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Monday, January 4, 2021 -- A Momentous Week, Pelosi's Rules

A Momentous Week
President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Joe Biden will all be in Georgia today rallying their respective bases for tomorrow's Senate runoff elections.  How those races turn out is anyone's guess.
Polling, which hasn't been very accurate, suggests both contests are toss ups.  The early vote figures indicate a record-breaking turnout for the runoff election, with the data suggesting a slight advantage for the Democrats.
Meanwhile, 118,000 voters who did not vote in the November presidential contest have voted in the Senate runoff elections.  Exactly who are those people?
Here's what we do know for certain:  Progressive activist Stacey Abrams has built an incredible political machine that has turned a once reliable conservative state into a major battleground, while the Georgia Republican Party has been sleepwalking. 
In addition, there is now a conservative backlash against the Georgia party establishment.  A new poll shows Gov. Brian Kemp losing a potential 2022 primary to former Rep. Doug Collins by 20 points!
Then on Wednesday, while we're likely still waiting on the results of the Georgia Senate runoff elections, Congress will convene in a joint session to count the Electoral College votes.  A dozen Republican senators and more than 100 House members are planning to contest the results of various states. 
Their challenges are exposing the growing gap between Trump conservative populists and the old guard in the Republican Party. 
For example, as tens of millions of Americans remain deeply suspicious of the results, Rep. Liz Cheney, who has never seen a foreign war she didn't like, is telling her colleagues that she'll be AWOL from this fight.  And Paul Ryan also chimed in, essentially saying, "Count me out, too." 
Cheney and Ryan are perfect examples of why the GOP has struggled to be a governing party.  Cheney spends her time trying to get us into more no-win wars, while Ryan did virtually nothing to confront communist China or combat the increasing radicalization of the Democrat Party.
Given all the irregularities we have seen in the 2020 election, I believe conservative senators and representatives are right to challenge the Electoral College votes.
As Rep. Jim Jordan explained, one of the biggest problems is how many state officials and courts arbitrarily changed and ignored the election laws passed by their state legislatures, which is simply unacceptable.  Laws are supposed to be followed as written, not rewritten at whim by bureaucrats.
By the way, what House and Senate conservatives are doing is not a "coup" as some progressive media commentators have suggested.  Such comments put their constitutional ignorance on full display. 
What they are doing is part of a clearly delineated constitutional process.  And that would be the very same process that Democrats have used to challenge the Electoral College results of every single Republican president this century.
Pelosi's Rules
The left's insanity knows no bounds, and it has a firm grip over the Democrat Party.  According to new rules proposed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, certain words will be banned in the House of Representatives. 
Of course, decorum and common decency prevents representatives from uttering certain objectionable words.  But most Americans would not consider Pelosi's newly banned words "objectionable." 
If Pelosi has her way, henceforth in the People's House our representatives will no longer be able to say "husband," "wife," "son," "daughter," "he" or "she."  Gendered terms are banned
I can't wait for this year's congressional resolution honoring Mother's Day.  And can we still refer to "congressmen" or to Mrs. Pelosi as "Madame Speaker"?
This is beyond absurd!  But it has been going on in schools for years, where many forms now read "parent one" and "parent two." 
Dr. James Dobson and I have warned about the left's effort to deconstruct gender and the family for years.  This assault on normalcy is a pathetic attempt to appease an extreme vocal minority. 
Demonstrating just how deep the left's rot extends, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, whose first name means "God is with us," seems confused about a number of things.  His opening prayer of the new Congress suggested that all religions worship the same god.  One could write a whole book about that. 
But he concluded his prayer by saying "Amen and awoman." 
This congressman apparently thinks "amen" is a gender specific term.  It has nothing to do with men or women.  It has similar meanings in Latin, Greek and Hebrew meaning "certainly" or "truly." 
What does "awoman" mean?  Absolutely nothing! 
So, while you're struggling to pay your bills or save your business, just know that progressive members of Congress, who haven't missed one paycheck during the pandemic, are worshipping at the altar of left-wing insanity.
Speaking of language, there's a new mutation of the coronavirus making headlines.  It's most often referred to as the "UK variant" of the virus. 
But I thought we weren't supposed to name a virus's country of origin because that would be racist.  After all, we're not supposed to call COVID the "Chinese virus" or even the "Wuhan virus."  So why are so many journalists referring to this new strain as the "UK variant"?
About That Call. . .
I'm sure you've seen the news about President Trump's weekend call with Brad Raffensperger, Georgia's secretary of state.  Someone leaked a recording of the call to the Washington Post, presumably someone on Raffensperger's staff or the secretary of state himself.
Predictably, big media are quoting the president without critical context and doing their best to distort the call.  The media have obsessed over one line, suggesting that Trump expected Raffensperger to manufacture more votes for him. 
But if you read the whole transcript, the president was really saying that that a full and transparent audit, especially in Fulton County (Atlanta), would reveal that he won the state by a large margin.   
It is not necessary for Raffensperger to manufacture votes because the president and his team believe that many illegal votes for Biden would be identified and rejected by a thorough, transparent audit.
An Update
Thank you to everyone who generously stepped up and supported American Values last month.  Our work would not be possible without you!
As of midnight Thursday, we were, sadly, still well short of meeting our budget needs.  We are hoping and praying that as last week's mail comes in, we can make a last-minute run at our target. 
As many of you are probably experiencing, mail delivery has been very unreliable lately, and we don't expect to know final results until the end of the week.