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Monday, May 16, 2022 -- Evil In Buffalo, Thomas's Warning, WHO Wants More Control

Evil In Buffalo


The terrible mass shooting at a Buffalo grocery store over the weekend is a tragedy.  We must pray for the victims' families and for the city of Buffalo. 


The shooter left a rambling manifesto calling himself a "white supremacist" and expressing hatred for Jews.  He was previously questioned by authorities and examined for mental illness after making statements about wanting to murder someone and kill himself.


Almost immediately the left started to exploit this horrible event to demonize mainstream conservatives.  Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Republican members of Congress were all smeared. 


Anyone who has opposed the mass illegal migration of two million people into the United States in the past year is being blamed for the shooter's racist rantings.  Predictably, Liz Cheney joined the left's attack against conservatives.


The leftists engaged in this demagoguery are political vampires.  They feed off the blood of dead Americans to advance their radical, socialist agenda.


Populist conservatism rejects racism of any kind.  That is why studies are showing that working class blacks and Hispanics are abandoning the political left and identifying with the GOP.  (Here, here, here and here.)  Americans of all races want our borders secured.  They want safe streets.  And they reject anti-Semitism.


This shooter was 18 years-old and white.  The shooters in America's big cities every weekend are often teenagers and minorities.  Our youth are in trouble. 


Raised to believe there is no God, and taught that their own country is evil, many of our children are filled with despair and sinking into nihilism.  God help us if we can't unite to address the core problems that are destroying our children.  And, yes, abortion (and the "culture of death" that is so prevalent on the left) is a big part of the problem.




Thomas's Warning


You may have missed Justice Clarence Thomas's extraordinary warning last week that the Supreme Court is under attack and may never recover.  Thomas said that the unprecedented leak of a draft opinion was "tremendously bad," adding, "I wonder how long we're going to have these institutions [like the Supreme Court] at the rate we're undermining them."


He went on to say that the trust between the justices has been shattered.  "Now that trust is gone forever," adding that the court is fundamentally changed with every justice "looking over their shoulder." 


Thomas also mocked the left's clear campaign of intimidation against the conservative justices, calling it a "temper tantrum." 


Speaker Nancy Pelosi, however, couldn't care less about the damage to the high court.  During an interview on CNN yesterday, Pelosi blasted Justice Thomas and the court's other conservatives as "dangerous to freedom."  That's rich!


For decades, the left had a majority on the Supreme Court, and liberal justices repeatedly attacked the freedoms expressly stated in the Constitution. 


Religious liberty has been under constant attack by the left.  The freedom of speech is regularly attacked by the left.  The right to have a firearm to protect your family is always hanging by a thread because of attacks from the left.


Liberal justices have mocked the idea that they should be limited or restrained by the words of the Constitution.  Worse, they have cited international law and the constitutions of other countries for guidance.  Apparently, the words of Madison, Adams, Hamilton, Jefferson and other Founding Fathers aren't good enough for liberal justices.


All of this, of course, points to the important elections coming up in a few months.  There's only one thing standing in the way of a Democrat-controlled Senate expanding the number of justices on the Supreme Court and then ramming through more left-wing activists like Ketanji Brown Jackson to finish the socialist takeover of America. 


On a good day, Democrats only have 50 senators on their side.  But on this issue, Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have been reluctant to repeal the extended debate provision in the Senate, known as the filibuster.  But two more Democrat votes could give Schumer the majority he needs to eliminate the filibuster.


I have no doubt that if Joe Biden were on the ballot this November, he'd lose in a historic landslide.  But there are eight to ten Senate races that are tossup contests.  We could gain three or four Senate seats or we could lose three or four Senate seats.  That's how precarious the position of the country we love is today.


Please stand with CWF now.  Help us fight the radical left. 


Help us elect more America First conservatives to Congress!




Attacking Women In Need


Last week, amid the renewed national debate over abortion, the New York Times published an opinion piece that demonized crisis pregnancy centers.  The Times ran this biased column even as pro-life ministries were attacked by radical pro-abortion extremists. 


But in attacking crisis pregnancy centers, the Times also attacked the women in need that these centers serve.  They attacked them for boldly embracing the choice of life.


This New York Times column comes on the heels of a National Public Radio report that attempted to connect the pro-life movement to "white supremacy" and "male supremacy."  Ironically, the pro-life movement and crisis pregnancy centers are helping women, many of them are minority women, who are abandoned by selfish men! 


One of the great honors of my life has been the opportunity to speak at crisis pregnancy centers all over the country.  I have met the selfless volunteers who staff these centers and come alongside the women who have been abandoned by the men in their lives and occasionally even their families.  When those women choose life, these centers provide food, clothing and toys for their children. 


Sadly, I have met many women who have told me that one of their biggest regrets was the abortion they had. 


But I have never had anybody come up to me and say, "Mr. Bauer, my biggest regret is that I never aborted my daughter or son."  I have never met a grandparent who said, "I wish my daughter had gotten rid of that baby before it was born." 


Crisis pregnancy centers are life-affirming. They save countless babies.  Please find out where the CPC is in your community, and make the most generous donation you can to their work.  They need our support now more than ever!




WHO Wants More Control


We've heard from many readers in recent days asking about the new global pandemic treaty under consideration by the World Health Organization.  We are fully aware of the issue, and it is a serious concern.


The World Health Organization has done nothing to commend itself throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was totally controlled and manipulated by communist China.  It has no business dictating policy to the United States or to any other free nation.


Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is sounding the alarm on this radical proposal, warning that it creates "a platform for global governance."  Bachmann noted that many governments, including the Biden Administration, are supporting this "insane push to give sovereignty over to the untrustworthy WHO."


No agreement made by the Biden White House with an international body can be considered binding on the United States.  If it is a treaty, it must be submitted to the United States Senate for ratification, and that requires a supermajority of 67 votes. 


We will continue to stay on top of this issue, and work with other organizations who are deeply concerned about preserving our freedom.


The best thing the world can do to prevent future pandemics is to shut down the dangerous and immoral research going on in government-funded labs like the one in Wuhan, China, and probably in a number of other countries.


In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to contact your members of Congress.  Tell them to oppose any global pandemic treaty with the corrupt World Health Organization.