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Monday, May 8, 2023 -- Biden's Alien Invasion, A New Low, The Trans Divide

Biden’s Alien Invasion


Title 42, a Trump-era immigration policy, expires this week.  When that happens, experts fear our southern border will be virtually non-existent.  Various reports indicate that somewhere between 700,000 and one million migrants are massed on our border waiting to rush across as soon as Title 42 expires this Thursday.


Many migrants aren’t waiting.  They are already coming across in greater and greater numbers – as many as 9,000 a day


Piers Morgan, who is no conservative, said this morning that the scale of this crisis, as well as Biden’s refusal to deal with it, is “terrifying.”  He’s right.  It’s the kind of thing that ends nations.  It’s national suicide.


A new poll indicates that 63% of Americans believe Joe Biden is mentally incapable of doing the job.  The absolute chaos at the southern border proves it.  Joe Biden’s open borders policy is dangerous and insane!


There are signs of growing outrage and pushback, like this town hall event in Chicago.  But the Biden White House is committed to its open borders strategy.


If the “lamestream media” weren’t propaganda arms of the Democrat Party and actually informed the American people about the disaster at our border, there would be overwhelming demands for Biden’s impeachment.




A New Low


A new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds President Joe Biden’s approval ratings falling to a new low.  Just 36% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance as president, while 56% disapprove. 


While discussing the poll yesterday, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos said, “This poll is just brutal for President Biden!” There’s a lot of “buyer’s remorse,” too. 


Among self-described independents who voted for Biden in 2020, his numbers are even worse – only 30% approve, while 57% disapprove.  And by a margin of 54% to 36%, Americans say Donald Trump did a better job managing the economy than Biden.


Not surprisingly, the poll finds Americans are eager for a change.  In hypothetical 2024 matchups, Biden loses to Trump 45% to 38% and he loses to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis 42% to 38%.  The fact that an incumbent president can’t break 40% is astonishing!


But I have several caveats. 


First, anyone who was predicting a massive “Red Wave” in November of 2022 needs to zip it.  Polls are a snapshot in time.  That’s it. 


Case in point:  There was another president who was struggling at this same point in his first term with a serious recession.  His numbers were underwater, too.  But he went on to a landslide reelection.  That president was Ronald Reagan.


Here’s something else to consider, which explains why the White House isn’t in a complete panic.  The Washington Post reports that Biden’s approval rating with black Americans is just 58%, well below the 87% of the black vote that Biden received in 2020. 


But there is no sign that black Americans are massively abandoning the Democrat Party.  Democrats and their left-wing allies will run their typical fear and smear campaigns against the GOP and do their typical door-to-door voter harvesting campaigns, and they will get at least 80% of the black vote on Election Day 2024.


No matter who the GOP nominates, 2024 will be a brutal battle.  There will be continued cheating.  It will take a huge effort and God’s grace to stop the left’s “fundamental transformation” of our country for another four years. 


Some people say we need something like a Nikki Haley/Tim Scott ticket to win women and minorities.  They’re both fine people, but that strategy won’t work.  In my view, they’re not demonstrating the demeanor and understanding of just how close we are to losing the entire country forever.


I recently sat in the front row at an event where Nikki Haley was the featured speaker.  I was stunned as she repeatedly said that we need to build consensus on major issues. 


If you’re focused on “building consensus,” then you don’t understand how deeply divided the country is on virtually everything.  (See next item.)  The only “consensus” the left wants is our agreement that we are wrong.




The Trans Divide


Today’s Washington Post features a massive article on the radical transgender issue.  It begins with a front page, above-the-fold column and then continues to the entire back page of the news section. 


The Post is shocked – SHOCKED – that “Most Americans don’t believe it’s even possible to be a gender that differs from that assigned at birth.” 


First of all, most Americans reject the idea that gender is “assigned at birth.”  That’s just another of the left’s absurd constructs created to deconstruct gender and attack normalcy, reality and the nature of God’s creation.


But here’s the bottom line:  In spite of the hesitancy of many Republicans to aggressively engage on this issue, Joe Biden and the left are losing the argument over transgender rights, even as they are doubling down on their gender extremism.


On multiple issues, overwhelming majorities of the public side with commonsense conservative proposals.  Consider these findings:


  • 65% of Americans oppose boys and men participating in girls’ and women’s sports.
  • 68% of Americans oppose puberty blocking medications for children.
  • 77% oppose teachers pushing radical “gender theory” on young children in the public schools.


But the public is sympathetic to the left’s view when the issue is presented as “prohibiting discrimination.”  Of course, the left claims that all of it is about “prohibiting discrimination,” which is precisely why we must not by our silence allow the left to make this a “civil rights” issue. 


Huge majorities of the American people are with us.  But Republicans must not be afraid of making the case for their values.




Religious Bigotry On Full Display


The European Union Parliament has been rocked by an outrageous scandal in recent days.  An art display in the parliament building features a rendition of Jesus surrounded by disciples dressed in sado-masochistic attire. 


Many members of the EU parliament have condemned it for being so obviously offensive.  Of course, this display never would have happened at all if the subject was Muhammad. 


For modern Christians in the United States, who worry about Christianity being so identified with conservative political ideas, it’s instructive to realize that leftist members of the EU parliament praised the “art,” while conservative members were mortified and insisted it be taken down. 


This is where we’re headed in the U.S.  Our culture already dipped its toe in this water before.  Actually, the liquid was “piss” when another “artist” displayed his infamous rendition of the cross of Jesus Christ submerged in a jar of urine. 


That controversy goes all the way back to 1989, and ignited the debate over taxpayer funding of the National Endowment for the Arts.


I have written recently about the concerted left-wing campaign against the conservative justices on the Supreme Court.  While the left’s furor largely stems from the overturn of Roe v. Wade, there’s another major factor at work here. 


There is now a solid majority on the court that is willing to defend religious liberty, and that also infuriates the neo-Marxist left. 


To moderate Christians worried about being associated with conservatism:  If you keep deceiving yourselves, you will soon discover that many of the rights you have taken for granted, including religious liberty, will be lost.