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Monday, May 11, 2020 -- Exposing Communist China, The Shutdown Is Deadly, The Left vs. Israel

Exposing Communist China
German intelligence reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping personally intervened with Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director of the World Health Organization, to delay the release of critical information related to the Covid-19 outbreak in China. 

Specifically, Xi demanded that the WHO not release information about human-to-human transmission and that the WHO delay the declaration of a global pandemic.
The German media outlet Der Spiegel writes that the intelligence "verdict is harsh: At least four, if not six, weeks have been lost" as a result of Beijing's delaying tactics. 
Communist China's cover-up was deadly.  British researchers determined that earlier action by China could have contained the spread of the virus by up to 95%.
Meanwhile, it was reported over the weekend that hackers from China and Iran are attempting to steal "valuable intellectual property and public health data through illicit means related to vaccines, treatments and testing." 
At the same time, the Chinese communists are engaged in a global propaganda campaign to convince the world that the virus originated with the U.S. military. 
So on every front, China is being exposed for what it is, what it did and what it did not do but should have.  Some sleepwalking European countries have apparently been awakened. 

But here in the United States, there are many places where China doesn't have to apply any pressure because the left carries communist China's water. 
Our left-wing media have little interest in exposing China's role in this pandemic.  They dismiss stories regarding the German intelligence report. 

Yet this same media obsessed over a call between our president and the president of Ukraine.  They think Attorney General Barr is a threat to justice and the rule of law, while Beijing's communist bosses get a free pass. 
America's colleges and universities, another institution controlled by the left, have allowed Confucius Institutes to thrive on their campuses after bribes from Beijing.  These institutes are centers of espionage and Chinese communist propaganda.
And apparently there are no Democrats on Capitol Hill who have any interest in joining a bipartisan effort to counter the Chinese communist threat to our country. 
Exposing communist China and the danger it poses to America's economic and national security must be a major theme of the 2020 campaign at every level, from the White House to the state House. 
Conservative candidates across the board must call out communist China for its human rights abuses, its responsibility for the Covid pandemic, its theft of American jobs, its spying on our college campuses and much more.
Speaking of the campaign, have you seen this clip of Joe Biden from his first run for president?  Thirty years ago he couldn't remember how many college degrees he earned.  How can we trust him to take on communist China today?
The Shutdown Is Deadly
Here's some good news about coronavirus in the United States: 


  • New York is reporting it lowest number of deaths and hospitalizations since March. 
  • Georgia, which was roundly condemned for opening early, is showing continued signs of progress.
  • Even in Michigan, the daily death toll is declining. 

Yet with all this good news, progressive politicians continue to cite figures in big cities as an excuse to continue crushing economic restrictions on suburban and rural communities. 
I have no doubt about what is going on here.  Progressives are doing everything they can to prevent a significant economic recovery before November. 
In California, a state with 40 million people, there have been approximately 2,700 Covid-related deaths.  More than that die each year from traffic deaths in the Golden State.
Yet Democrats in California would rather crush their own businesses, their own workers, their own taxpayers than get their economy moving again.  Of course, they believe that Nancy Pelosi will bail them out by getting the rest of America to pay for their idiotic policies.
When electric car manufacturer Elon Musk asked Alameda County to allow his factory to reopen so he could get his 20,000 Tesla employees back to work, the county refused.  One progressive California politician responded with the really articulate argument, "F--k Elon Musk." 
Even global warming gets thrown under the bus in order to take down Donald Trump and Mike Pence.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warned this weekend that we must reopen the economy now, saying, "I think there's a considerable risk of not reopening. You're talking about what would be permanent economic damage to the American public."
Mnuchin is right about the economic toll that is being inflicted on workers and families.  But while we are told every day about the death toll associated with the virus, there is also a growing death toll that is directly related to left-wing shutdown policies. 
New research warns of as many as 75,000 "deaths of despair" caused by "rampant unemployment and isolation."  And the United Nations is warning that a global recession could "plunge as many as 420 million people into extreme poverty," which will have all kinds of negative repercussions.
The Left vs. Israel
There are many values at stake this November, which could change dramatically depending on the result of the election.  While we usually think of domestic issues like abortion, immigration and tax policy, there are serious foreign policy issues on the line as well. 
For example, will America remain Israel's strongest ally?  Sadly, we got a disturbing indication recently of just how eager some elements of the Democrat Party are to abandon the Jewish state. 
Senators Tim Kaine (D-VA), Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) were pushing a letter warning Israeli leaders that efforts to annex parts of Judea and Samaria would undermine Israel's bi-partisan support in Congress and "threaten" Israel's security. 
Not surprisingly, the radical anti-Israel group J Street supported this letter, and at least 10 Democrat senators had agreed to sign it.
These senators and leftist American groups are clueless about public sentiment in Israel.  Israel's leaders agree that parts of Judea and Samaria must remain under Israeli sovereignty.  After a serious backlash, Sens. Kaine, Murphy and Van Hollen have reportedly revised their letter. 
But don't forget that Joe Biden ordered his foreign policy team to sit down with Bernie Sanders's radical advisers.  The Obama/Biden Middle East policy was a disaster that led to the rise of ISIS, the appeasement of Iran and the isolation of Israel.  Returning to such a terrible policy is not in Israel's interest or America's interest.