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Monday, September 11, 2023 -- Never Forget, Harris Embraces Infanticide, Biden's China Conundrum

Never Forget


It’s hard to believe this is the 22nd anniversary of the horrific attack on the United States by Islamofascists on the morning of September 11, 2001. 


As many of you know, our offices are just down the road from the Pentagon.  On the morning of 9/11, I was sitting on I-395, stuck in traffic on my way into Washington, D.C., across from the Pentagon when it was hit.  I heard the roar of the jet engines and my vehicle was rocked by the force of the explosion.


Osama bin Laden was motivated to attack the United States for various reasons.  One of which was his conviction that America had become so decadent that a single attack could push us over the edge into total collapse.  He and his jihadist army, like many of America’s enemies in the past, underestimated us.


It has to be said, however, that more and more Americans, including myself, believe we are headed toward a collapse if we continue to abandon the biblical foundations of our country, the Judeo-Christian worldview of our founding fathers and the God who gave us liberty. 


The moral decline of our culture and the corruption within our own government have grown dramatically over the past 22 years.  We frequently chronicle that decline and corruption in this daily report, and we try to give you things to do to fight back.  It’s why I remain in this battle for faith, family and freedom. 


But each day it becomes more and more difficult to ask God to bless America when our own government is often at war with God’s word and when fewer and fewer Americans are blessing God.




Harris Embraces Infanticide


Vice President Kamala Harris was on “Face The Nation” yesterday, and I was struck by how much time she and host Margaret Brennan spent on the issue of abortion. 


Consistent with the left’s strategy, Harris completely mocked and attacked the idea that Democrats support abortion up to birth.  To her credit, Brennan pressed Harris on this, asking, “What week of pregnancy should abortion access be cut off?”  Harris wouldn’t answer the question no matter how many times Brennan pushed her. 


Instead, all Harris would say is that she wanted to restore the protections of Roe v. Wade.  Well, the way the courts interpreted Roe v. Wade was to allow abortion up to birth.  Plus, the federal law Biden and Harris are pushing and many pro-abortion state ballot initiatives would allow abortion until birth.


Once again, leftists are lying through their teeth.  They do support abortion up to birth and Planned Parenthood would go ballistic if Harris suggested there should be any limit to abortion. 


But they can’t say that because they know Americans would be mortified. Polling shows their extreme pro-abortion position is overwhelmingly rejected by the people.




Harris Looks Ahead


Of course, Brennan couldn’t do an interview with Vice President Harris without asking about the 2024 race.  But her question stumped Harris.  When Brennan asked if the Biden/Harris team was taking the “threat of a second Trump presidency seriously enough,” Harris replied, “I don’t understand the question.”


Brennan then noted that Trump is dominating the GOP primary field and is essentially tied in the polling against Biden.  Without any cackling or an inappropriate smirk, Harris said very deliberately, “We will win reelection.  There is too much at stake, and the American people know it.”


Some compared Harris’s remark to a quarterback’s “Rah, Rah” attempt to inspire the team before a big game.  I disagree.  Her tone was different. 


To me, it seemed like someone who already knew that the left will stop at nothing to wield power, while half of our leaders are still in denial about what our opposition is willing to do. 




Biden’s China Conundrum


President Joe Biden held a bizarre press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, yesterday.  The president seemed confused and tired, and he confirmed it when he concluded the press conference by announcing that he was “going to bed.”


Among the many strange things Biden uttered was this statement, “I don’t want to contain China. . .  We’re not looking to hurt China.  We’re all better off if China does well.” 


Are we really “better off” if communist China is thriving?


I’m not suggesting it would be wise for Biden to publicly admit that he is trying to hurt China.  But he definitely shouldn’t have said, “I don’t want to contain China.”  He just gave Beijing a green light to be even more aggressive!


Every day we see what an uncontained, unrestrained communist China is doing.  It is flying spy balloons over our country.  Chinese nationals are attempting to gain access to our military bases.  Our ships and planes are being harassed by the Chinese military.  Chinese spies are stealing our technology and hacking our government systems.


Why would Biden be so stupid as to say he doesn’t want to contain China?  Well, there are all sorts of reasons, including the fact that China is the source of so much of the Biden family’s wealth. 


But there’s another reason. 


The biggest existential threat we face, according to Joe Biden, isn’t his open borders crisis.  It’s not his out-of-control federal spending.  It’s not nuclear war.  It’s not even a rampaging Vladimir Putin.  It’s climate change.  And Biden desperately wants to work with communist China to combat climate change. 


So, he will say and do anything to cooperate with the Chinese communists, and he will ignore anything they do, including letting a deadly virus out (intentionally or not) of their lab that killed one million Americans.


By the way, Biden’s overseas trip to India and Vietnam demonstrated yet again how he is putting America last. 


It was more important to the Biden White House that he get out of the country and appear “presidential” on the foreign stage than it was for him to be at one of the major 9/11 memorial events today. 


As a result, Biden was forced to mark today’s anniversary in Alaska, rather than New York City, the Pentagon or Shanksville, Pennsylvania.


The only reason Biden should be in Alaska is to apologize for not shooting down China’s spy balloon sooner and to apologize for putting climate alarmism ahead of our national security and the state’s economy.




The Left Threatens Liberty


New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham just took the left’s assault on liberty to a whole new level.  She suspended Second Amendment rights after declaring a “public health emergency.” 


Her outrageous move prompted criticism across the spectrum.  Even anti-Second Amendment activist David Hogg and liberal California Congressman Ted Lieu blasted Grisham’s assault on the Constitution.


But don’t think this is an isolated incident.  The left’s disdain for the Constitution and total willingness of progressive politicians to suspend the Bill of Rights is beyond dispute.  They did it during COVID when they violated the freedom of religion, the freedom of assembly and state election laws


A federal appeals court just found that the Biden Administration violated the First Amendment by censoring Americans on social media platforms. Now they are pushing the envelope even further to see if they can undermine the Second Amendment.


If Grisham isn’t stopped, more so-called “progressives” will follow her lead.  And what’s coming down the road next is a public health emergency declaration based on climate change


In fact, Biden admitted recently that his Inflation Reduction Act really wasn’t about reducing inflation, but was really a climate change bill.  He just didn’t say it that directly. 


Well, just like Kamala Harris attempting to disguise their abortion on demand extremism, they won’t say it directly.  But they will eventually act directly and suspend civil liberties to fight the “climate emergency,” just like Gov. Grisham suspended Second Amendment rights in the name of a “public health emergency.” 


And who knows – maybe that’s what Harris had in mind when she suggested that Trump won’t be allowed to win in 2024.