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Monday, March 18, 2024 -- Media Malfeasance, Netanyahu Responds, Joe Biden's America

Media Malfeasance


The leftist media, which is constantly lecturing the country about “disinformation,” engaged in an orgy of disinformation this weekend. They took a statement Donald Trump made about the dangers the American auto industry faces from communist China, and attempted to turn it into a threat of widespread violence.


Here’s the exact quote that Trump said:


“If you’re listening, President Xi, . . . -- he understands the way I deal -- those big monster car manufacturing plants that you’re building in Mexico right now . . . you’re going to not hire Americans and you’re going to sell the cars to us, no.


“We’re going to put a 100 percent tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you’re not going to be able to sell those cars if I get elected.


“Now if I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole -- that’s gonna be the least of it. . . It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country. That will be the least of it. But they’re not going to sell those cars. They’re building massive factories.”


The context is obvious. Trump was speaking specifically about the auto industry during a rally in Ohio, one of the top three states when it comes to auto manufacturing jobs. He was warning that unless he is elected and there are serious policy changes, there will be a “bloodbath” in the car industry and many lost American jobs.


CNN, MSNBC, and other media outlets ran wild headlines like this: “Trump Suggests ‘It’s Going To Be A Bloodbath’ If He Loses The Election.” Biden campaign officials also promoted the hoax that Trump was “threatening political violence.”

This is not just bad journalism. It was an intentional effort to deceive half the country into thinking that Donald Trump is planning a revolution if he doesn’t win the election. It’s not just disgusting, it is dangerous.


Here’s a montage of Democrat leaders, consultants, and pundits literally using the same word over and over. But it’s okay when they do it.


Moreover, there has been a plethora of violent rhetoric from the left against Trump and saying things that are intended to result in violence against him and his supporters. (Here and here.)


By the way, the dishonest people twisting Trump’s words are the danger to America, and they are also cowards. MSNBC morning host Joe Scarborough was among the many leftists who falsely claimed that Trump was threatening violence.  But Scarborough quickly retreated and deleted his post after Elon Musk called him out for being “extremely misleading.”




Leftist Narrative Falling Apart


The leftist narrative pushed by the Stalinist January 6th Committee that Donald Trump plotted an insurrection is falling apart. Of course, all the left-wing media outlets are ignoring the mounting evidence.


It is worth repeating that no one, including Donald Trump, has been charged with the crime of engaging in an insurrection. That’s because there was no insurrection.


There are multiple people (here, here, here, and here) who have testified that they were in the room when Donald Trump requested the deployment of the National Guard in advance to stop any potential violence. There was concern that the leftists we saw throughout the summer of 2020 would attack his supporters, who were coming to Washington, D.C., to peacefully support him.


Now, do you call out the National Guard when you’re planning a takeover of the government? Of course, not.


Remember the absurd claim promoted by Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and the January 6th Committee that Trump lunged at his driver and attempted to take control of the vehicle when the Secret Service refused to take the president to Capitol Hill so he could “lead the insurrection”?


Well, the driver of the vehicle testified before the January 6th Committee and told them that the story was totally false. But Cheney, Kinzinger, and their Democrat allies spiked that information so it would not get out.


Republicans conducting an oversight investigation of the January 6th Committee also revealed that the committee attempted to destroy evidence.


I believe there is a strong case that members of the January 6th Committee need to be prosecuted.




Netanyahu Responds


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded yesterday to recent criticism from the Biden administration about Israel’s conduct of the war against Hamas, as well as Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer’s outrageous attack against our ally.


Speaking before a cabinet meeting yesterday, Netanyahu declared:


“In the international community, there are those [Biden, Harris, Schumer] who are trying to stop the war now. . . They are doing so by means of an effort to bring about elections now, at the height of the war. . . because they know that elections now will halt the war and paralyze the country for at least six months.


“Then let it be clear: If we stop the war now . . . this means that Israel will have lost the war, and this we will not allow. Therefore, we cannot, and will not, succumb to this pressure. . .


“To our friends in the international community, I say: Are your memories that short? Have you so quickly forgotten October 7, the most horrific massacre of Jews since the Holocaust? Are you so quick to deny Israel the right to defend itself against the Hamas monsters? . . .


“Instead of pressuring Israel . . . apply your pressure to Hamas and its patron – Iran. It is they who constitute a danger to the region and to the entire world.”


Appearing on Fox News yesterday, Netanyahu directly addressed Sen. Schumer’s speech, saying:


“I think Schumer’s statements are wholly inappropriate. I think we’re not a banana republic. The people of Israel will choose when they’ll have elections, who they elect, and it’s not something that will be foisted upon us. . .


“I don’t know why Sen. Schumer made those statements. I think the only thing that we should be focused on is changing the regime in Gaza, bringing down the terrorist regime of Hamas. . . That’s the right policy.”


Former Connecticut Senator Joseph Liberman, who was the first Jewish American to run on a presidential ticket, also said yesterday that Schumer’s attack on Israel was a “mistake” and “outrageous.”


It is important for everyone to take a deep breath and understand exactly what this is all about. It does not serve the purposes of the Biden administration for Israel to decisively and completely defeat Hamas.


What you are witnessing is something that started under Obama and is being continued under Biden. They want American foreign policy in the Middle East to be reoriented toward Iran.


They see Iran as the future of the Middle East. They see Israel as an impediment to Iran’s rise. And they also want a Palestinian state carved out of Israel because they want an end to the independent Israeli nation.


How else can you explain Biden waiving sanctions on Iran yet again, even as the ayatollah funds Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis in Yemen, and other radical Islamic militias that are attacking our troops and our allies?




Joe Biden’s America


Illegal aliens crossing the border into Arizona were seen taking selfies to send back home, showing how easy it is to get in. There’s an image for America to ponder.


Here’s something else. A top Air Force general testified last week that every month more than 1,000 drones are flown across the southern border, not by our military or the Border Patrol, but by drug cartels, human traffickers, and presumably by enemies of the United States who are using the chaos at the border as cover.


Have you heard about “burglary tourists”? Thugs from Chile, Ecuador, Columbia, and Peru are getting 90-day visas to visit the United States. But they’re not coming here to visit Disney World or see a show on Broadway.


These “tourists” are going into upscale neighborhoods in major American cities and robbing homes of cash, jewelry, and anything else of value they can easily grab. Then they fly back to their home countries.


Police in Los Angeles are forming a special strike force to deal with this latest example of America laid low by the Biden administration, which is making it easy for criminals and our enemies to invade our country.