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Monday, June 21, 2021 -- The Lying Left, Iran's New President, Confronting Anti-Semitism

The Lying Left


The left is lying to the American people again.  Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted this nugget of wisdom Saturday:


"Republicans love to create outrage over things that aren't actually happening. People should be asking them, what elementary, middle and high school is teaching Critical Race Theory and why they are spinning false narratives."


Rep. Omar is lying.  She knows she is lying. 


Left-wing teachers, school administrators and school boards are admitting they are teaching children critical race theory.  They are also telling parents that they will have no chance to opt out because the Marxist-based curriculum is "happening in all content areas" and is "woven through all classes." 


We have seen published contracts for the curriculum.  CNN's Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo are attacking parents for opposing it.  So, obviously it's real.


The American left routinely denies reality and lies to the American people, whether it's the humanity of the unborn child or basic biology.  Because of the left's warped views, we are now referring to women and mothers as "birthing people." 


Why?  Because some left-wing social justice warriors insist that "it's not just cis-gender women that can get pregnant and give birth."  (Why do women tolerate this insulting nonsense?!)


Remember when Rep. Jerry Nadler said Antifa was a myth?  Remember when Joe Biden said Antifa was just an idea, not a real organization? 


They can only get away with this insanity because Big Media are covering for them.  In fact, NBC's Chuck Todd suggested that the outrage over critical race theory was a "manufactured" distraction by the Republican Party.  


Yeah, right.  And these are the same people who kept telling us that all the violent riots we saw last summer were "mostly peaceful protests." 


With all due respect to Republican leaders, this uprising against left-wing ideology in the schools caught them completely by surprise, just like the Tea Party movement caught them off guard.  They are late to the game. 


But the left is in full-blown panic mode now because polling shows Marxist critical race theory is tremendously unpopular, and some of the most articulate and vociferous opponents of critical race theory are minority parents (here, here and here). 




Iran's New President


The Islamic Republic of Iran elected a new "president" Friday.  I put the word in quotes because the "president" has no real power in Iran.  The real power in Tehran is, as his title implies, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.


That said, Iran's "president-elect" is Ebrahim Raisi, a hard judge and prosecutor who is under official sanction by the United States for his role in the execution of five thousand Iranian dissidents. 


Raisi is widely considered a Khamenei loyalist and likely successor to the 82 year-old supreme leader.  He's refusing to meet with Joe Biden.  He's refusing to negotiate over Iran's ballistic missile program and Iran's support for terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.


Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett responded to Raisi's election by warning world leaders to "wake up."  Bennett said:


"Raisi's election . . . is a signal to world powers that they need to wake up. . .  They must understand who they're doing business with and what kind of regime they are choosing to strengthen.  A regime of executioners cannot have weapons of mass destruction."


Bennett is absolutely right.  But some in Washington seem to have learned the wrong lesson.  According to the New York Times, the Biden Administration views "the next six weeks before Mr. Raisi is inaugurated [as] a unique window to strike a final deal with Iran's leadership." 


Here's the bottom line:  Any deal with Iran is a bad deal with a regime that cannot be trusted.  But as we all know, mistakes are made when things get rushed, and a rushed deal with Iran is guaranteed to be even worse.


By the way, Israel isn't the only country deeply worried about another Biden nuclear deal empowering Iran.  Arab states are demanding a say in the talks.  They're also insisting that any deal on sanctions relief must deal with Iran's missile program and "destabilizing behavior."




Confronting Anti-Semitism


During a recent interview, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer discussed the recent conflict with Hamas and the shocking rise of anti-Semitism we've witnessed in recent years.


Dermer denounced the media for its deliberately biased coverage of the Gaza conflict, saying, "It's not gullibility. I think it's more malicious. I think it's an attempt to cast Israel as the evil actor."


He lamented that the "demonization of Jews is a very old problem," and that whatever gains had been made in suppressing anti-Semitism after the Holocaust were fleeting, with many societies essentially reverting back to "a return to the norm of anti-Semitism."


But there is a big difference today.  Dermer said:


"The difference now is that the Jewish people have a state, the Jewish people have sovereign power.  We have a shield, we have a refuge, we have a voice and we're going to use it. . .  We have sovereign power, and we have to use that power."


Dermer is right!




Ragged Old Flag


In a recent opinion piece, singer Macy Gray attacked our American flag.  She said it was "tattered, dated, divisive and incorrect."  Gray compared it to the Confederate battle flag, and said it "no longer represents democracy and freedom." 


Gray added, "It no longer represents ALL of us.  It's not fair to be forced to honor it. It's time for a new flag."  I won't bother describing the politically correct mess she proposed to be the new flag.


I was furious when I read Gray's outrageous statement.  I can only imagine how angry my father, Spike Bauer, would have been if he were alive today.  He fought under that flag in the Pacific theater during World War II.  And he would fight any man today who disrespected it. 


The Stars and Stripes will fly many more years after Gray and leftists like her are long gone and forgotten.  But her description of the flag reminded me of Johnny Cash's song Ragged Old Flag.  You can look it up online


It's about a guy who walks into a small town square and notices that the flag is a bit ragged.  He tells a local man that the flag has seen better days, and the man tells him all the places the flag has been -- from Washington crossing the Delaware to the Alamo, from Flanders Field to Vietnam. 


Here are the last two stanzas:


"In her own good land here She's been abused. 

She's been burned, dishonored, denied an' refused. 

And the government for which she stands,

Has been scandalized throughout the land. 

And she's getting thread bare, and she's wearin' thin. 

But she's in good shape, for the shape she's in.


"Cause she's been through the fire before,

And I believe she can take a whole lot more.

So we raise her up every morning,

And we take her down every night. 

We don't let her touch the ground,

And we fold her up right. 

On a second thought, I do like to brag,

'Cause I'm mighty proud of that ragged old flag."


My friends, we should be proud of that flag, too.