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Monday, July 8, 2024 -- Mystery Solved, A Real Crisis, Media Malfeasance

Mystery Solved


If you were to read Joe Biden’s remarks in a transcript of last month’s CNN debate, you’d be left thinking, “Well, that’s not good.” But your impression of his performance was much worse if you heard and saw him in the debate.


The entire nation was stunned by the befuddlement on Biden’s face, the weakness in his voice, and his inability to complete sentences. To thoroughly understand just how bad Biden’s mental and physical meltdown is, you had to hear it and see it.


And that brings me to a mystery that has now been solved.


Special Counsel Robert Hur interviewed Joe Biden for several hours about his mishandling of classified information. Hur wrote a report and summarized his decision not to charge the president because he was confused, frequently had to consult aides about fundamental questions, and a jury would be unlikely to convict “an elderly man with a poor memory.”


As you recall, the White House went ballistic over Hur’s report. Vice President Kamala Harris led the charge of slash and burn attacks against Special Counsel Hur. Senate Democrats also attacked Hur, claiming his report was a “partisan hit job.”


Joe Biden even addressed the nation and publicly attacked the special counsel for daring to bring up his son’s death. Well, Biden couldn’t even remember that recent exchange correctly. It was Joe Biden, not Robert Hur, who brought up Beau Biden’s death.


Hur’s report set off a major panic in the Democrat Party. Serious questions were raised then as to whether Joe Biden was fit for office. But the White House managed to put that revolt down just as the presidential primary season was getting started.


Then something really strange happened. Under intense pressure, the Justice Department reluctantly released a transcript of the Biden/Hur interview, but they have adamantly refused to release the audio. And now we know why.


Just as Biden went into the debate without the benefit of a teleprompter, he went into the Hur interview without the benefit of a teleprompter. What Hur and his investigators saw must have shocked them.


That’s why Attorney General Merrick Garland is adamantly refusing to hand over the audio of the interview. It is all part of an ongoing cover-up.




A Real Crisis


During the Trump administration, we were told every few weeks that Donald Trump was creating a constitutional crisis. It was all fake news meant to frighten the American people.


This, however, is a constitutional crisis. What do you do with a deranged president who refuses to see how deranged he is? Well, the solution is the 25th Amendment.


How does that work? Under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, a president can be removed from office if the vice president and the majority of cabinet secretaries determine that the president is incapacitated or otherwise “unable” to serve as president.


Rep. Richard Poff, who wrote the 25th Amendment, specifically identified two scenarios that would justify invoking Section 4. The second of those scenarios seems especially relevant right now:


“The other is the case when the president, by reason of mental debility, is unable or unwilling to make any rational decision, including particularly the decision to stand aside.”


There is a growing chorus of Democrats who say that Joe Biden needs to drop out and the party needs to rally around Vice President Harris. But she has been a major lynchpin in covering up Biden’s failing mental and physical health. There’s no way she was unaware of his condition.


Harris participated in the cover-up. She may have even directed the cover-up. She knew Biden would never be able to finish another term and, thus, she would become president.


So, in what world is the 25th Amendment the answer to a massive cover up of a disabled president when one of the primary co-conspirators of the cover-up stands to benefit the most?


By the way, congressional Democrats returned to Washington today after the July Fourth holiday. When they got to their offices, they found a letter from Joe Biden waiting for them, telling them in no uncertain terms that he will not stand aside.


And think about this: All the panic on the left is because Democrats are worried about whether or not they can beat Donald Trump. They’re worried about losing their power.


None of them are panicking about the fact that we have a very confused commander-in-chief right now putting America in danger.




Who’s In Charge?


Over the weekend, one commentator suggested that everyone needs to calm down because the country is being run by a committee, led by the president and very capable people around him. This from the party claiming it will “save democracy.”


Who are these “capable” people? Other than Kamala Harris, were any of them elected by anyone? And how much influence does the “gay mafia” have in running our country?


Biden regularly repeats LGBTQ talking points. He declared “Transgender Day of Visibility” on Easter Sunday. He held an event at the White House that resembled what you might see at a gay bar strip show.


When parents try to protect their children from graphic homosexual materials, Biden smears them as “book banners” and “fascists.” It sure seems like that movement has an inordinate amount of influence on the Biden administration.




The Media Rescue Failed


Scrambling to contain the damage from his terrible debate performance, Joe Biden turned to his left-wing media allies for help. A prime-time interview with George Stephanopoulos was quickly arranged to quell the panic in the Democrat ranks. It didn’t work.


First, Biden blamed jet lag, saying he was “exhausted” from his recent trips to Europe.


When Stephanopoulos noted that Biden had been back from Europe for almost two weeks and spent six days preparing for the debate, Biden then blamed his poor performance on a cold. Well, he seemed fine when he was shaking hands and hugging people at a restaurant hours after the debate.


Stephanopoulos asked Biden if he “watched the debate afterwards.” Biden answered, “I don’t think so, no.” Really? He’s not sure if he watched the debate? You’d think he would remember if he did or not.


Here’s something else that I believe raises serious questions about what’s going on in his head. When Stephanopoulos again pressed Biden as to why he performed so badly, Biden said he was “distracted” by all of Donald Trump’s “shouting.”


Fifty million people watched that debate. Trump was not shouting. There’s no explanation for that response other than something is not firing right in Biden’s brain.




Media Malfeasance


Joe Biden continued to do damage control last week with interviews on black radio stations. That didn’t go well either.


Not only were some of his comments completely nonsensical (he claimed to be a black woman), but news broke that the Biden campaign gave his interviewers the questions in advance. One of the radio hosts lost her job over the weekend.


The radio station where she had worked issued a very strong statement in response to this manipulation of the media. Here is a brief excerpt:


“This is something we take very seriously. Agreeing to a pre-determined set of questions jeopardizes that trust and is not a practice that WURD Radio engages in or endorses as a matter of practice or official policy. . .


“WURD Radio is not a mouthpiece for the Biden or any other administration. Internally, we will commit to reviewing our policies, procedures, and practices to reinforce WURD’s independence and trust with our listeners. But mainstream media should do its own introspection to explore how they have lost the trust of so many Americans, Black Americans chief among them.”


Here’s another example of media malfeasance.


Watch this video where Biden completely “disses” a young black girl and imagine Donald Trump doing that. What do you think would be happening to Trump today?




Trump’s Running Mate


Donald Trump will announce his running mate soon. Sources are claiming it is down to Senators Marco Rubio and J.D. Vance. Trump hasn’t tipped his hand, but that’s what some reporters are saying.


It’s time for a vote.


Which of those two -- Rubio or Vance -- would you prefer?


Or do you have another favorite? If so, who?


Please use this link to respond.