture war to save America.


In addition to FRC’s excellent work, there is a network of affiliated family policy councils in various states.  I strongly encourage you to connect with your state policy council and support their efforts to defend Faith, Family and Freedom.




Biden Attacks


As he stares down multiple felony gun charges and the possibility of additional indictments, Hunter Biden and his legal team went on offense this morning.  They filed a lawsuit against the IRS, alleging that the two whistleblowers have engaged in “a campaign to publicly smear” Hunter.



You may recall that Hunter bizarrely sued the computer repairman who turned over Hunter’s laptop to the FBI while still somehow denying the laptop was his.  Now he’s taking on the IRS, claiming its agents are trying to “smear” him.  What the agents exposed was how the IRS was protecting Hunter and the Biden family.


Hunter’s latest lawsuit takes chutzpah to a whole new level!


But that’s what Democrats do.  They fight like mad, and they go down swinging. 


Can you imagine any Republican who had a laptop like Hunter’s -- full of incriminating evidence (including pictures) -- even daring to show their face in public?  They would immediately slink off to some deserted island, never to be seen again.


But Democrats lost all sense of shame after Bill Clinton’s Oval Office escapades.




Trump Stands With Workers


Donald Trump is reportedly considering going to Detroit to stand with striking auto workers.  I don’t know if the report is true or not, but it is exactly what populist conservatism looks like. 


I’m not suggesting that the wage package the United Auto Workers union is demanding is reasonable.  But when Republicans reflexively side with big business, we can’t be surprised when blue-collar workers think twice about voting for Republicans. 


Moreover, there are fewer and fewer reasons for Republicans to side with woke CEOs.  These corporations are increasingly taking stands that are diametrically opposed to the deeply-held values of the American people, including their own workers


If Trump goes to the picket lines, I assume he will say that striking auto workers are demanding pay raises because of Joe Biden’s inflation, which is decimating family budgets coast to coast. 


Trump has also been very critical of the United Auto Worker’s union leadership, which endorsed Joe Biden in 2020.  Trump blasted Biden’s mad push for electric vehicles, which aren’t selling for a variety of reasons and will cost American jobs. 


Electric vehicles have significantly fewer parts than traditional combustion engine vehicles, and require 40% fewer workers to assemble.  We’re also largely dependent on communist China for much of the “rare earth minerals” that go into the massive batteries that make electric vehicles run.




Biden’s Border Train


Fox News posted a shocking video last night showing a northbound train in central Mexico carrying hundreds of illegal aliens toward the U.S. border.  This video should destroy Biden’s chances for reelection.  But “Big Media” will never show it for that very reason.


The open borders left says this is all part of the “global movement of people.”  Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas says we “can’t control the movement of people before they reach our border.” 


But wasn’t that the whole point of Vice President Kamala Harris taking on the “root causes” of illegal immigration?


Mayorkas’s lies to the contrary, it’s their job to stop this movement of people from crossing our borders!  But they refuse to do it.  As a result, the whole world knows our borders are wide open. 


Our homeland is anything but secure.  Illegal aliens from more than 100 nations are crossing our border, including tens of thousands of potential national security threats.  There’s been an 800% increase in Chinese migrants coming across the southern border.


If only we could put Biden, Harris, Mayorkas and the rest of this open borders regime on a train going in the other direction!




Crushing The Pro-Life Movement


Three more pro-life activists were convicted Friday afternoon of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act.  These pro-life demonstrators participated in a sit-in at a Washington, D.C., abortion center known for performing late-term abortions.


Their convictions are just the latest example of the Biden Administration’s weaponization of law enforcement, the two systems of justice in America and the criminalization of political differences by the neo-Marxist left.


Scores of pro-life ministries and churches have been attacked by violent pro-abortion extremists.  Yet, there have been very few prosecutions.  The vast majority of abortion-related violence is coming from the radical pro-abortion left.  And I’m not even referring to what goes on inside the womb at the hands of the abortionist!




The Real Threat To Democracy


There’s a lot of talk these days about various “threats to democracy.”  Well, CNN has come up with another one – and it’s a real doozy. 


Yesterday was Constitution Day.  So, CNN’s Jim Accosta decided to host a discussion with two Harvard professors who claim that the Constitution itself is a threat to democracy because it’s old and outdated.


The on-screen graphic accompanying their discussion declared:  “SCHOLARS WARN OUTDATED CONSTITUTION HAS PUT DEMOCRACY AT RISK.”


While we’ve come to expect such idiocy from CNN and Harvard elites, this is no laughing matter.  The neo-Marxist left is hellbent on shredding our Constitution and our freedoms.


Many nations have written constitutions with something similar to our Bill of Rights.  But the words by themselves, don’t guarantee freedom.  They’re often referred to as “parchment guarantees,” little more than mere words on a scrap of paper. 


Without a real commitment by “We the people” at every level to these rights, the words alone are meaningless.


And that’s the real tell here.  The left in America is no longer committed to the Constitution, largely because those rights limit government and empower the people. 


The whole American experiment, as we have reported for years, is based on something radically different than that of other nations.  Our Founding Fathers made it clear in our Declaration of Independence that our rights come from God, not government.  But today’s neo-Marxist left despises that idea.


That’s why progressive governors thought they could shut down our churches during COVID while deeming abortion clinics “essential.”  That’s why the governors of California and New Mexico are trying to gut the Second Amendment.  That’s why Joe Biden gets up every day at war with the First Amendment.


Thanks to CNN and increasingly brazen politicians like the governors of California and New Mexico, it’s getting harder for the American people to be ignorant of the fact that those on the left who claim to be “saving democracy” are in fact the real threat to democracy.