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Monday, May 17, 2021 -- Anti-Semitism Abounds, ICE Abolished, CRT Strikes Again

Anti-Semitism Abounds
As more than 3,000 rockets have rained down on Israeli civilians, Israel has hit Hamas hard.  A senior Hamas military commander was killed today.  Over the weekend, Israel destroyed Hamas's intelligence headquarters, which was housed in a high-rise building shared by several media outlets, including the Associated Press and Al Jazeera.
You'd think the media would be condemning Hamas for essentially using journalists as human shields.  But, no.  Instead, most media reports are blasting Israel for "escalating the violence," "threatening civilians," "using disproportionate force," and any other excuse you can think of.
Predictably, there were numerous riots by Palestinians and their supporters this weekend.  Not in the so-called "Arab Street" in the Middle East, but in many western nations, including the United States.  In contrast, many Arab capitals were quiet.  They have figured out that they don't want Hamas and Iran to be their future. 
But there were riots and protests in London, Paris, Berlin, and in several major cities across the United States.  These protests are driven by radical Islamists and radical leftists, and they reek of anti-Semitism
And as the Biden Administration is pushing its open borders policies and dramatically increasing the number of refugees it is bringing into the country, it is worth asking how these new arrivals are being vetted, and whether they are even being vetted at all.
Donald Trump suspended immigration from nations that were known hot beds of terrorism and anti-Semitism.  He was blasted as a bigot for doing so. 
But why should we be importing more anti-Semitism into America?  No one has been able to explain that to me, and it's a legitimate question that our policymakers should be required to answer.
Meanwhile, there are ways you can take a stand for Israel.  

ICE Abolished
Did you miss the story about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) being abolished?  Well, you're forgiven for not catching it.  Joe Biden and his open borders gang are smart enough to avoid saying it out loud, as the socialist Squad does
But that is the definition of "moderate" now in the Democrat Party.  They effectively abolished ICE, but they'll never tell you they did it. 
Last month, deportations hit a record low, even as illegal border crossings are surging to record highs.  Under new Biden Administration regulations, ICE has effectively been handcuffed. 
The overwhelming majority of deportations carried out by ICE are for convicted criminals.  But the Biden Administration has dramatically limited the authority of ICE agents.  According to one analysis, Biden's rules would prohibit nearly 90% of deportations that were allowed when Donald Trump was in office. 
And not only are deportations way down, but the number of illegal aliens currently in ICE custody is also at a record low.  That means a lot of criminal aliens are loose on our streets.
So, ICE has effectively been abolished.
Needless to say, most Americans are not happy with Biden's handling of the border. They blame him for the current crisis, and prefer Trump's border security policies over Biden's open borders agenda.
CRT Strikes Again
The struggle for racial reconciliation in America will go on for a long time.  It is imperative that justice prevails.  But it is important that you understand what is going on and how this battle is being waged. 
The left has twisted the central message of Martin Luther King, Jr.  He believed that all races are equal because they are made in the image of God, and that it is unacceptable to judge people based on the color of their skin.  Instead, we should be judged by the content of our character.
In the name of fighting racism, the left is demanding the right to teach our children that all whites are oppressors.  They claim white people were historically oppressors, that they are oppressors now and that they are genetically born to be oppressors because of the color of their skin. 
These left-wing bigots are teaching white children that they are bigots and must be reeducated.  That's critical race theory, and it must be defeated if we want to achieve racial reconciliation in America.
When Governor Kevin Stitt signed legislation banning critical race theory in Oklahoma's schools, he was kicked off a commission planning events to memorialize the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre.
When a commanding officer of the Space Force had the audacity to warn that critical race theory and Marxism were being pushed in the military, he was fired over the weekend.
This is not a battle for "sunshine patriots."  You must be all in.  Or you must be prepared to lose all of the country.
When Harry Went Bonkers
One thing that drives me crazy is when someone voluntarily comes to the United States and quickly becomes a critic of our country, bashing our ideals, institutions and deeply held values. 
Ilhan Omar comes to mind.  As a young child, her family fled war-torn Somalia, and she lived in a refugee camp for several years.  When Omar was a teenager, her family came to the United States, and she was eventually elected to Congress.
Now Omar has a tremendous platform to share her remarkable story.  And it is a remarkable story – from a refugee camp to Congress.  Only in America. 
But Omar frequently uses her notoriety to bash Israel or the United States, the two pillars of Judeo-Christian civilization.  Maybe she just doesn't know any better.
It's harder to come up with an explanation for Prince Harry, who, after moving to the United States, just declared the First Amendment "bonkers." 
Harry left his homeland and could have gone anywhere.  But Harry chose the U.S., where he and his celebrity wife have made tremendous use of the First Amendment.  Yet now he is bashing one of our most cherished freedoms. 
Maybe it's just sour grapes.  After all, we used to be the 13 colonies of Great Britain.  But King George III looked down his nose at us, and didn't want us to have any freedoms.  So, the colonists rebelled. 
After Lexington and Concord Bridge, Bunker Hill, Trenton and Yorktown, we became a new breed of people – Americans.  And our ideals have spread all over the world. 
Here's my advice:  Whether you're Ilhan Omar from Somalia or Prince Harry from England, if you can't love America, then please go somewhere else.  The world is your oyster.  Pick a country, and quit trying to drag ours down!
But as Professor Jonathan Turley warns, we should take Harry's comments seriously.  This isn't just some ignorant Brit bashing what he doesn't understand. 
Whether it's Big Tech corporate giants censoring speech online, members of Congress calling for "Truth Commissions" or radical activists attempting to punish men and women of faith, there are plenty of progressives in this country who aren't particularly fond of the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech and religious freedom.
Abbott vs. Biden
Two months after Joe Biden accused Governor Greg Abbott of "Neanderthal thinking" for lifting his state's mask mandate, Texas (with a population of 29 million people) reported zero COVID deaths yesterday.