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Monday, October 9, 2023 -- Iran Attacks Israel, The Lesson For The West, Concert Drenched In Blood

Iran Attacks Israel


Iran killed at least 800 Israelis and nine Americans over the weekend.  When you compare the populations of the United States and Israel, that would be like America suffering 20,000 to 25,000 mostly civilian deaths (or seven 9/11 attacks) in one 24-hour period. 


You probably heard that Hamas carried out the attacks.  Hamas was the fist, but Iran landed the blows.  The Wall Street Journal confirms it.  Hamas is bragging that Iran planned the attack during recent meetings in Beirut. 


It took years for Iran and Hamas to build the infrastructure, but it only took weeks to plan the attack.  A point to ponder:  It is likely these Beirut meetings were taking place while Biden appeasers were putting the finishing touches on a deal that provided the mullahs of Iran with $6 billion.


Under Donald Trump, Iran was boxed in.  Trump imposed tough economic sanctions that drained billions of dollars from Iran’s economy.  He took out the leader of Tehran’s terrorist forces.  Israel was making alliances with other Arab/Muslim nations.  All of this was reversed under the Biden/Harris Administration. 


Stolen elections have consequences.




The Lesson For The West


Videos made in hell by demons are all over social media.  They are snuff films.  The vilest, most animalistic barbarians of Hamas filmed their murders, rapes and beatings of Israeli women, children and the elderly. 


They took Orthodox Jewish women, who can’t even shake hands with a man, and defiled them in the streets of Gaza, while Palestinian children applauded. 


When free countries of the West, with Israel and the United States as the twin pillars of Western Civilization, accidentally kill civilians or children in the fog of war, we are nearly paralyzed by guilt. 


We grovel, and apologize repeatedly to a world community that secretly laughs at us.  We correctly explain, “That’s not who we are.” 


Remember the controversy surrounding Abu Ghraib prison?  Some male prisoners were forced to wear women’s underwear, and the entire political system went into meltdown.  Many bemoaned how ashamed they were as Americans, asking, “What kind of people have we become?”  We acted as if it was a war crime. 


Compare that to what these monsters did this weekend.  Watch the videos they posted.  Hamas wants you to know who they are.  They are proud of their killings of children, women and people in nursing homes.  


These videos will inspire radical Islamists all over the world.  “Look how efficiently they murder Jews.  I want to do that,” some jihadists will say. 


I watched some of the videos yesterday, and I can’t unsee them now.  Nonetheless, you should watch some of them, too. 


We all suffer, to some extent, from the delusion that this type of horror and evil is a thing of a barbaric past.  We all have cell phones and TikTok now.  But evil is not over.  It is breathing down our necks, and we are still in denial. 




Peace Concert Drenched In Blood


There was a major music festival this weekend attended by young Israelis and youth from other countries celebrating “friends, love and freedom.”  Sadly, there is no historical evidence that singing stops evil. 


While they were dancing in the early hours of Saturday morning, videos they took of themselves recorded their murderers dropping out of the sky in gliders and parachutes.  Israeli sources say that at least 260 of these fun-loving, naive young adults would be dead in minutes. 


Like a herd of gazelle, they were sounded by roaring lions wanting to eat Jewish flesh.  The ripple of their deaths will spread through thousands of Israeli parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, while in Gaza children and their parents filled the streets to celebrate their murderous “heroes.”




Additional Context


Israeli security agencies are reporting that the bodies of murdered Israelis are so mutilated, faces literally blown off, that it is extremely difficult to identify the victims, and they are resorting to DNA samples.


Here’s a little historical context.  When Israel attempted to satisfy the United States and the world community in 2005, it turned Gaza over to the Palestinians.  Not only was every living Jew removed from Gaza because they would have been immediately killed once the Israeli Defense Forces left, they also had to “evacuate” Jewish cemeteries in Gaza.


Why? Because everyone knew the jihadists would have dug up the Jewish graves and desecrated Jewish bones if that was all they could get their hands on. 


By the way, the desecration of graves is a common tactic of blood-soaked ideologies.  Sadly, Jewish cemeteries have been desecrated here in the United States and around the world in recent years.  In the 20th century, victorious communists regularly desecrated the graves of their opposition. 


