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Monday, May 6, 2024 -- Attacking America, A Dangerous Movement, A Clear Threat

Attacking America
Take a good look at this picture.


Above is what the statue of George Washington at George Washington University in our nation’s capital currently looks like. Washington is the epitome of an American hero. He was famously eulogized as, “First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.”
But he is trash to the trash occupying George Washington University. This desecration is beyond disgusting. It’s very telling that the first impulse of these anti-Israel protesters is to attack symbols of America.
Some well-meaning students may be involved in these campus occupations. But at its core, this is an anti-Israel, anti-American, anti-Western Civilization movement. It is funded by wealthy idiots and directed by anarchists and radical Islamic groups.
All the evidence is there. We just have to open our eyes.
In all the years of the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King, Jr., and other civil rights leaders never lowered the American flag and raised the flag of black power. They embraced America and wanted all the promises of America to be applied equally to them.
This movement on our college campuses today is full of hatred for the civilization that these students are blessed to reside in. Even during the tumultuous 60s, I don’t recall such an obsession with desecrating monuments to America’s founders.
I have been encouraged to see young men and women on various campuses fighting back and marching to the campus flag pole to put the American flag back up and defend it from these anti-American radicals.
I only wish there were many more students who felt the desire and the courage to do that. It’s sad that more people in the communities surrounding the universities aren’t resisting these neo-Marxists and their Islamist allies.
Growing up in the Midwest, I can tell you that if someone took down the American flag at a college in Kentucky, Indiana, or Ohio, it wouldn’t be down long.
My father, Spike Bauer, and all the other Spike Bauers in the neighborhood, who fought and bled to save us from Nazism and Imperial Japan, would have put that flag back up and dared anyone to try to take it down again.
I wonder what these misguided students think would happen in Gaza if a group of reformers who wanted a better life for the Palestinian people lowered the Hamas flag and put up the American flag.
A Dangerous Movement
A new Wall Street Journal report adds yet more evidence that these radical Hamas Youth protests are not “organic” or spontaneous events. These students were trained for months by extremist groups, including National Students for Justice in Palestine and the Black Panthers.
Students at Columbia University also tried hosting a training session with a group called Samidoun, which is known for supporting terrorism and violence. Columbia officials twice banned the group from campus. So, students held the training seminar on Zoom. When Columbia administrators learned of the Zoom meeting, they suspended several students.
This is a very dangerous movement. The evidence is all there. These are the shock troops of what many on the left hope will become an un-American revolution. Anyone with a shred of decency who is involved with these pro-Hamas protests is being used.
Several commentators have noted the prevalence of masks among the student radicals. Participants in the civil rights movement weren’t known for wearing masks. Anti-war protesters against the Vietnam War didn’t routinely don masks.
Masks are meant to intimidate and threaten people. If you hear commotion outside your home and see people in masks, your first reaction will be, “These people intend to harm me.”
By the way, many jurisdictions in America have laws against wearing masks while engaged in illegal activities. Those laws were passed specifically because KKK members covered their faces when they were intimidating blacks.
A Clear Threat
The National Lawyers Guild at Columbia Law School has issued a statement denouncing Columbia administrators for liberating Hamilton Hall from the extremist protesters. The statement contained this chilling threat, “No Jew is safe until everyone is safe, and no Jew is free until Palestine is free.”
Not surprisingly, the National Lawyers Guild has a history of Marxism.
Columbia Law School is one of the top law schools in America. Seven Supreme Court justices have attended Columbia Law School, including Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
If she had the misfortune of attending Columbia Law School at a time like this, she would not be free or safe on campus, and she certainly would not be reassured by angry demonstrators chanting calls for genocide with their faces covered.
Insane Demands
The neo-Marxist indoctrinators who run the Chicago Teachers Union are negotiating a new contract with the neo-Marxists who run Chicago, and no one is representing the normal citizens of Chicago.
Most Americans agree that teachers deserve to be paid well. Of course, that assumes they are doing a good job of teaching and that students are actually learning.
It’s hard to argue that Chicago’s schools meet that standard. Just over 25% of Chicago’s middle school students are proficient in reading, and only 18% are proficient in math.
Evidently, the Chicago Teachers Union isn’t very good at math either. The union is demanding approximately $50 billion in additional salaries with nine percent annual raises until teachers make $145,000 a year. The entire state of Illinois raises about $51 billion in tax revenues each year.
But that’s not all. The union is also demanding free abortions for teachers, annual LGBTQ training, and policies that ensure parents are never informed of a child’s “gender transition” at school.
Just one more reason why school choice and major educational reforms are so important.
Day Of Remembrance
Last night, Israelis began to observe Yom HaShoah, a national day of remembrance for the heroes and martyrs of the Holocaust.
While we remember the first Holocaust, we must never forget that the Islamic Republic of Iran and its allies in Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad are insisting on another one.
Speaking in Jerusalem last night, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that the Jewish state will always defend itself, even if it must stand alone. Here is a brief excerpt of his remarks:
“Eighty years ago, in the Holocaust, the Jewish people were totally defenseless against those who sought our destruction. No nation came to our aid.
“Today, we again confront enemies bent on our destruction. I say to the leaders of the world, no amount of pressure, no decision by any international forum, will stop Israel from defending itself.
“As the Prime Minister of Israel – the one and only Jewish state – I pledge here today from Jerusalem on this Holocaust Remembrance Day: If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone. . . And I say to you, we will defeat our genocidal enemies. Never again is now!”
There’s another somber remembrance event held every year at Auschwitz, the largest of the Nazi death camps, called “The March of the Living.” Sadly, this year’s march was marred by a disgusting display of bigotry as pro-Hamas anti-Semites waved Palestinian flags and harassed the marchers.