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Monday, June 28, 2021 - CEOs For Communism, One Sour Berry, Archives Attacks America

CEOs For Communism?
If 50 years from now the whole world is taking its marching orders from communist China, one reason will be that love for America withered among our elites. 
Last week, John Donahoe, the CEO of Nike, held a conference call to discuss his company's quarterly earnings.  When asked about conditions in communist China and growing tensions with the West, Donahoe made it clear where his loyalties lie.  He said:
"We've been in China for over 40 years, still invested significant time and energy in China in the early days, and today, we're the largest sport brand there, and we're a brand of China and for China."
Nike is "a brand of China and for China."  Let that sink in for a moment. (Ironically, Donahoe's wife, Eileen, once served as the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Commission!)
Donahoe personally makes millions of dollars a year.  His company is making billions of dollars.  Nike's profit margins are high because it is making shoes in communist China, likely with slave labor, while it sells those shoes at ridiculous prices to your children and grandchildren. 
Meanwhile, Nike is preening around like it's a woke corporation all in on social justice, even going so far as hiring Colin Kaepernick.  They are all in on condemning America as a country built on slavery, while profiting off of slave wages/slave labor in communist China. 
In a healthy country, that's the guy who would have demonstrators outside his house every night.  That's the guy who would be harassed at restaurants.
Why would Donahoe say something like that?  He made a very clear calculation:  He's betting that there will be no significant blowback in the U.S. (If you would like to share your thoughts with Nike, you can do so at this link.  Select the option, "Nike as a company.")
But Donahoe also knew that the communist Chinese were paying attention to that call, as Beijing's long arm of oppression now reaches all the way into the United States.  And he chose to appease communist China.  This supremely privileged CEO should be ashamed of himself. 
We also got another reminder of how this sickness of people profiting in America without appreciating America is spreading.
One Sour Berry
Another American Olympic athlete, Gwen Berry, who excels in the hammer throw, decided to hammer her country over the weekend.  When Berry was accepting her third-place medal in the U.S. Track and Field competition, she became furious when our national anthem was played. 
Berry threw a shirt over her head.  She turned away from the flag.  Sadly, she demonstrated that even though she is a good athlete, she is an ingrate who has no respect for America. 
Berry insisted that she had been set-up by the U.S. Olympic Track and Field organization, saying:
"I feel like it was a set-up, and they did it on purpose.  They said they were going to play it before we walked out, then they played it when we were out there. . .  But I don't really want to talk about the anthem because that's not important.  The anthem doesn't speak for me.  It never has."
U.S. Track and Field officials denied Berry's claim, and suggested it was just bad timing.  Bad timing to play the national anthem?  Shame on them!
It's disgusting and depressing that we have anti-American athletes like this.  But what's worse is that leaders of American universities, corporations and athletic organizations tolerate it.
This is very simple:  If you're unwilling to respect our flag and national anthem, you will not represent the United States at international competitions no matter your athletic abilities.
Go try out for the Russian or Chinese communist teams.  But you will not have our stamp of approval so you can urinate on the United States while the whole world is watching.  We will not cooperate in our own decline by elevating haters of our country.
In a healthy self-respecting society, such a rule would be easy to implement.
And there's something you can do, too.  Don't just rail against those who don't love America.  Demonstrate how much you love America. 
My friends, July 4th is coming up.  Please demonstrate what true patriotism looks like.  Make sure the flag is proudly flying outside your home.  Take your family to decorate the graves of our veterans. 
Use this Independence Day to do something patriotic with your family.  Show what a real patriotic American looks like and how they act.  It's never been more needed!
Archives Attacks America
Craven corporate CEOs and woke athletes are nothing new.  But even those charged with preserving our history at the National Archives are joining this insanity.  The people in charge of our national treasures are now clearly part of the left-wing juggernaut to smear our Founding Fathers. 
Following the death of George Floyd, National Archivist David Ferriero commissioned a task force to study racism at the National Archives.  The report is damning, declaring bluntly, "Racism is embedded in the history and current practices of [the National Archives and Records Administration]." 
If that's true, then it seems Mr. Ferriero, an Obama appointee, should be fired immediately.  But that's not really what the task force is getting at.  What they really mean is that our history and America are racist.
Among other things, the task force is upset that the National Archives' Rotunda, where the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are kept, is a symbol of "structural racism." 
How so?  Because it features too many white men.  Well, that's because it's just a historical fact that white men wrote those documents. 
Among other recommendations, the task force demands that public displays and online materials provide "trigger warnings" to "forewarn audiences of content that may cause intense physiological and psychological symptoms."  They want articles about our Founding Fathers to not be so celebratory of their achievements.  They also want "safe spaces" in every facility. 
If the people advising the National Archives despise our founding, they should not be working there.  Just like Gwen Berry should not be representing our country.  Just like the American National Association of Manufacturers should kick Nike out of the association.
Trump's Back
President Donald Trump addressed a huge crowd in Wellington, Ohio, Saturday night.  An estimated 15,000 people turned out, and more than 2 million watched online.  As expected, the former president was unsparing in his criticism of the current occupant of the Oval Office.  Trump said:

"After just five months, the Biden administration is already a complete and total catastrophe. . .  Crime is surging. Murders are soaring. Police departments are being gutted. Illegal aliens are overrunning the borders. . . Critical race theory is being forced on our military.  Gas prices are spiking. Inflation is skyrocketing, and China, Russia and Iran are humiliating our country.

"Joe Biden is destroying our nation right before our very own eyes. The number one priority for everyone who wants to save America is to pour every single ounce of energy you have into winning a gigantic victory in the midterm [elections]!"

Trust me, my friends, Campaign for Working Families is working hard to do just that!
There is nobody in either political party today who can command crowds like that in a non-election year!  It's insanity for any Republican "leader" to suggest that the GOP can move on from Trump without moving on from the 74 million people who voted for him.