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Monday, February 13, 2023 -- A New Era, More Objects Intercepted, Some Needed Perspective

A New Era


It wasn’t that long ago when Colin Kaepernick, a malcontent who had nothing but disdain for America, was the center of everything the NFL did.  Thankfully, he’s mostly gone and off the scene now. 


Last night, two outstanding young black men, Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts, demonstrated their love for America and Jesus Christ with no shame or hesitancy. 


When our national anthem was performed by country star Chris Stapleton there seemed to be strong emotions.  The head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and several players were seen with tears running down their cheeks during Stapleton’s stirring rendition.  I’m sure it was the same in the stands and in many homes across the country.


Perhaps it has something to do with the events of recent weeks highlighting that America has a bull’s eye on its back.  Maybe it’s a sign of revival and a renewal of love of country.


But there was one discordant note last night. . .




The Balkanization Of America


The anthem that was sung by Chris Stapleton and cheered last night was our national anthem.  Like our unofficial motto, “E Pluribus Unum” or “Out of many, one,” it is unifying and brings us all together. 


But the NFL is still in the grips of what some call “wokeism,” but it’s really neo-Marxism, the purpose of which is to divide our nation into warring tribes.  And that’s exactly what happened last night with the playing of a song called, “Lift Every Voice And Sing,” otherwise known as the Black National Anthem


Is the Star-Spangled Banner a white national anthem?  Of course, not!  But if there’s a Black National Anthem, why isn’t there a Hispanic national anthem, an Asian national anthem, a Christian national anthem or an LGBTQ national anthem? 


I guarantee you one is already being written.  If you doubt me on that, don’t forget that there is already a LGBTQ flag, which Joe Biden has ordered to be flown at our embassies and some of our children are pledging their allegiance to it thanks to radical, left-wing teachers.


Some on the left are accusing conservatives who object to the Black National Anthem of being “bigots,” saying, “They don’t even want a hymn to be played.”


Here’s the response to that nonsense:   If the NFL decided to honor the two Christian quarterbacks by playing a hymn before the game, the left would have gone nuts!  The NFL would be facing a massive backlash on social media. 


The only interest the left has in this hymn is that it is a separatist hymn, a separatist national anthem.  The singing of that hymn suggests that blacks could not possibly want to sing the national anthem of America because we are such an evil, bigoted country.  So, they have to have their own national anthem. 


Don’t be confused by this.


Addressing the controversy surrounding the playing of the so-called “Black National Anthem” at NFL games, Dr. Carol Swain put it well when she said:


“I think it unnecessarily politicizes a game that traditionally has brought Americans together and it represents a capitulation of the NFL to the most radical elements in our society.  It is divisive and it has no place in sports.


“And when you think about sports and football in particular, that has been an area for blacks where you had a meritocracy, that black players have been pretty successful.  And this is something that will drive away supporters and it does nothing to unite our nation.”




More Objects Intercepted


It was a big weekend for UFOs.  Three “unidentified flying objects” were intercepted and shot down over the weekend. 


As we noted in Friday’s report, one balloon was shot down off the coast of Alaska, another was intercepted over western Canada, and a third object was shot down over Lake Huron.


These events are bound to be unnerving to the American people.  The Biden Administration’s inability to act against the first known spy balloon, which it tracked off the coast of Alaska, through Canada and allowed to travel across the United States, is an indication of how weak Biden is. 


Now their unwillingness to keep governors, members of Congress and the American people informed about this ongoing threat is only guaranteed to fuel cynicism and suspicion of our government. 


Meanwhile, a former British defense secretary said that the repeated incursions over U.S. airspace are “another sign of how the global threat picture is changing for the worse.”




Some Needed Perspective


Having said that, let’s put this in perspective:  The Chinese communists have been robbing us blind for the last 25 years, while both political parties stood by and allowed it to happen!


The first president who was serious about stopping it was Donald Trump, and he was roundly condemned by the Democrats and by powerful elements of the Republican Party. 


Communist Chinese espionage is taking place everywhere.   TikTok is collecting data on our children and sending it all back to communist China, and we still can’t get action from this administration to ban it. 


The Chinese communists are buying up farmland near U.S. military bases, and people are rightly upset by that.  But we shouldn’t be allowing them to buy up farmland anywhere.  They are threatening our food supply


It was recently disclosed that Chinese communist interests have bought a number of private military schools in the United States.  These schools host Junior ROTC programs that train our future military leaders, but this news barely made headlines. 


While many in the media and on the left hyperventilate over “Russia, Russia, Russia,” the biggest hacks of government information that seriously compromised our national security in recent years have all been committed by the communist Chinese. (Here, here and here.)


Beijing either intentionally released or irresponsibly developed a deadly virus in the Wuhan lab that killed millions around the world.  And we still have politicians who get upset if it is called the “Chinese communist virus.” 


I’m sure you remember that they lied to us about the virus so they could buy time to corner the market on personal protective equipment that the rest of the world would need to protect itself against the virus they created.  Nothing has been done about any of that!


And, by the way, they have successfully compromised the First Family of the United States.  The Biden family owes its financial success to the largess of Chinese communist companies.


So, a few balloons flying over some states, which we must not tolerate, nonetheless is small potatoes compared to what they have been doing for decades.