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Monday, November 6, 2023 -- Double Standards, Nashville Manifesto, More Bad News

Double Standards


As you recall, there was a big demonstration in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021. There was another huge demonstration over the weekend in Washington, D.C. 


But what jumped out at me was how differently the mob carrying the flag of a non-existent country called “Palestine” didn’t even make the front page of the Washington Post.  This demonstration was relegated to the Metro section


There was some vandalism by a small fraction of protestors on January 6th.  There was vandalism by pro-Hamas demonstrators this weekend, too.  The perimeter of the White House complex was covered with red paint, symbolizing the blood of Palestinians. 


No demonstrators on January 6th attacked statues of American heroes.  The pro-Hamas, anti-American mob vandalized and desecrated multiple monuments and statues in Washington, D.C.


On January 6th, the demonstrators were calling for free and fair elections.  This weekend, the demonstrators were calling for a second Holocaust and chanting calls for genocide, including, “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free” and “Long live the intifada.”


Fox News, which covered the protest extensively, had a reporter on the scene who could not find one person willing to condemn the October 7th attack by Hamas.


But there is a big difference in how the media and federal law enforcement will treat these two events. 


The group involved in the January 6th demonstration was made up of conservatives and Republicans.  The group on the streets of Washington, D.C., this weekend was all woke college students and radical Islamists, and they vote Democrat. 


That’s why to this day the Justice Department is still hunting down and arresting January 6th protestors, but only one arrest was made this weekend.


You can’t get more or better evidence of the two standards of justice in Joe Biden’s America.




“Kill The Babies”


The Chicago suburb of Skokie, Illinois, made headlines decades ago when neo-Nazis wanted to march through the town, which was known for having many Jewish residents and Holocaust survivors.  Town leaders resisted the march, but the ACLU came to the defense of neo-Nazis. 


Sadly, Skokie is back in the news because of the disgusting views of anti-Semitic Nazi sympathizers. 


Over the weekend, members of Skokie’s Jewish community lined up 30 empty baby strollers.  Each one represented a missing Israeli child who was kidnapped and taken back to Gaza as a hostage of Hamas – a war crime.


People driving by honked their horns in support as they drove by the exhibit.  But reporters on the scene said some anti-Semites shouted obscenities, including “Kill the babies!” 


The pro-Hamas demonstration in Washington, D.C., and the ugly outbursts in Skokie, Illinois, this weekend are a disturbing reminder that anti-Semitism is alive and well in America.  And it is growing in part because of our stupid immigration policies that are literally importing hate from nations infested with radical Islamic supremacy.




Speaking Of Hate. . .


Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) just can’t help herself, I guess.  You’d think Tlaib would be trying to stay out of the spotlight right now, especially after she refused to condemn Hamas and the decapitation of babies.  But she just can’t.


Friday evening, Tlaib decided to stir the pot yet again.  She posted a defense of the pro-Hamas chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”  Tlaib insisted it wasn’t a call for genocide, but “an aspirational call for freedom.”


First of all, “From the river to the sea” refers to the boundaries of Israel – from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.  That’s all of Israel.  Second, there is no “Palestine.”  For “Palestine” to exist in those boundaries, Israel would have to be destroyed.


No one is buying Tlaib’s nonsense.


Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) blasted Tlaib, writing, “This phrase means eradicating Israel and Jews. Period. Dressing it up in a new PR ploy won’t change that.” 


Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) wrote, “The phrase ‘from the river to the sea’ is one of division & violence, & it is counterproductive to promoting peace. None of us, especially elected leaders, should amplify language that inflames a tense situation.”


Sen. Jackie Rosen (D-NV) declared, “Rep. Rashida Tlaib is wrong.  ‘From the river to the sea’ is a call for eliminating the state of Israel that rejects a two-state solution and puts Jews in danger.” 


Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel wrote, “I have supported and defended you [Rep. Tlaib] countless times, even when you have said the indefensible, because I believed you to be a good person. . .  But this is so hurtful to so many.  Please retract this cruel and hateful remark.”




Nashville Manifesto Released


This morning, conservative political commentator Steven Crowder published three pages of what he claims are part of the Nashville Christian school shooter’s radical manifesto. 


The shooter reportedly refers to her victims as “little crackers” and expresses contempt for “white privilege.”  She writes, “I hope I have a high death count.”  She murdered six people – three children and three adults – before law enforcement officers took her out.


Local officials will not confirm the authenticity of the documents, but they are also reportedly launching an investigation into the leak.


We will keep you posted. 




New Poll Shocks The Swamp


The New York Times released the results of its latest poll this weekend, and the results sent a shockwave through the D.C. Swamp.  Now, we’re still a year out from the 2024 election, and a lot can happen between now and next November.  But the poll is earth-shattering and it has sent the Democrat Party establishment into convulsions. 


The poll finds Donald Trump beating Joe Biden in five of six key swing states:


  • Nevada – Trump 52%, Biden 41%
  • Georgia – Trump 49%, Biden 43%
  • Arizona – Trump 49%, Biden 44%
  • Michigan – Trump 48%, Biden 43%
  • Pennsylvania – Trump 48%, Biden 44%
  • Wisconsin – Biden 47%, Trump 45%


Trump was also dominating on key issues, too. 


  • On the economy, Trump leads Biden 59% to 37%. 
  • On immigration, Trump leads Biden 53% to 41%. 
  • On national security, it’s the same – Trump 53%, Biden 41%. 
  • On China trade policy, voters support Trump tariffs 55% to 29%. 
  • And after nearly three years of open borders, 53% of voters now support building a wall on the southern border.


Pay close attention to those Nevada figures.  After three years of open borders, working class Americans of all races, including Hispanics, are furious, not only with Biden’s policies, but the Democrat Party. 


Nevada is a very blue-collar state.  Unions are strong there.  Trump’s showing in Nevada would seemingly confirm the fact that he is also doing well in Michigan and Pennsylvania. 


There’s a big message here to the Republican Party:  Be the working-class, middle-class party.  Embrace populist conservatism and don’t be afraid to fight the culture war!




More Bad News


Joe Biden got even more bad news from the latest CBS News poll.  Nationwide, it put Donald Trump up 51% to 48% over Joe Biden.  The CBS poll also found that only 18% of voters said they would be “better off” if Joe Biden won reelection, while 45% said they would be “better off” if Trump won.


David Axelrod, who is closely connected to the Obamas, posted this in response to Biden’s polling catastrophe, “If he [Biden] continues to run, he will be the nominee of the Democratic Party.  What he needs to decide is whether that is wise; whether it’s in HIS best interest or the country’s?”


By the way, the Obamas held a major reunion last week, marking 15 years since the beginning of his presidency.  Thousands of former Obama staffers and officials gathered together to celebrate the former first couple in Chicago. 


Sounds like they’re getting the old gang back together again just in time for Michelle to “ride to the rescue” when Joe decides it isn’t “wise” to run again.


We can’t afford four more years of this neo-Marxist insanity!  We must retake the White House and the Senate. 


Please stand with me now!