Meanwhile, there is a war on men in America.  Masculinity is denounced as “toxic.”  Powerful forces are telling men to act more like women.  Some educators are telling little boys they might be little girls. 


But in many places around the world, children are being told to be more like beasts.  Little children, boys and girls, in communist China and in Gaza are being taught to kill without mercy.  If we don’t wake up soon, we will wake up one morning to discover we are all Israel now.




The Massacre & Borders


Hamas just demonstrated why civilized nations must have defended borders. 


Israel has been under pressure for years from its left-wing, from globalists, from the U.N., and often from Democrat presidents of the United States to allow the free flow of goods and people across Gaza to Israel and back. 


Israel’s response – that it must sort out the killers from normal people – generally fell on deaf ears. 


Our border is breached every day by people who we’re told “just want a better life.”  But among them are people like those we saw on Saturday.  Among them are people who, if not violent terrorists, still harbor hatred for Christians, Jews and the West in general.


That’s why virtually every European capital (here and here), New York City and Washington, D.C., witnessed demonstrations over the weekend in support of Hamas.  Ponder that for a moment!




Further Thoughts On Immigration


The progressive left in every country wants to make it as easy as possible for people to walk in and become citizens.  Globalists would do anything for that to be the norm. 


Our side says, “No, you can only come into the country legally, and we’re going to insist that you learn about American history before you can become a citizen.”  We also require that you have a working knowledge of English.  What a joke!


English?  We’re printing ballots in multiple languages!


Know American history?  We don’t even teach our children American history.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali escaped Islamist Somalia and fled to Europe.  The Islamists chased her out of Europe.  She came to the U.S., and has been warning us about how stupidly naive our immigration and citizenship process is. 


Not once, during the entire citizenship process, was she ever asked by a representative of the U.S. government anything that might indicate whether she was bringing into our country a hatred of Christians and Jews. 


It’s as if we are importing the hate Americans won’t do.


That’s why Donald Trump famously pledged in 2016, and was the only candidate to do so, to pause Muslim immigration “until we figure out what’s going on.”




How Compromised Are We?


Multiple members of the far-left Squad – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, and Rashida Tlaib – issued putrid statements over the weekend demanding we halt support for Israel or urging all sides to “show restraint,” meaning, “Don’t fight back, Israel.”


They are all members in good standing of the Democrat Party.  Why wouldn’t they be?  Joe Biden just gave the biggest enemy of the Jews $6 billion! 


Meanwhile, 31 student groups at Harvard released an open letter supporting Hamas.  Read that sentence again.  Sadly, there will be plenty of such examples out of academia in the days ahead.


Could Charlie Kirk speak peacefully at Harvard today?  Any Israeli representative who tries to speak on a major university campus usually needs a small army to protect them.


Are American kids in Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma growing up to hate Israel?  No.  These anti-Semitic coalitions on our university campuses are made up of neo-Marxist professors, students almost inevitably raised in left-wing homes and students from other countries that we have brought here to learn the American way of life.


Instead, they are teaching our kids the Third World way of hatred.




Were U.S. Weapons Involved?


Some videos show Hamas fighters waving what appear to be American weapons.  We know the Taliban has been selling U.S. weaponry that Biden abandoned in Afghanistan. 


By the way, Trump said he knew Gen. Mark Milley was “an idiot” when Milley indicated that he planned to leave large amounts of U.S. material in Afghanistan after the withdrawal.


Members of Congress should demand an immediate investigation, in cooperation with the Israeli government, comparing serial numbers and identifying features of weapons confiscated from Hamas fighters.


But wait.  It gets worse.


Some of the weapons we are pouring into corrupt Ukraine are being smuggled out by corrupt Ukrainian officials.  You may recall recent reports of various Ukrainian defense officials being fired.  I suspect this was why.  I would not be surprised if some of those weapons are in Gaza now, too.


America’s national security is in shambles.  The Biden Administration is not protecting U.S. citizens, and is not worthy of the sacrifice our men and women in uniform must make to clean up the mistakes of our foreign policy elites.