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Monday, December 20, 2021 -- BBB DOA, The Panic Pandemic, Losing Our Freedom



Yesterday, Sen. Joe Manchin seemed to drive the final nail into the coffin of the Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer "Build Back Better" bill.  It was actually a "build back bad" bill that would have taken us down the road toward socialism, fundamentally transforming America for generations.


Here's my quip for the day: Biden was finally right about something.  He said the bill wouldn't cost anything.  Well, if they don't pass it, he's right! 


If you could see me right now, I'm doing a little dance in my office.  But it's only a little dance. 


The full weight and fury of the left has come down on Manchin's head in the last 24 hours.  He's being threatened.   The White House press secretary essentially called him a liar.  Every socialist in Congress (here and here) is calling for his scalp.  The worst people in America are furious, and, sadly, they have a lot of money and power. 


Some Democrat insiders are claiming that Manchin's statement is just another negotiating tactic.  Don't forget that he is on the record saying he could support a $1.5 trillion bill, but not this $5 trillion monstrosity. 


Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer announced this morning that he will bring the Build Back Better bill to the Senate floor for a vote "very early in the New Year."  And he vowed that the Senate will "keep voting on it until we get something done."


But the Biden White House is clearly on the defensive.  This Politico headline says it all: "Biden Promised Competence And Order. Chaos And Uncertainty Are Winning."


The deep split in the Democrat Party is impossible even for the leftist media to ignore.




The Panic Pandemic


The level of anxiety in America has gone through the roof, stoked by our own government that appears to have a vested interest in America living in constant fear and panic.


The Omicron variant is spreading very rapidly, which is all our government leaders and the media are talking about.  But its other big mutation is that it seems to only affect the nose and upper respiratory tract, just like a cold, and not the lungs, which made Delta so dangerous. 


This important detail is totally being downplayed.  And, whether they realize it or not, the message health officials are sending is that the vaccines don't give you any more liberty than you had before.  Perhaps new information will lead us to conclude something else about Omicron.  But so far, the political left and their media allies are raising irrational fears. 


The great musical Hamilton has been playing on Broadway.  Everybody on Broadway is vaccinated in order to perform in any show.  The audiences are vaccinated.  They have to show proof of vaccination to attend the shows.  But Hamilton and other Broadway shows are being shut down until further notice.  Why? 


The big physical athletes who play professional football are 95% vaccinated.  But scores of players and team personnel are testing positive for the virus.  All reports indicate that so far, they have stuffy noises and sore throats.  The NFL won't let them play and multiple games were postponed over the weekend. 


Doctors Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins, the retiring head of the National Institutes of Health, did their best to spread panic over the weekend instead of rational thought. 


Fauci suggested that masks on airplanes may never go away.  And Collins once again exposed the mindset of government bureaucrats when he said that trying to discover the origin of the virus (whether it came out of a Chinese lab) is a "distraction."


These are the people who are supposed to be so much smarter than the rest of us!


President Biden is going to address the nation tomorrow.  When he addresses the nation, it usually isn't that great.  He surrendered to the Taliban, surrendered to Putin and surrendered to communist China.  It won't be that surprising if he surrenders to COVID. 


What would that look like?  What we've already been through before – making America shut down. Telling you to stay in your home.  Telling schools to shut down. 


If we do that again, this virus that leaked out of a lab in communist China will have closed America for a second time.  Could Biden really be that stupid?  We'll see tomorrow.




Losing Our Freedom


A big theme of the left is that Donald Trump and the Republican Party are "threatening democracy."  America is a constitutional Republic, by the way, not a democracy.  Is our Republic or democracy in America in trouble?


A recent poll finds that most voters -- 53% -- believe that "democracy in America will end in the next generation or so."  Eleven percent think it already has ended. 


So, is the left's message resonating?  Not really. 


A deeper look into the poll finds that 42% of Republicans are worried that we're going to lose our freedom, but only 28% of Democrats are worried about that.  Asked which party voters see as the biggest threat to democracy, 37% said the Democrat Party, while 26% said the GOP.


The reason is that voters have seen with their own eyes the threats to freedom from the left.


It was the left that weaponized our intelligence agencies to destroy Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  It's the left's allies who are censoring us on social media. 


It's their left-wing groups that are attacking our freedom of speech, religious liberty and Second Amendment rights.  It's left-wing politicians who so eagerly locked down their states and communities during the pandemic, while conservatives fought to remain open and free.


It's the left that is shutting down dissenting opinions on university campuses, that is resorting to violence in the streets and using the courts to overturn the will of the people.  The list goes on and on.


Even when the left says they're trying to "protect voting rights," they're actually trying to make cheating easier, making it more likely we will lose our freedom.  Their so-called "voting rights" bill actually threatens voting rights. 


For example:


  • 82% of Americans support laws requiring all ballots to be received by Election Day to be counted.  Late votes should not be counted.
  • 85% of Americans support voter ID laws. 
  • 88% support requiring their states to clean up the voter rolls by removing dead people and those who have moved out of state. 


In a deeply divided America, there is a clear consensus across party lines when it comes to commonsense election reforms.  But the Democrats' "voting rights" legislation prohibits all three of those reforms. 


So, yes people are worried about losing their liberty.  And they're worried that the socialist Democrats are the ones who will take it away from us.




Freedom Lost


While we're on the subject of losing freedom, it's clearly been lost in Hong Kong, where new elections were just held.  But the elections were a total sham as only pro-Beijing candidates were allowed on the ballot. 


The only way the people of Hong Kong could protest was by not voting, and voter participation fell dramatically -- to its lowest level since 1997.  Fewer than half of those who voted in 2019 turned out for yesterday's elections.


It's important to keep this in mind during any discussions of communist China.  Beijing signed a treaty with Great Britain vowing to preserve freedom in Hong Kong until 2047.  The city was to maintain a special status as "one country, two systems" – part of communist China, but free economically and politically.


Well, as they always do, the communists lied.  Hong Kong is now thoroughly under the iron fist of the Chinese Communist Party. 


Meanwhile, we're still sending athletes to the Beijing "Genocide Olympics" next year, and Joe Biden, corporate America and professional sports leagues are groveling before these communist tyrants.