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Monday, January 25, 2021 -- The End of Women's Sports, Biden's Faith, Impeachment Round Two

The End Of Women's Sports?
The Biden Administration is off to a strange start.  Several of the president's first executive orders will cost thousands of American jobs.  Reentering the Paris climate accord will, by some estimates, cost millions of jobs over time.  Moreover, it's totally unnecessary.
Biden is shutting down air travel from places like Brazil but has not said a word about restricting migrant caravans, which we know include people infected with COVID. 
But the executive order I want to focus on this morning is ironic.  All the polling data show that young women voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden.  And his response to those young women was to issue an executive order that may well eliminate women's sports as a place for young women to excel. 
For 49 years, Title IX has required schools and universities to create spaces for women to excel in athletics.  The reason schools didn't just tell young women to try out for the men's baseball team is that science shows us that there are significant physical differences between men and women.  That's just a fact of life.
So along comes the far left and its gender politics, claiming that you can choose your gender.  Progressives soon fell over each other to embrace this new revolution. 
In states like Connecticut, liberal Democrats decided that men with all the body parts of men could claim that they were instead women.  And in the name of equity and non-discrimination, they were given a right to compete in women's sports.  The results have been predictable. 
Multiple high school female athletes lost the chance to win college scholarships.  Their hopes and dreams were shattered because they had to unfairly compete against men.
The Trump Administration attempted to address these injustices.  But here comes "Mr. Nice Guy," who we're told is a moderate.  He issued an executive order last week, which, if it stands, will potentially destroy women's sports over the next decade, denying your daughters and granddaughters of the opportunities that Title IX has provided for the past 49 years.
So, the president who is in office largely because he won the women's vote has just created a regime where your 17-year-old daughter may have to compete against a 17-year-old boy in track and other sports.  When she loses the competition, she may have to take a shower with him when it's all over.
I don't believe this order can stand up under constitutional scrutiny.  But parents and their daughters need to rise up as one to fight it.
And today Biden went even further, pushing transgenderism into the military.
Communist China's Message
Last week, communist China announced that it was imposing sanctions on more than two-dozen former Trump Administration officials.  It was an odd move given that all these officials were leaving their government positions in a matter of hours.  I was pleased that incoming Biden officials condemned the Chinese sanctions as "unproductive and cynical."
But here's what the Chinese communists were doing, and I think the Biden Administration understands this.  More than punishing the outgoing Trump officials, the Chinese communists were sending a message to the Biden team, which is this:
"If you mess around with us the way Trump did, you and your families are not going to be able get any of those fat Chinese financial deals after you leave office, which some of you have already benefitted from." 
America must not return to "business as usual" with communist China.  Check out my latest interview with The Epoch Times regarding the brutal regime's genocide against ethnic minorities.
Biden's Faith
The New York Times has never had much use for faith until now.  Over the weekend, the Times published a puff piece on Biden's Catholicism, declaring him the most "religiously observant" president, adding that a "different, more liberal Christianity grounds his life and his policies."
But as Rachel Campos-Duffy noted, the New York Times reporting on religion "is like a vegetarian reporting on steaks."
The Times celebrates that Biden is "less focused on sexual politics," meaning that he has removed the sanctity of life from the criteria of what it means to be a good Christian. 
Translation:  He will no longer follow the Christian theology of life, which clearly says along with science that life begins at conception and that innocent life at all stages must be protected in any society that claims to be built on Judeo-Christian values.
Of course, he's going even further than that.  Through his executive orders, he is forcing Christians to be complicit in abortions both here and abroad.
During the campaign, there were people who claimed to be pro-life who started a group called "Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden."  It is obscene that anyone who claims to be pro-life would attempt to elect the most pro-abortion administration in history. 
By the way, Joe Biden and many of his advisers were all in on closing our churches while keeping abortion clinics open during the pandemic.  And most of his advisers are Obama retreads, who were all in on bankrupting the Little Sisters of the Poor.
Impeachment Round Two
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will finally deliver the article of impeachment against former President Trump to the Senate later tonight.  Senate leaders have reached a deal to begin the trial the week of February 8th, three weeks after Trump left office.  Here are some observations: 


  • Pelosi insisted that President Trump had to be impeached for inciting an insurrection, warning that every day he remained in office he posed "an imminent threat to our democracy."  
  • That was two weeks ago.  By delaying the formal delivery of the article of impeachment and not forcing an immediate trial while he was still in office, Pelosi seriously undercut her argument that Trump was such an "imminent threat." 
  • Pelosi had a very different view several years ago when left-wing protestors stormed the Wisconsin state legislature.  She tweeted her solidarity with the demonstrators, calling their siege "an impressive show of democracy in action." 
  • This cynical, divisive impeachment effort is further proof that the left has no interest in unity.  It's more evidence of how vindictive the left is.  Democrats are scared of Donald Trump and afraid of facing him again in four years.  
  • The whole exercise is constitutionally suspect, and more Senate Republicans are speaking out against this "impeachment of a private citizen in Florida," as Sen. Lindsey Graham put it.  
  • But not Mitt Romney.  He's sounding like a liberal Democrat, insisting that impeachment is necessary for "unity."  Really, Mitt?  This is the most divisive thing Democrats could possibly be doing!  I can only assume that Mitt Romney has concluded he has no higher future in the GOP. 
  • In Friday's report, we noted that thousands of National Guard troops would remain in Washington for an "enduring mission."  Evidently, that mission involves "occupying" the capital through March for the expected duration of the Senate's impeachment trial.