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Monday, June 3, 2024 -- Trump Responds, What A Weekend, An Unfortunate Record

Trump Responds


Former President Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Fox News and reacted to his Manhattan trial. When asked about his faith and how he is holding up against so much adversity, Trump expressed how grateful he was that so many Americans are praying for him, and he spoke about the importance of religion in society. Here’s an excerpt of his remarks:


“It’s such a beautiful thing, you know. . .  When you look at all of this bad stuff going on, they have nothing to look up to. They have no God; they have no anything. They kill people, they beat people, they push people into subways. . .


“Religion is such a great thing. . . You want to be good. . . It’s so important. . . You want to go to heaven. If you don’t have heaven, you almost say, ‘Oh, what’s the reason? ‘Why do I have to be good? . . . What difference does it make?'”




Franklin Graham Responds


Reverend Franklin Graham responded to the Manhattan trial verdict. He posted this message on social media:


“Our country is at a crossroads. What we saw today has never happened before, and I think for the majority of Americans, it raises questions about whether our legal system can be trusted. Pray for our nation, for God’s guiding hand that this republic will be one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.”


Graham also wrote a personal letter to President Trump, expressing his support and offering his prayers and encouragement. In his opening paragraph, Graham thanked Donald Trump for his courage and “for not giving up and throwing in the towel.”


You can read Franklin Graham’s letter here.




What A Weekend


It’s been an extraordinary weekend! The persecution of Donald Trump, and, by extension, the rest of us, continues unabated. I would not bet against the corrupt judge literally putting Trump in jail or under house arrest.


But the backlash is significant, and it is impossible to guess how all this will play out.


Twenty-four hours after the verdict was announced, the Trump campaign reported raising more than $52 million. Forty-eight hours later, the campaign had raised $70 million from small donors, and much more was pledged from wealthy individuals.


The left has taken a leader who represents half the country and is literally attempting to destroy him in front of our eyes. And there were no riots. No businesses were burned and looted. No police stations or federal courthouses were set on fire.


Yet after George Floyd tragically died in a confrontation with Minneapolis police, America’s cities burned for months. The neo-Marxist left is trying to take away our right to vote for the candidate we want, and we continue to fight back through the normal process.


I’m happy to report that ten conservative senators signed an open letter vowing to oppose all Biden judicial nominees, any increases in spending not related to national security, and any efforts to fast-track Biden’s agenda through the Senate.


The senators who signed the letter are: Blackburn (R-TN), Hawley (R-MO), Johnson (R-WI), Lee (R-UT), Marshall (R-KS), Rubio (R-FL), Schmitt (R-MO), Scott (R-FL), Tuberville (R-AL), and Vance (R-OH). I hope many others who didn’t sign get on board.


Why should we allow Biden to put one more judge on the federal courts if there is any possible way to stop it?




Biden Responds


President Joe Biden reacted to Trump’s denunciation of the trial as “corrupt” and “rigged” by saying it is “reckless and dangerous” to undermine confidence in our legal system. Biden went on to suggest that Trump was “tearing down” our justice system.


This is the same president who routinely says our criminal justice system is “systemically racist.”


This is the same president who smeared Border Patrol agents as racists.


This is the same president who brags about ignoring a Supreme Court ruling that unilaterally forgiving student loan debt is unconstitutional.


This is the same president who spent weeks demonizing the Supreme Court’s majority in the Dobbs decision, resulting in an assassin trying to kill some of the conservative justices.


This is the same president who smeared Special Counsel Robert Hur, accusing him of bringing up Beau Biden’s death during the president’s deposition when it was Joe Biden who brought up his son’s death.


This is the same president whose left-wing allies want to defund and even abolish the police.


And then there was that smile. After Biden made his ludicrous remarks about respecting the justice system, a reporter asked Biden to react to Trump saying he is “a political prisoner” of the left. Biden stopped, turned to the reporter, and smiled, as if he were gloating.


Time, age, and ideology have erased “Lunch Box Joe.” He is now exactly what you see, and it is beyond disturbing.




The Biden Amnesty Begins


The Biden administration has started “terminating” migrant asylum hearings as long as the illegal alien claiming asylum does not have a criminal record or any other known issues in their background.


To be clear, they are not even bothering to actually adjudicate the legitimacy of the asylum claim. Of course, we know that the vast majority of illegal aliens claiming asylum do not meet asylum standards. But they know what to say in order to get in.


This is another abuse of so-called “prosecutorial discretion,” just like Barack Obama’s DACA amnesty. In Biden’s case, his administration has so far terminated more than 350,000 asylum cases, effectively granting amnesty to every illegal alien whose case is “terminated.”




An Unfortunate Record


Philadelphia just set a new record over the weekend, and not for anything good. It turns out that the largest recorded drag queen story hour was just held in the City of Brotherly Love at an event hosted by the National Constitution Center, setting a new Guinness World Record.


A record for what exactly? Child abuse? Depravity? Insanity?


Unbelievably, one of the organizers of the event outrageously compared this new “history-making moment” to other historical moments related to America’s founding that took place in Philadelphia.


The “good news” is that only 263 people in a city of 1.6 million were actually there.




America Is Now Safe


The last pro-life demonstrator arrested for non-violent protest at a Washington, D.C., abortion clinic was sentenced Friday. Paulette Harlow, 75, was sentenced to 24 months in prison and 36 months of supervised release for violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. Apparently, she’s a risk to the Republic from the age of 75 to the age of 80.


Mrs. Harlow is the mother of six, including four adopted children, and she has eight grandchildren. She’s been under house arrest throughout the trial due to her poor health.


In the aftermath of Roe v. Wade being overturned, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that 70% of the abortion-related violence and threats of violence were aimed at pro-life organizations and individuals. And yet, pro-abortion thugs are a fraction of the Justice Department prosecutions.


The FACE Act is unconstitutional, and someone needs to file a case that gets to the Supreme Court. Maybe it will be a case related to one of these courageous senior citizens who stood up for the youngest and most vulnerable Americans.




Tune In To Family Talk


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