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Monday, May 24, 2021 -- Jew-Hatred On The Rise, Stop Importing Hate, Our Open Borders

Jew-Hatred On The Rise
We now know the full extent of the anti-Semitic savagery that has swept the United States.  From coast to coast, synagogues have been vandalized.  American Jews have been chased down by cars, attacked by mobs and verbally harassed in the worst outbreak of anti-Semitism this country has seen in decades. 
In virtually every case, the attacks took place in large cities.  They were committed by Middle Eastern men waving Palestinian flags.  Left-wing extremists frequently joined in the attacks. 
These are Democrat-controlled cities from top to bottom.  Any president would have an obligation to condemn anti-Semitism, but Democrat Joe Biden, who is always eager to wag his finger at alleged bigotry and police misconduct, has a particular obligation to do so. 
This morning, Biden finally did denounce anti-Semitism – in a tweet.  That's too little too late.  Where's the forceful, passionate statement from the White House podium that should air on the evening news to seen by millions of Americans?
The sad reality is that there is a growing hate-Israel movement on the left.  

  • You can see it in the halls of Congress when so-called "progressive" politicians like, Bernie Sanders, AOC, Omar and Tlaib spread lies about Israel.  
  • The Black Lives Matter organization has cast its lot with anti-Semitic Palestinian extremists too.  
  • Remember the left-wing Women's March group that protested against Donald Trump after his inauguration?  It banned pro-Israel Jewish women from its leadership.  Later key co-founders were fired for their raw anti-Semitism

Biden and leading Democrats must find their voice. This hatred will consume the party of FDR, Harry Truman and JFK unless brave Democrats condemn it and expel the haters from their ranks.
I have a friend who has lived in Paris for a while, and often commented on what life must have been like before and during World War II.  He recently noticed people marching through his neighborhood chanting, "Death to the Jews!"  He saw an Israeli flag with the Star of David replaced with a swastika. 
Instead of wondering whether he would have hidden Jews in his attic in the 1930s or 1940s, he's wondering what he will do now.  All of us must ask ourselves that same question now.
Stop Importing Hate
Every day the left and its media allies are telling us that America is systemically racist, that whites are especially racist, that blacks like Justice Clarence Thomas, Sen. Tim Scott and Dr. Alveda King aren't really black because they refuse to engage in the left's smear of America. 
With all this emphasis on hatred and violence, why is it so difficult for the American left to find its voice and call out anti-Semitism?  Perhaps it is because the victims and perpetrators don't fit a convenient leftist narrative.
The attacks aren't happening in "Trump country," but in urban, liberal America.  And the perpetrators are Muslim Palestinians, part of the left's coalition. 
All of this raises serious questions about our globalist-driven immigration policy, which is bringing into the country millions of people from the most anti-Semitic nations
When President Trump called for a moratorium on immigration from countries linked to terrorism, the left attacked him as a bigot.  While I was pleased to support the president's position, I thought he should have gone further. 
We should be calling for an immigration moratorium not only on nations infected with terrorism, but also nations with statistically provable high-levels of hatred for Christians and Jews.  Instead, the flood gates are wide open, and we are bringing every ancient hatred right here into the United States. 
Ayaan Hirsi Ali has written extensively on the need for Western nations to control immigration and seriously vet the commitment of immigrants to the values of free speech, religious liberty, respect for women and the rule of law.  Allowing millions of people to come here who hate our values, and Jews and Christians in particular, is suicidal. 
The failure to address this shows how the whole "hate crimes/white supremacy" narrative is a just a political farce intended to silence conservatives without any real commitment to stopping hate in America because we continue importing more of it.
Our Open Borders
A Fox News video taken this weekend shows exactly what's happening at our southern border.  A group of 40 illegal aliens were chased by two Border Patrol agents – one on foot and one in his vehicle.  Not surprisingly, most of the migrant men escaped. 
America is the greatest nation on earth.  We are the most powerful nation on earth.  We sacrifice our blood and treasure to secure the borders of countries in far off places.  We encircled the Capitol building with National Guard troops for months to ensure the security of our elected officials. 
But we leave our border wide open, with just a few Border Patrol agents trying to figure out which of the dozens of illegal aliens they should pursue.  This is beyond stupid. 
Are we to assume that our enemies are also this stupid? 
You name the enemy – North Korea, radical Islamists, the drug cartels, Chinese communists, Vladimir Putin.  Pick one.  Are they really too stupid to see that video and not realize the obvious – that the easiest way to infiltrate the country is across the southern border? 
The Iranian government has bragged it has terrorist sleeper cells in the U.S.  How is that possible?  Well, with liberal immigration laws and an open border, it would be impossible for that not to be true!
As I have noted many times before, border security is national security, and people are dying because of our open borders. 
Gov. Greg Abbott said yesterday that Texas border officials have seen an 800% increase in the amount of fentanyl seized at the border this year, "enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman and child in the entire state of New York."
Biden Bails On Notre Dame
There's a tradition of sorts for a new president to deliver the commencement address at Notre Dame – Jimmy Carter in 1977, Ronald Reagan in 1981, George W. Bush in 2001, Barack Obama in 2009 and Mike Pence on behalf of President Trump in 2017.  This year, Notre Dame extended an invitation to President Biden, but he declined due to a scheduling conflict.
The backstory is much more complicated.  Biden's invitation was tremendously controversial due to his aggressive support for abortion and other policies that are hostile to religious liberty.  There is a debate raging now among the nation's Catholic bishops as to whether pro-abortion politicians should be allowed to take communion.
Of all the outrages our eyes are forced to see and all the false claims our ears are forced to hear, at least we won't be forced to endure Joe Biden standing at the podium of America's leading Catholic university, with the blood of unborn children dripping from his hands, as he talks about bringing us all together.