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Monday, March 25, 2024 -- Ronna's Bad Reception, A Bad Spending Bill, A Missed Opportunity

Ronna, We Hardly Knew You


Former RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel was “shown the door” at the Republican National Committee and promptly landed on her feet – at NBC/MSNBC. What should we conclude from her signing up with the most anti-conservative, anti-Trump network? 


That’s easy. Her heart was never really with us.


In her first interview yesterday on “Meet The Press,” McDaniel rejected the idea that Biden’s election was the result of fraud. RNC members who repeatedly voted for her in spite of conservative opposition owe us all an apology.


If McDaniel thought her new colleagues at NBC would warmly embrace her, she’s wrong again. All day Sunday and today, her co-workers have savaged her for being part of a “plot to subvert our democracy.” 


If she wants to find any “grace” and “forgiveness” from the leftists at NBC, she better call Liz Cheney for advice on how to be a complete sell-out.




A Bad Spending Bill


Senators were burning the midnight oil Friday night and into Saturday morning to pass a massive $1.2 trillion spending bill or face another government shutdown. Predictably, the Swamp prevailed. Only 24 senators voted against the 1,000+ page bill.


I won’t say there was a “silver lining” to this monstrosity, but there were some small conservative victories. For example, Republicans succeeded in blocking funding for one year to the corrupt U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which was implicated in the October 7th massacre.


The bill also reportedly restricts the display of so-called “pride flags” at U.S. embassies overseas. But Biden is already saying they will find a way to work around it.


I can safely guarantee that there won’t be any consequences for embassy employees who ignore the law because that’s what the left does. Whether it’s immigration laws or student loans, leftists just ignore laws they don’t like, while conservatives respect the law and follow it.




A Missed Opportunity


While establishment politicians are patting themselves on the back for avoiding another government shutdown, I believe Republicans missed a big opportunity.


Some say a government shutdown would have hurt the GOP. Others say this was the best opportunity to score a major win while we had some leverage. I understand both sides. But here’s a perfect example of why a shutdown would have been worth it. 


Laken Riley, who was brutally murdered by an illegal alien, is on her way to being forgotten. Republicans had a chance to insist on including the Laken Riley Act in the spending bill, but they settled for a vote they knew they would lose.


Here’s what Senate Republicans should have done:  Take everything else off the table. Say to Chuck Schumer, “We won’t pass this bill without the Laken Riley Act, so no family in America needlessly loses another child.” That would have put Joe Biden’s open borders front and center.


Yes, the media coverage would have been the usual hair-on-fire hysteria, but Democrats would have been the ones shutting down the government because they didn’t want to require that criminal aliens be detained and kicked out.


That could have dominated the news for weeks. It was a perfect opportunity to honor Laken Riley, and make a bold stand for law and order, and secure borders.


But it would have required Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to cooperate with Speaker Mike Johnson, and, at the end of the day, the only thing McConnell cares about is keeping the Swamp creatures happy.


By the way, the Laken Riley Act wasn’t the only immigration issue that was defeated. Every Senate Democrat voted to kill an amendment that would have stopped Joe Biden from flying illegal aliens into the country.




Biden Gets Blackmailed


We just got more evidence of how weak and disrespected Joe Biden is. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador went on “60 Minutes” this weekend and essentially blackmailed Biden.


As CBS News put it, “[Obrador’s] message was clear on immigration: the flow of migrants will continue if the U.S. doesn’t address the root causes.” His demands for addressing the root causes are $20 billion a year to Latin American countries, an end to sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela, and amnesty for millions of illegal aliens in America.


Clearly, the president of Mexico smells weakness in the White House if he has the audacity to go on American TV and tell us that millions of illegal aliens will continue pouring across our border until Biden makes nice with the Marxist regimes in Cuba and Venezuela.


This simply would not happen if Donald Trump was in the Oval Office.




Biden Breaks From Israel


We told you last week that the Biden White House sponsored an anti-Israel resolution at the U.N. Security Council, but it was vetoed by Russia and communist China because it wasn’t anti-Israel enough for them. That was bad enough. But it just got even worse.


In another pathetic attempt to pacify the Democrat Party’s Hamas wing, the Biden administration allowed an anti-Israel resolution to pass the U.N. Security Council by abstaining from the vote rather than vetoing the resolution.


As a result, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a planned visit by an Israeli delegation to Washington, D.C. Here is an excerpt from a statement released this morning from Netanyahu’s office:


“This retreat hurts the war effort as well as the effort to free the hostages because it gives Hamas hope that international pressure will allow them to get a ceasefire without freeing our hostages. In light of the change in the American stance, Prime Minister Netanyahu decided the delegation will not depart.”


The Biden White House, which is full of anti-Israel radicals, has completely broken our relationship with our most reliable ally, Israel, at the very moment when Israel most needs our support.


This makes no sense on any geopolitical consideration. Theologically, we are “cursing” God’s covenant people.


That’s a far cry from four years ago, when Israel enjoyed the full support of the United States and was signing peace treaties with its Arab neighbors.




Trump Wins


Former President Donald Trump won a significant legal victory today. A New York appeals court drastically reduced the bond amount he must pay from $465 million to $175 million and paused any action by Attorney General Letitia James to foreclose on Trump’s properties.


Today’s decision by the appellate court is a major rebuke of Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron. Trump said he was pleased with the ruling and would act quickly to pay the $175 million.


Speaking of Letitia James, not only did she make prosecuting Trump the center of her 2018 campaign, she has also repeatedly called Donald Trump an “illegitimate president.”


Conservatives are told to accept the 2020 results without question. But New York’s attorney general doesn’t believe the 2016 election was legitimate. She is an unhinged election denier who still believes the totally debunked conspiracy theory that Trump was elected with help from Russia.


Outrageous comments like that and others demonstrate obvious political bias and a serious lack of professionalism. This case never should have been filed.




Call Rep. Mike Gallagher


We reported Friday that some House Republicans, after announcing their plans to retire at the end of their terms, are suddenly deciding to leave Congress early. I believe these “surprises” look like a deliberate attempt to hand control of the House over to the Democrats before the end of the year.


The latest example of this treachery is Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI). He announced last week that he will vacate his seat on April 19th.


Under Wisconsin law, any vacancies after April 9th can’t be filled until the November general election. If he vacates now, then there would be an earlier special election to fill the remainder of his term in this safely red district.


Translation: Gallagher picked a date that will empower the radical Democrats by leaving his seat vacant for five months with the GOP majority hanging by a thread.


ACTION ITEM: Call Rep. Gallagher’s office today at (202) 225-5665. Urge him to resign now so the people of Wisconsin’s 8th District can have a voice in Congress.