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Monday, October 23, 2023 -- Biden Pressuring Israel, Break It Up, The Culture War

Biden Pressuring Israel


We’re going into the third week of the Hamas-Israel War since the massacre on October 7th, and Israel has still not launched a ground invasion of Gaza.  Evidence is growing that the Biden Administration is pressuring the Israeli government not to do it. 


As Donald Trump noted, Hamas and Hezbollah are smart.  They know how to manipulate the American media.  Alan Dershowitz wrote that Hamas has a clever “CNN strategy.” 


Late Friday, Hamas released two American-Israeli hostages.  Two more hostages were reportedly released today.  That’s no coincidence, as it gave Biden all the leverage he needed to restrain Israel, essentially saying, “Don’t go now.  We might get more hostages out through negotiations.”


While this White House says all the right things in public, behind the scenes it is doing everything it can to hold Israel back from doing what must be done.  However, sources in Israel just told me that the Israeli military has informed the government that it is tired of waiting.  Stay tuned.




Break It Up


To add insult to injury, Biden is exploiting the carnage in Israel to ram through Congress a massive foreign aid package that has four times more money for Ukraine than Israel.


Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, both made it absolutely clear this weekend that they support Biden’s foreign aid bill with tens of billions for Ukraine in addition to funds for Israel. 


I cannot disagree more.  This aid package should be broken up into separate items.


There should be a separate up-and-down vote on aid to Israel alone so we can see exactly who votes for it, who stands with Israel, and who should be rewarded at the ballot box.  We should also be able to see who votes against aid to Israel, so we can punish them at the ballot box.


And there should be a separate up-and-down vote on funding for Ukraine.  We have already sent $113 billion to Ukraine with very little oversight or accounting for it.  No one can tell us what the strategy for victory is.  No one can explain why Europe isn’t carrying more of the weight, instead of us. 


Not surprisingly, polling (here and here) finds that Americans are increasingly skeptical of Biden’s open-ended commitment to Ukraine.  We should all want to know which politicians want more of that and who opposes it. 


Finally, there should be an up-or-down vote on the “border security” component of this foreign aid bill, and it shouldn’t be more than 10 pages long, so everyone can see exactly what the money is for. 


I know what the Biden White House is asking for, and it’s not what Americans imagine when it comes to border security. 


There’s no lack of money now for the border.  There is a total lack of will to enforce our existing immigration laws already on the books.


By the way, federal officials are now suddenly concerned about the very real likelihood that terrorists are crossing Joe Biden’s wide-open borders.  Duh!





A Shocking Death In Detroit


There was horrifying news over the weekend that a well-known progressive female rabbi was brutally stabbed to death in her upscale Detroit neighborhood. 


The entire media complex, as well as local officials, have all said in unison, “There is no evidence that this is a hate crime.”  Detroit police are urging people to avoid jumping to any conclusions at this time.  Fair enough. 


But just imagine if we changed up some of the facts. 


Suppose an imam had been brutally stabbed to death over the weekend.  I guarantee you that even if we had no more evidence than we have with the rabbi’s death, every media talking head would be screaming about “Islamophobia and anti-Muslim rhetoric.” 


Joe Biden would have given another White House address to condemn “MAGA hate.”


Regardless of the facts, we know exactly what the media narrative would have been.




Buyer’s Remorse


Young Americans who voted for the first time in 2020, must be a little shellshocked today.  The “youth vote” went overwhelmingly for Joe Biden because he promised to forgive their student loan debts and return America to “normalcy.” 


Not only was Biden’s student loan scheme declared unconstitutional, we’re now looking at the possibility of World War III and a resumption of the draft! 


So much for “normalcy.”




Still No Speaker


Friday afternoon, the House GOP caucus voted to remove Jim Jordan as their speaker nominee after 25 RINOs blocked Jordan, one of most effective and articulate conservatives in Congress, on his third floor vote for speaker.  An effort to empower Acting Speaker Patrick McHenry was also shot down. 


Over the weekend, nine House Republicans stepped forward to run for speaker.  They are: Jack Bergman (MI), Byron Donalds (FL), Tom Emmer (MN), Kevin Hern (OK), Mike Johnson (LA), Dan Meuser (PA), Gary Palmer (AL), Pete Sessions (TX) and Austin Scott (GA).  The House GOP caucus will meet tonight to hear from the candidates, and a floor vote could come as early as tomorrow.


I was called by some of the candidates this weekend to ask what the pro-family, pro-life movement wanted and was thinking at this moment. 


I won’t analyze each candidate, but I will tell you who I don’t want as the next speaker of the House.  Unfortunately, it’s the candidate Kevin McCarthy just endorsed, Minnesota’s Tom Emmer. 


Emmer voted for the deceptively-named “Respect for Marriage Act,” which further entrenched same-sex marriage.  He has backed ESG policies and so-called “gender identity” legislation.


Before his election to Congress, Emmer was a paid spokesman for the National Popular Vote initiative, a Soros-funded campaign to effectively abolish the Electoral College – a key goal of the left. 


As the name implies, the National Popular Vote initiative would require state electors to vote for the candidate who won the popular vote nationwide, regardless of which candidate won their state. 


The National Popular Vote initiative would empower California and New York at the expense of smaller states, and would have made Hillary Clinton president in 2016.


This is one major reason why Donald Trump opposes Emmer’s candidacy for speaker, and Emmer is facing growing opposition from House conservatives.


Of course, many Republicans insist that Tom Emmer is a nice guy, but this is not a “nice guy moment.”  We don’t need “nice guys” negotiating with Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer!





The Culture War


While many Americans, myself included, are carefully following Israel’s war against Hamas, Joe Biden’s radical bureaucrats are continuing to wage war on normalcy here in America.


Without any notice to Congress, the Biden Administration has ordered all employees of the Department of Health and Human Services (more than 80,000 people) to use the “preferred pronouns” of transgendered and “non-binary” staff.  I guess Assistant Secretary Levine has had more than one HHS employee address him as “sir.”


This “government speech code” is a blatant violation of the First Amendment.  Not only is it forcing people to lie by calling a man “she,” it ignores Supreme Court rulings against “compelled speech.”


Not to be outdone, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is attempting to mandate this policy across the entire country by radically expanding the definition of “workplace harassment.”


Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) warns that newly released guidance from the EEOC “would require virtually every employee in the United States to embrace his or her colleagues’ self-described sexuality, gender identity, and ‘reproductive rights.’” 


Just to be clear, the Biden Administration is attempting to make “misgendering” a co-worker a fireable offense. 


This is not a hypothetical issue.  Teachers have been fired for refusing to lie about a student’s biological sex.  (In related cases, teachers have been fired for refusing to lie to parents about their own child’s “gender transitioning.”)


Once again, men and women of faith find themselves in the crosshairs of the intolerant, totalitarian left, which believes it can force us to speak their lies and bow to their neo-Marxist demands.


ACTION ITEM:  The public comment period on the EEOC’s proposed guidance expires on November 1st.  Click here now to tell the EEOC that you object to its radical new guidance that violates free speech and religious liberty. 


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