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Monday, July 11, 2022 -- The Left's War On The Court, Moore Means Less, The Mess Of Monticello

The Left’s War On The Court


The Biden Administration and the radical left continue to stoke hatred against the Supreme Court and, more specifically, the five justices who correctly decided that there never was a right to abort babies hidden in the U.S. Constitution. 


Late last week, a mob drove Justice Brett Kavanaugh out of a steakhouse in Washington, D.C., where he and his wife were dining.  The restaurant blasted the left-wing mob, calling the disruption, “an act of selfishness and void of decency.”  I’d say that sums up the left fairly well.


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg refused to condemn the harassment of Justice Kavanaugh, saying, “People are upset.  They’re going to exercise their First Amendment rights.”  


I am sure Buttigieg would feel differently if a mob chased him and his “husband” out of a restaurant in protest of $5 a gallon gas!


Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez channeled her inner Marxist and mocked Kavanaugh.  (Marxists always use intimidation to achieve their political goals.)  Remember when she had a total breakdown over the January 6th demonstrations, which occurred in a building she wasn’t even in?


While all this is happening, Attorney General Merrick Garland still refuses to enforce the federal law against demonstrations outside of justices’ homes.  Our Justice Department has become completely politicized. 


Garland’s refusal to do his job, another wink and a nod to the left-wing mob, led the Supreme Court’s top security official to beg the governors of Maryland and Virginia to step up their security efforts. 


Sadly, this dangerous harassment is only going to get worse.  Radical left-wing groups are now offering bounties for any public sighting of a conservative justice, and a bonus if the mob can get to a justice before he or she leaves the area.


We’ve already had one assassination attempt.  Every day it is becoming more likely that a conservative justice or a member of their family will be seriously hurt or even killed.  If that happens, the blood will be on the hands of President Biden and all those on the left who are attacking the Supreme Court and the rule of law.


This administration increasingly has nothing to offer America other than its total commitment to ensuring an ever-larger mountain of dead babies.




The Pro-Abortion Left


We told you Friday about President Biden’s disgusting executive order to ensure as many abortions as possible take place in America.  Well, he’s not done.


Biden is still considering declaring a public health emergency to promote abortion.  Think about that for a second.  In public health emergencies you take extraordinary action to do what?  To save lives.  Instead, Biden wants to declare an “emergency” to ensure more lives are taken.


Needless to say, America’s Catholic bishops are not very impressed with our “devoutly Catholic” president right now.


But it doesn’t end there.  House Democrats are planning to ram through two pro-abortion bills this week.  Their going to pass the extreme, pro-abortion Women’s Health Protection Act yet again.  The second bill seeks to ensure that women can travel out of state to obtain abortions.  It is likely that every Democrat in the House will vote for these extreme bills.


Meanwhile, pro-abortion activists are proposing a floating abortion clinic in the Gulf of Mexico as one way to evade pro-life laws in conservative southern states.




Media Malfeasance


During his press conference Friday, Joe Biden railed at length about a 10 year-old girl in Ohio, who had to go to Indiana to get an abortion.  The story has been all over the mainstream media and it’s gone viral on social media.


But there’s just one problem:  There’s no proof.  There’s only one source for the entire story – a left-wing, anti-Trump abortionist.


The story is impossible to fact check, something fact checkers readily acknowledge.  Nevertheless, they are essentially deeming the story as a fact simply because Joe Biden repeated it!


Yes, the same fact checkers who would immediately demand proof if Trump said, “The sky is blue,” are now accepting as gospel every claim uttered by senile Joe Biden!


Three churches in the Washington, D.C., area were attacked this weekend.  Now you would think that three church attacks would be frontpage A section news, but no.  (Just imagine if three mosques in the nation’s capital were vandalized and set on fire!) 


Instead, it was relegated to the Washington Post’s Metro section.  Yet even there, multiple church arsons lost out to the efforts of transgendered employees to unionize local Starbucks stores.  Sadly, the radical left’s attack on area churches was buried on the bottom of page B8.




Moore Means Less


If leftist filmmaker Michael Moore had his way, you would have less freedom.  Moore recently took it upon himself to draft a new amendment to the Constitution repealing the Second Amendment and your right to own a firearm to protect your family.


Moore’s amendment declares that people have a right to be free from “gun violence,” as if guns commit violence all by themselves. 


His amendment would also effectively repeal the entire U.S. military as it also declares illegal “weapons of any kind whose sole intention is the premeditated elimination of human life.”


Suffice it to say that Moore is no John Adams or Thomas Jefferson.  He is more like Che Guevara or Chairman Mao.  The Founding Fathers were incredible men who built a nation that has brought more freedom and opportunity to more people than any other nation in the history of the world.


But now we’ve got Michael Moore and other radicals who want to rewrite, if not entirely trash, the Constitution. 


Yet this is what the left has been doing for decades.  It used a liberal majority on the Supreme Court to invent rights that weren’t in the Constitution, and to limit rights that are clearly there. 


It’s why they are so furious that the court has overturned Roe v. Wade.  It means there is a new majority and their game is over.  They can no longer use the court to do their dirty work of drastically changing America, and daring us to do the extremely hard work of countering the court. 


This game went on way too long because Republican presidents were not serious enough about who they put on the Supreme Court.  That is until Donald Trump.




The Mess Of Monticello


Every year, hundreds of thousands of people who cherish American history visit Monticello, the incredible estate of Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence and our nation’s third president.


But if they are interested in learning more about the tremendous legacy of this great, yet complicated man, they would be better off staying home and reading a decent biography.


Sadly, the left has hijacked the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, the organization that has for nearly 100 years maintained Monticello as a museum. Evidently, the foundation no longer sees its purpose as protecting Jefferson’s legacy, but demonizing it. 


The New York Post reported this weekend that Monticello “has gone woke.”  Guests to the famous landmark are complaining that tour guides are running a “besmirchment derby,” and “never miss a chance to defame” Jefferson.


Let me repeat this warning again:  The political left that believes America was founded on racism and genocide and remains evil to this day is as much a danger to our Republic as any foreign enemy. 


Communist China, the mullahs of Iran and Vladimir Putin are not the ones paying for the anti-American propaganda at Monticello.  American leftists are doing their dirty work for free.




Victory For Election Integrity


In Friday’s Good News section, I noted that the Wisconsin Supreme Court had seriously restricted the use of ballot drop boxes.  The court majority ruled that drop boxes could be placed only in official county election offices and that only voters could deposit their own ballots in the boxes. 


In other words, random individuals won’t be harvesting ballots and stuffing drop boxes on street corners at 3:00 AM in Madison, Wisconsin, from now on.


This is a big win for election integrity in a critical state.  And I hope legislators around the country will seriously study the majority opinion in this case and act on it.


A recent poll found that 50% of Americans, including 36% of Democrats, are deeply concerned about election integrity, while 58% are very concerned about the potential for cheating with mail-in balloting. 


This lack of confidence in our current election systems is a major problem!  It’s not a hoax. 


The good news is that progress is being made.  Many states have enacted election integrity legislation.  For example, 20 states have banned the use of so-called “Zuck bucks” or the use of private money to perform official election duties.