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Monday, December 14, 2020 -- Got Vaccine, The Biden Crime Family

Got Vaccine? Thanks, President Trump!
There was a moving scene yesterday in a place you have probably never heard of before: Portage, Michigan.  People spontaneously gathered waving American and Trump flags as the first trucks pulled out of a Pfizer factory carrying the first batches of COVID-19 vaccines.  This marks the beginning of the end of the coronavirus.  
Some conservative commentators have compared it to D-Day.  Well, if it's D-Day, then Donald Trump is the commander in chief.  He brought together our military, shipping companies, medical researchers and more as he waged war against this virus. 
It is possible that by December 31st, 99% of nursing home residents will have received the vaccine. That will break the back of COVID.
Nursing home residents are one percent of the population.  But, sadly, they represent about 40% to 45% of all the deaths.  Stopping half of the COVID deaths by the end of the year or early next year would be a huge achievement. 
By the end of today, vaccine doses will arrive in all 50 states.  By the end of February, 100 million doses will likely be delivered.  This is a monumental logistical effort that has been orchestrated by President Trump and Vice President Pence.
The Biden Crime Family
Remember how Joe Biden repeatedly insisted that he never discussed Hunter's business dealings with him? 
Well, late Friday news broke that Hunter Biden had ordered extra keys to be made for his "office mates" at a suite he identified as "The Biden Foundation" and "Hudson West (CEFC US)".  CEFC was the Chinese energy company that was going to pay Hunter and the whole Biden gang big bucks. 
So, who needed keys to the CEFC office?  One key was for Gongwen Dong, an "emissary" of CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming.  Another key was for Hunter's uncle James Biden.  Another key was for Jill Biden.  And the last key was reportedly for . . . Joe Biden.
Why would Joe Biden, who never discussed his son's business dealings, need a key to the Washington, D.C., office of a Chinese energy company?
Are we supposed to believe that Joe would walk in one day and ask what a Chinese guy was doing in his suite?  Of course not.  He knew all along!  And note the close connection between the Biden Foundation and a Chinese company that was bankrolling the Biden family. 
In one of the presidential debates, President Trump raised the issue of Hunter's questionable business dealings.  Joe Biden responded by saying that dozens of former national security experts dismissed the charges as Russian disinformation, and then he accused Donald Trump of making money off the Chinese.
The entire Biden family spent the entire campaign lying to the American press and the American people.  And not one of those journalists is angry about it.  They knew they were being lied to, but they were all in for their anointed candidate.  They media were lying too!
The Founding Fathers believed that a free press was essential to the preservation of freedom.  But we don't really have a free press today.  We have a hyper-partisan press just as committed to one party rule as the talking heads of Pravda were.