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Monday, June 17, 2024 -- Biden's War On Women, Hollywood Loves Biden, Trump & The Black Vote

Biden’s War On Women


Rachel Morin, a mother of five, was out hiking in Harford County, Maryland, north of Baltimore, when she was brutally murdered by an illegal alien. She was the second woman in two years to be killed in Harford County by an illegal alien. This is happening far too often. Some incidents make the news, some don’t.


Victor Hernandez fled El Salvador and came to the United States in 2023 after he raped and murdered a woman in his native country. Then, he crossed Joe Biden’s open borders. In Los Angeles, he committed a home invasion and attacked a woman and her child. Police matched Hernandez’s DNA from the Los Angeles attack to Morin’s murder, and he was arrested late last week.


But those details don’t matter. Hernandez was apprehended and processed at the border, so why wasn’t he arrested and deported? Simple. Because El Salvador, like communist China and other nations, doesn’t help us identify the criminals coming into the United States.


Many politicians and pundits say that illegal aliens are coming here for jobs. But being an “economic refugee” is not a legal criterion to enter the country.


And because the numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border are so huge, their sheer volume acts as cover for thugs like Hernandez and the eight terrorists from Tajikistan to enter the country.


Under Joe Biden, American women are being killed by the illegal aliens he is allowing into our country. He has nothing to offer women but more abortions, and he couldn’t care less about the women being killed because of his open border policies.


Every woman in America needs to understand that they are at risk because of the open border policies promoted by Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.


Rachel Morin was hiking. Laken Riley was jogging. Hiking and jogging should not be a death sentence for American women. Joe Biden has the blood of innocent American women on his hands.


Donald Trump and Republicans want the border closed. We want the people who came here illegally to be deported for the safety of our citizens.


The debate over illegal immigration is not a hypothetical debate. It is about the safety of our wives, daughters, and granddaughters.




Hollywood Loves Joe Biden


Joe Biden held a big, glitzy fundraiser this weekend with Hollywood celebrities. It was a big haul for Biden.


By the way, the Biden campaign has been running TV ads in swing states for weeks, if not months. The Trump campaign has not yet run TV ads. But after Biden’s $30 million haul on Saturday, his campaign announced a $50 million media blitz in key swing states.


But Biden’s fundraiser ended on a sour note. At the end of the event, while flanked by Jimmy Kimmel and Barack Obama, it appeared that Biden froze up again in the middle of the stage.


After Obama waved goodbye to the crowd, he started to walk off the stage but realized Biden was still standing there, looking out into the audience. So, Obama grabbed Biden’s arm and led him off the stage, with one hand on Biden’s back the whole way.


We’ve seen this several times lately – at the G7 summit and at the White House Juneteenth celebration.


There is a narrative that you’ve likely read from the White House, which says that Biden did not freeze on the stage this weekend and that it’s just right-wing propaganda. Obama saw the cue that it was time to leave, and he wanted to make sure everyone walked off together.


The conservative narrative is that, half the time, Biden has no idea where he is. He frequently cannot find his way off a stage. (Here and here.) But I’m going to give you a narrative you probably have not heard.


Here’s what a couple of sources told me. The White House is furious with Obama. There are some Biden people who think Obama intentionally took Biden’s arm to make him look feeble, lost, and wandering because Obama’s got another agenda.


What would that be? That he is part of a behind-the-scenes effort to avoid nominating Joe Biden at the DNC convention in August. We’ll see.




Trump & The Black Vote


Donald Trump’s trip this weekend to a black church in Detroit was masterful. He was warmly received, and it is bound to pay some dividends.


Senior Pastor Lorenzo Sewell, who organized Trump’s Detroit meeting, thanked Donald Trump, saying, “President Trump, I’m so humbled that you would be here. President Obama never came to the hood. . . President Joe Biden, he went to the big NAACP dinner, but he never came to the hood. So, thank you.”


But don’t fall for the exuberant narrative that Trump will win a majority of the black vote. He’s not going to do that. But he doesn’t have to win the black vote in order to win swing states like Michigan and Pennsylvania.


Four years ago, Biden won 92% of the black vote in Michigan and Pennsylvania. If he gets anywhere below 80%, you can statistically make a strong case that Trump wins both states and the election is over. And that appears to be a real possibility.


A new poll just found that Biden is only getting 55% of black voters in Michigan and 56% in Pennsylvania. In addition, CNN’s top political analyst said today that he is “speechless” over Biden’s erosion of support among black voters, as well as Trump’s gains among those same voters.


So, making this appeal to black voters is definitely worth the effort.


By the way, too many GOP consultants still say that cultural issues and the trans issue aren’t important in the election. Well, the biggest applause Trump got from his audience at the black church came when he said, “I’ll keep the radical left-wing gender ideology away from our youth” and “I will keep men out of women’s sports.”


The reaction was so visceral and emotional that it surprised Trump. He should repeat that line everywhere he goes.




Biden Boondoggles Are Back


Early on in Joe Biden’s presidency, congressional Democrats rammed through $50 billion for hundreds of thousands of electric vehicle chargers and a massive program to deliver high-speed internet service in rural locations across the country.


Well, so far, only a handful of EV chargers -- seven or eight -- have been built, and no one in rural America has gotten high-speed internet service. What is going on?


Incompetence is no doubt part of the problem, but it’s not the only problem. The main holdup is ideology.


Both programs are full of DEI -- “diversity, equity, and inclusion” -- requirements and nonsense. In fact, the rural internet project is named the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment Program. The “E” in DEI is literally in the program’s title.


As for the EV charging program, the Department of Transportation requires anyone who applies for the federal money to build more chargers to “demonstrate how meaningful public involvement, inclusive of disadvantaged communities, will occur throughout a project’s life cycle.” And that must involve “intentional outreach to underserved communities.”


One expert on federal regulations blasted the DEI requirements, saying:


“This all just slows down construction. These ‘public involvement’ requirements are impossible to quantify and even open builders up to lawsuits . . . How these equity requirements are relevant to the construction of a single electric vehicle charging station is unclear.”


One top official at the Department of Transportation, who spoke off the record, actually admitted:


“These onerous diversity, equity, and inclusion requirements handcuff professionals from making proper evaluations and prevent the government/public from funding the most deserving projects, instead funneling money towards less qualified applicants.”


In short, the left’s woke ideological agenda is at war with common sense and practical results.