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Monday, October 31, 2022 -- When Crime Hits Home, Exploiting Mr. Pelosi, The Democrat Disconnect

When Crime Hits Home


The crime wave that is sweeping America hit Nancy Pelosi’s house at two o’clock in the morning last Friday.  A crazy man with a hammer attacked the speaker’s husband, Paul Pelosi, inside their home.  We hope Mr. Pelosi has a speedy recovery. 


While Mr. Pelosi’s assault garnered non-stop media attention over the past 72 hours, sadly, there is nothing unusual about it – other than the confusing statements of the San Francisco Police Department. 


According to the latest Gallup poll, a record number of Americans now say there is more crime in their local community.  The Democrat crime crisis has been registering in the polls for months now as a top concern for Americans.  But Democrats refuse to admit reality.  They’re too busy denying reality and insisting that boys can be girls! 


New York Governor Kathy Hochul said in a recent debate that she didn’t understand why crime is such an important issue. If she loses reelection, commentators and pundits will point to that debate as the moment she lost the race, just like Terry McAuliffe’s condescending comment about parents that tanked his campaign.


Businesses and people are leaving California for a variety of reasons.  But crime is a major reason why people are fleeing San Francisco.  (Here, here and here.)  And, of course, San Francisco was among the many big Democrat cities that defunded its police department.




Exploiting Mr. Pelosi


David DePape, the man who attacked Paul Pelosi, is a sick individual.  His ex-girlfriend was a radical nudist activist.  She’s now in jail for the attempted kidnapping of a minor among other things.  But she told local media that DePape is mentally ill and once thought he was Jesus. 


The house he shared with his ex-girlfriend featured BLM signs, left-wing slogans and a gay pride flag with a marijuana leaf.  Others who know him say DePape frequently struggles with hard drugs and homelessness, and has lived in broken-down buses and a storage unit. 


The left-wing British media outlet, The Guardian, reported that DePape was a member of the Green Party.


But once the media were done commentating on the story, DePape was a “mega MAGA” or a “Christian nationalist” or a Tea Party activist.  NPR tried to blame Rep. Elise Stefanik.  Hollywood mogul Rob Reiner blamed Donald Trump.  Joe Biden even managed to connect DePape to January 6th. 


In other words, the Democrats did exactly what they always do – they aggressively politicize any tragedy to their own benefit.  They exploited the assault on Paul Pelosi to once again portray Republicans as violent and threats to the country.


Their theme was that conservative rhetoric caused this guy to break into Nancy Pelosi’s home and attack her husband.


The Washington Post ran this headline:  Attack On Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Follows Years Of GOP Demonizing Her.”  The sub-headline indicated that DePape had “right-wing views.”


Of course, the truth is the exact opposite. 


It’s neo-Marxist Democrats who are threats to liberty and freedom. 


It’s Democrats who embrace censorship and cancel culture. 


It’s Democrats who are threatening religious liberty and our Second Amendment rights. 


It’s Democrats who want to pack the Supreme Court.


It’s Democrats who are trying to nationalize all elections.


It’s Democrats who shut down our churches, schools and businesses for months on end.  




The Left’s Violent Rhetoric


Let’s review some recent history.


The left’s rhetoric led a radicalized socialist to open fire on a baseball field.  James Hodgkinson was hoping to kill as many Republican congressmen as possible.  He seriously wounded Rep. Steve Scalise.


The left’s rhetoric led to a violent attack on the Family Research Council


Joe Biden went to Independence Hall and smeared half of America as “semi-fascists,” and threats to democracy.  Not long after, a North Dakota teen was killed because someone assumed he was a “Republican extremist.”


Leftists are claiming that conservative justices on the Supreme Court are taking away our rights.  That led a would-be assassin to come to Washington, D.C., to try to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 


To this day, I am not aware of Joe Biden personally condemning the attempted assassination of Justice Kavanaugh.  To this day, Attorney General Merrick Garland has not prosecuted anyone who violated the federal law against protesting in front of the justices’ homes.  He’s too busy arresting pro-life activists.


The left’s rhetoric has led to hundreds of churches, crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations being firebombed and vandalized by Biden supporters and Democrat voters.


Of course, this is the same party that spent years calling Donald Trump a “racist” and calling law enforcement “systemically racist,” while dismissing the 2020 riots as “mostly peaceful” social justice demonstrations.


This is the same party that plotted to cause violence at Trump rallies.


Where was all the media’s chest thumping about “violent rhetoric” when Rand Paul was severely beaten or when Lee Zeldin was attacked on stage?  


Republicans should not spend one second apologizing for what happened to Paul Pelosi when Democrats refuse to admit their responsibility for the violence that is happening to conservatives, Christians and pro-life activists.


This is just more evidence that Democrats and their media allies will stop at nothing to silence us.




Threatening Trump


Let’s just go on the record right now:  If someone ever – God forbid – tries to harm Donald Trump, the left and its insane rhetoric will have created the atmosphere of hate that helped it happen. 


Virtually every day for the past seven years, Democrats and their media allies have accused Trump of being a traitor to the country, a racist, a fascist, you name it.


The left’s rhetoric caused a riot during Trump’s 2017 inauguration.


The left’s rhetoric caused routine attacks against people with MAGA hats.   


The left’s rhetoric resulted in Trump Administration officials being harassed and threatened in public.


And they have the audacity to accuse us of offensive and violent rhetoric!


Here’s what every Republican responding to the assault on Paul Pelosi should have said:


“This is terrible news.  We wish Mr. Pelosi the best.  And we welcome the Democrats’ newfound outrage over violent crime. 


“The American people have suffered while Democrats have ignored the growing crime crisis and assaulted the police.  Democrats are the ones who should be apologizing today, and they have a lot to apologize for. 


“Democrats should apologize for defunding the police.  Democrats should apologize for ending cash bail.  Democrats should apologize for using COVID as an excuse to empty the jails.  Democrats should apologize for refusing to prosecute career criminals.  Democrats should apologize for the 2020 riots.  Democrats should apologize for calling law enforcement ‘systemically racist.’” 




The Democrat Disconnect


The latest CBS News poll asked an interesting question that should have Democrat leaders reaching for the Maalox. 


When asked whose interests the parties put first, only 15% of voters said the Democrat Party puts American citizens first, while 45% said Democrats put “recent immigrants” (illegal aliens) first.  In contrast, 64% said the GOP puts Americans first.


The poll also found that 59% of voters expect Democrats to open the borders if they maintain control of Congress next year.


Help me defeat the open borders Democrats by electing more America First Conservatives to Congress!