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Monday, November 9, 2020 -- Incredible News, Biden's Call For Unity, Schumer's Threat

Incredible News
The news we knew was coming, but which Joe Biden and his media allies didn't want us to know, was announced this morning.  Pfizer reports that its COVID-19 vaccine not only works, but works at a level of effectiveness that many didn't think was possible.  The vaccine stops 90% of the spread of the coronavirus. 
I would like to know when Pfizer knew this.  Is it purely a coincidence that this great breakthrough was discovered six days after the election?  But I digress.
Joe Biden based virtually his entire campaign on one simple theme, and he said it repeatedly, "Donald Trump has done nothing to stop the coronavirus."  That was, of course, a bald-faced lie that was never once factchecked by any of the keepers of truth known as the "fake news media."
I won't bore you by going through the details of the mass production of ventilators, breakthrough drugs and therapies, the shutdown of the economy to "flatten the curve." 
But the most important thing Trump did was ensure that every day we were getting closer to the only answer to the virus.  It's not masking.  It's not social distancing.  It's not shutting down the economy.  It always was the development of an effective vaccine.
This president cleaned out the regulatory underbrush, turned the job over to the scientists and put into place Operation Warp Speed, which allowed production of vaccinations immediately.  He has already established a military-led distribution program, and he did it all more quickly than ever before in the history of medicine.
Let nobody be confused:  Today's announcement under any reasonable analysis is the Pfizer/Trump vaccine.  Today's huge surge in the stock market is the Trump/Pfizer vaccine bull market. 
The avalanche of investment that is going to be unleashed over the next six months in our economy, unless a Biden/Harris Administration takes office in spite of evidence of voter fraud and kills it with socialism, will be the Trump investment explosion.
But here's a predication that I have no hesitancy in making:  Just as the media tried to claim that the economic boom of Trump's first three years was just a continuation of the Obama economy, in short order they will claim, if he wins the recounts, that this is "the Biden recovery."
Here's a question:  The vaccine is coming out under Trump.  Is it still a Trump vaccine?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Will Democrats like Kamala Harris take it?  If not, it will be easier to distribute to those who do want it.
Biden's Call For Unity
Joe Biden is acting like he has clearly won the election, which he hasn't.  In a speech Saturday, Joe Biden claimed that his campaign was a "battle for the soul of America," and that we must "restore the soul of America."  Then he returned to the rote rhetoric he's been using about unity and working together. 
But he just accused half the country of stealing the soul of America, and yet now we're going to work together?  If people can't see through that, they haven't learned anything about how this game has been played for decades.
Biden declared, "To make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy."  He also said that "this grim era of demonization in America" must end now.
The left has spent the past four years demonizing Donald Trump and his supporters as "racists," "Nazis" and literally "the enemy," as agents of Russia.  And yet now we're supposed to put all that behind us, join hands and sing Kumbaya.
All the protective boards covering Washington, D.C., businesses are coming down. We were told that no matter who won, there would be riots because the country has been so divided by Trump.  We all knew that was a lie. 
We all knew that only one side was going to riot if it lost.  The left was planning more "resistance" if Trump won.  Conservatives don't riot.  They don't destroy private property.  But Marxists do because they despise private property. 
Actor James Woods had a great response to the left's demand for unity, tweeting:
"And just like that the rioting and looting has ceased overnight. And now the half of the country that pummeled America like a battered wife is telling her to put on sunglasses, hide her black eye, be a good girl, and 'come together as one.'"
Romney Still Doesn't Get It
The poster boy for people who don't get it is none other than Mitt Romney, the man whose weakness guaranteed us four more years of Barack Obama. 
Romney, always looking to excel at virtue signaling, was the first Republican senator to offer his congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris before the election has been settled.  Trump wants to make America first, but Romney never misses an opportunity to be first in surrendering to the left. 
Romney not only congratulated Biden and Harris, he said that he and his wife knew them both to be "people of good will and admirable character."  Really, Mitt?  Of course, Romney never called out Biden and Harris for repeatedly lying and smearing the president's character.
So Biden and Harris, who both support abortion on demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy, are people of admirable character?
Even though they are committed to making faith-based voters pay for abortions and will appoint judges who will restrict liberty, including the religious liberty of Mormons, they are people of good will? 
And this is why conservatives have always been suspicious of Romney.  Remember when he was on his heels and snapped back with that ridiculous phrase, "I was a severely conservative governor"?
Someday someone will write a psychology textbook about why the GOP produces so many Quislings and why it approaches the Democrat Party like a crouching dog that has been routinely abused.
A Strange Way Of Unifying
Meanwhile, some on the left appear to be rejecting Biden's call for unity.  They are keeping a "list" of every Trump Administration staffer, lawyers and leaders of conservative organizations who publicly defended the president. 
They are promising to make them unelectable, unemployable and unacceptable "in polite society."  There was a strong whiff of imprisoning them.
By the way, Biden has problems in his own party.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is lashing out at "incompetent Democrats" who failed to fully embrace her radical agenda.
Schumer's Threat
After November 3rd, the Senate is currently tied at 48 Republicans, 48 Democrats, with four races still undecided:  Alaska, North Carolina and both Georgia seats.
Assuming Republicans hold Alaska and North Carolina, taking Republicans to 50 seats, the Senate majority will be decided by the results of two runoff elections in Georgia during the first week of January. 
A narrowly divided Senate has serious ramifications for either President Trump's second term or a President Biden's first term.
Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer is, of course, planning for the latter, and he has big plans.  Over the weekend Schumer declared, "Now we take Georgia, then we change America!"
And by change, Schumer means higher taxes, more abortions, socialized medicine, left-wing judges, a massive amnesty, severe limits to your Second Amendment rights and more.
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