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Monday, October 24, 2022 -- He Said What, Biden's Gender Insanity, Biden's Record

He Said What?


The last few days have provided additional evidence – as if we needed any – that Joe Biden just is not all there.  Whether it’s a brain freeze, dementia or something else, there’s no good explanation for it – especially if we are on the verge of war with Russia.  (See below.)  A delusional Putin and a demented Biden could spell disaster for the whole world!


Here are three examples:


First, it appeared as if Biden was about to pass out during an interview with MSNBC.  The interviewer was so disturbed that he exclaimed, “Mr. President?”


Second, as he was leaving the White House last week, Biden was asked by a reporter whether there should be any limits on abortion.  He said, “Yes.  There should be.  It’s Roe v. Wade.”


Well, the White House refuses to say what restrictions Joe Biden supports.  As I previously noted, a top White House aide was questioned on MSNBC of all places about the president’s “extreme position” of abortion without limits.


And, as I also explained, Biden is promoting is the most pro-abortion legislation ever introduced.  It goes well beyond Roe v. Wade, which is why “pro-choice” politicians like Joe Manchin have refused to support it.


Does Biden not know what is in the legislation he supports?  Is he being lied to by his staff?  Or did he lie to that reporter and to the rest of us?


Third, Biden told a liberal media outlet that his student loan payoff scheme “passed by a vote or two” in Congress.  No, it didn’t!  There never was a vote in Congress!  That’s a big reason why it is so controversial. 


Even Nancy Pelosi understood that the president has no authority to spend money without congressional authorization.  Biden did it anyway, but now he doesn’t seem to remember.




Biden’s Gender Insanity


In Thursday’s report I told you that Ulta Beauty recently featured a trans woman (Dylan Mulvaney, a biological man) on a podcast promoting “girlhood.”  Well, Biden was evidently so impressed with what Mulvaney had to say that he invited him to the White House to participate in a special press conference. 


Mulvaney could have asked the president a question about anything – inflation, crime, the border, the economy, gas prices, the war in Ukraine.  But no.  He wanted to get Biden’s opinion on the growing number of states that are restricting so-called “gender affirming care.” 


I’m really glad he asked.  Once again, Biden exposed himself as the extremist he truly is.


Biden said, “I don’t think any state or anybody should have the right to do that -- as a moral question and as a legal question. I just think it’s wrong.” 


To be clear, Biden doesn’t think sterilizing children with puberty blockers is wrong. 


He doesn’t think castrating young boys is wrong. 


He doesn’t think cutting off the breasts of young girls is wrong. 


He thinks that it is wrong for states to protect children from these radical procedures. 


He thinks it is wrong for parents to counsel their children to respect biology and reality.


He couldn’t be more wrong! 


Doctors, Democrats and delusional activists should not be pushing these extreme interventions on children!


Government bureaucrats should stop threatening parents, and stay out of our homes!


Help CWF defeat the insane left!




Biden’s Record


Two related headlines caught my attention.  Here’s the first one from The Hill“Illegal Border Crossings Hit Annual Record.” 


According to the latest government data, there were nearly 2.8 million border crossings in the last fiscal year, which ended September 30th.


Then there was this headline from Politico“Biden’s 'Worst Performing Message.’” 


This article quotes famed Democrat pollster Stan Greenberg warning Biden and his fellow Democrats to shut up about all their “accomplishments.”  Talking about their record and what they’ve passed is actually backfiring.  It’s turning voters against the Democrats!

I’m not surprised.  Biden’s record, shared by his Democrat allies in Congress, is one of record failures.

Record illegal immigration

Record COVID deaths.

Record inflation.

Record crime.

Record drug overdoses.

America can’t afford anymore of Biden’s “accomplishments.” 

Stand with CWF now!




Pray For America


As I have written several times lately, I am deeply concerned for our country.  These are dangerous times and the left is increasingly desperate to maintain power. 


It’s no secret that Americans are strongly supportive of the suffering Ukrainian people.  But Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden almost seem determined to stumble into a larger war that may include the use of tactical nuclear weapons.


An August poll by Reuters found that clear majorities of Americans supported additional sanctions against Russia, sending military aid and weapons to Ukraine and supporting Ukraine until all Russian forces withdraw from Ukrainian territory. 


Only 26% supported deploying U.S. troops to Ukraine.  Clearly, the American people do not want U.S. troops on the ground confronting Russian soldiers. 


But just two weeks out from the most consequential midterm election in modern history, CBS News reports that the 101st Airborne Division “is practicing for war with Russia just miles from Ukraine's border.”  The report adds that nearly “4,700 [American] troops have been deployed to reinforce NATO’s eastern flank.” 


Were you aware of this?


Who voted for this? 


Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer control the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Maybe they should take some time to explain to the American people why thousands of U.S. troops are on the border of Ukraine – especially when the president is warning about the growing danger of nuclear war.


Time and again, we have seen what this administration is willing to do to maintain power. 


  • They are using government power to bribe voters.  (Here and here.) 
  • They are investigating innocent Americans as “domestic terrorists.” 
  • They are smearing patriotic Americans as “semi-fascists.” 
  • They will even lie to the American people to stoke racial and ethnic hatred.  (Here and here.)


This is a perilous moment in our history, and the ground is shifting from underneath the desperate Democrat Party.  A Red wave may be building into a Red tsunami


I do not put it past these insane liars (see last item) to risk a foreign policy emergency in a frantic bid to unite the country behind Biden or to justify manipulating election procedures in the days ahead.


Stand with CWF now to restore checks and balances to Washington!




The Lies Of The Left


The Biden Administration and the modern political Left are built on lies. They lie to us constantly about everything.  They lie about America.  They lie about inflation.  They lie about abortion.  They lie about the border.  They even lie about what a woman is.


Why would anyone trust them to run our country?


Read more in my latest opinion piece at the Washington Examiner.  And please share it with your friends and family members.