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Monday, December 7, 2020 -- Reduced To Tears, Santelli vs. Sorkin, Remembering Pearl Harbor

Reduced To Tears & Taking Action
Have you seen the incredibly moving video of Angela Marsden?  She's a California restaurant owner who just invested $80,000 to set up an outdoor dining facility in a last-ditch effort to serve customers and keep her workers employed.
But left-wing politicians in Los Angeles County just banned all dining.  And I mean all dining – indoor AND outdoor.
There is no science behind what is being demanded here.  No science shows that outdoor activity is spreading COVID.  But it's too easy for these politicians and bureaucrats to make such decisions because they don't affect them.
This is a war against working class Americans!  And California is the worst offender of all. 
Predictably, the outdoor dining ban exempts the film industry.  Hollywood hypocrisy at its worst! 
So you can imagine Marsden's reaction when she showed up at her restaurant last week to find a huge new outdoor dining area set up right next to her new outdoor facility that was just banned!  Hers is illegal.  But this new one, run by a movie studio, is legal.
Why?  Science?  Of course not.  Hollywood has money to throw around.  Small business owners don't.
California will turn itself into a pretzel to defend illegal immigrants.  But where is the sanctuary city for hard-working citizens?  Where will they be safe from marauding bureaucrats who are trying to destroy their lives? 
This is the state where residents are supposed to step over human feces to get into their businesses and serve customers.  This is a state that hands out needles to drug addicts because it cares more about them than hard-working taxpayers.
Governor Gavin Newsom doesn't think twice about telling Californians to stay home, while he racks up a $15,000 bill at an exclusive French restaurant for a birthday party!
Pat Buchanan used to talk about the "peasants with pitchforks" rising up against our out-of-touch elites. Of course, he was speaking metaphorically. But leftists do show up at public events with baseball bats, and our media passes that off as "mostly peaceful."
While I am pleased to see people like Angela Marsden and a handful of pastors standing up and speaking out, I'm surprised that they are still a distinct minority.  Whatever happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave?  Increasingly, it seems that we are neither.
It is time for massive opposition by middle-class and working-class Americans to reclaim their rights! 
If you did not see Angela Marsden's heartbreaking video, you can watch it here.
Santelli vs. Sorkin
Rick Santelli, whose epic 2009 rant launched the Tea Party movement, and Andrew Ross Sorkin had their own debate about the reasonableness of the lockdowns on CNBC recently.  
Sorkin hid behind "science" and suggested that government mandates limiting our rights to attend church and engage in commerce were the answer.  Santelli defended freedom and the common sense of the American people.   
It was a good example of the debate that is raging across the country right now, as the progressive left wages war against the working class.  It will defend left-wing demonstrations but then tell us that people eating dinner outside or going to church are what's harming America.  It's beyond absurd!
Elections Have Consequences
The consequences of "President Joe Biden" are being made clear every day.  Over the weekend we learned that Biden wants California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to lead the Department of Health and Human Services.
Becerra is a pro-abortion extremist who thought he had the power to force faith-based pro-life pregnancy centers to promote abortion.  Thankfully, the Supreme Court stopped him. 
But his commitment to the left's radical abortion-on-demand agenda is undoubtedly why Biden selected him to oversee America's healthcare policy.
Remembering Pearl Harbor
Today marks the 79th anniversary of the Japanese attack on the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor.  Sadly, many children today do not have a clue about the significance of Pearl Harbor Day.  This is a great time to speak to your children and grandchildren about the Greatest Generation and what it took to win World War II.
When America's involvement in World War II began, there wasn't much good news.  There was defeat after defeat, retreat after retreat.  Americans who lived through those dark days experienced something that no generation since has experienced -- the fear that we might lose the war and lose our freedom.
Much has changed since Pearl Harbor and World War II.  But human nature and the precarious position of liberty have not changed.
It is sad and dangerous that so many young Americans (other than those wearing the uniform) are more interested in condemning their country and second-guessing previous generations than they are in understanding what happened on this day 79 years ago and how each generation must defend liberty.
But as long as God gives me breath, I will continue to defend this great and exceptional nation, and I will always fight for our values!