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Monday, October 16, 2023 -- Deafening Silence, Clarity On Moral Equivalence, Tune In To Family Talk

Deafening Silence


Over the weekend, FBI Director Christopher Wray finally admitted what anyone with half a brain already knew.  We are facing a higher potential for terrorist attacks in the U.S. by those “who may take inspiration from recent events to commit violence of their own.”


A Jewish student’s room at Drexel University was set on fire.  An Israeli student at Columbia University was attacked.  Swastikas are showing up everywhere, including the high school my children attended.


But I still don’t see Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and other top Democrats condemning this hatred, deeply rooted in radical Islam, with the same degree of passion they have when they condemn half the country that wants to make America great again.


By the way, where’s Antifa?  They claim to be fighting fascism.  Well, we have real Nazis right now on university campuses calling for a second Holocaust.  Did Antifa suddenly go on vacation?  Of course, not.  When these thugs fight “fascists,” they mean us – conservatives and Christians. 


Joe Biden said Donald Trump called neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “fine people.”  He continually repeats that lie.  Trump did not say that.  He specifically condemned the neo-Nazis at the Charlottesville riot. 


But I have not heard Joe Biden condemn the students carrying Hamas flags and chanting, “Gas the Jews.”  He has not called them “Nazis.”  Neither has Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi. 


For days now, the leadership of the Democrat Party has refused to condemn the Nazism and anti-Semitism on full display at America’s university campuses.


Their silence is deafening.  Their silence is complicity. 




Border Security Is National Security


If we are facing increased threats, as Director Wray suggests, it’s coming from the hate Joe Biden and the open borders left has imported into the country through decades of lax immigration.  This stupidity has got to stop!


As we have reported, hundreds of thousands of people every month are crossing our wide-open borders.  Joe Biden has allowed six million illegal aliens to enter our country, including a record number of suspected terrorists


There was virtually no vetting of the Afghan “refugees” Biden brought into our country during his humiliating retreat from Afghanistan.  We have no idea who these people are or what is in their hearts!


We must secure the border now!  We must get serious about who we allow into the country!


We are under no obligation to import hate.  However, influential members of Joe Biden’s party are demanding that we take in “refugees” from Gaza.  Fortunately, House Republicans are sounding the alarm on this insanity. 


Representatives Tom Tiffany (R-WI) and Andrew Ogles (R-TN) have introduced the GAZA Act – Guaranteeing Aggressors Zero Admission Act – which would prevent the Biden Administration from issuing visas to people with passports from the Palestinian Authority.


Rep. Tiffany said, “The last thing America ought to do is trust identity documents issued by the radicals that oversee these territories.  We need to put our security at home first and that starts by closing the door to bad actors who might be seeking to enter our country.”


I couldn’t agree more!




Baby Killers In Gaza


Israeli forces are continuing non-stop strikes on Hamas targets.  A successful IDF bombing raid targeted a building holding key Hamas commanders, including one of the terrorists who led last week’s massacre in Israel that deliberately targeted children


Another building that was accidentally destroyed, quite fittingly in my view, was the only abortion clinic in Gaza.  It seems that the baby killers in both buildings got their buildings blown up.  


The International Planned Parenthood Federation, which also deliberately targets children, sent out a worldwide appeal for money to rebuild the Gaza abortion clinic as quickly as possible, so the women of Gaza will not be deprived of their ability to kill their children.  Of course, they referred to it as “reproductive healthcare.” 


We live in a bizarre world.


By the way, the Biden Administration sent $30 million in COVID relief funds (that’s your money) to U.N. aid groups linked to Hamas.  If you’re not angry enough, Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) tried to redirect those funds to support Israel’s Iron Dome defense system, but Senate Democrats blocked his efforts.




Clarity On Moral Equivalence


There has been a lot of disgusting rhetoric from the left defending Hamas’s vicious massacre of innocent Israelis as some sort of “justified resistance,” and we have condemned it.  Sadly, even some prayers by well-meaning Christians fall victim to moral equivalence.  So, it’s time for some desperately needed clarity.


We know that Hamas deliberately targeted schools and children.  It is very clear that their goal was to kill as many children and to kidnap as many children as possible.  The savage beasts of Hamas even decapitated babies.  That cannot be said often enough. 


Sadly, when nations go to war, children and babies will die.  But there’s a huge difference in this case between Hamas and Israel. 


The Israel Defense Forces will do everything possible to avoid the deaths of children and civilians.  But when you’re fighting an enemy that uses children and civilians as human shields, there’s only so much you can do.  And when the IDF accidentally kills civilians, Israelis will be heartbroken. 


None of that applies to Hamas.  Again, Hamas deliberately targeted children and civilians.  When they succeeded in killing innocent children and civilians, they celebrated their brutality and bragged about it.  They posted videos of their carnage for the whole world to see.


There is no moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas.  Zero. None.  There is no neutrality between terrorists and free nations. 


But as Alan Dershowitz notes, Hamas has a “CNN strategy” that uses Western morality against Israel. 


Groups calling for “the killing of children on both sides to stop” are moral cowards.  Israel is not “killing children.”  America was not “killing children” during World War II.  We fought a war to stop horrific evil, just as Israel is doing now. 


Groups making such calls are not taking the time to explain what is happening and why.  And by failing to do so, they are complicit in Hamas’s “CNN strategy.” 


They are no better than the nuts who “mourned the deaths of everyone on 9/11,” and included the hijackers among the dead.




Tune In To Family Talk


Please make every effort to tune in to Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk radio show today.  On today’s broadcast, I discuss the history behind what is happening in Israel now and why with former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.


Click here to find station listings.  Or you can listen online here.


For an additional biblical perspective, I strongly encourage you to check out yesterday’s sermon by Pastor Gary Hamrick of Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, Virginia.  (Fast forward to the 30-minute mark.)  Please feel free to share this message with your pastor and encourage him to speak out from the pulpit in defense of Israel.