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Monday, August 7, 2023 -- Silencing Trump, A Clear Message, Kudos To Cameron

Silencing Trump


Late Friday night, Special Counsel Smith filed a motion in a Washington, D.C., federal court trying to gag Donald Trump.  His motion had nothing to do with any alleged wrongdoing by Trump. 


The motion was filed in response to a social media post by Trump, who wrote, “If you go after me, I’m coming after you!”  A Trump spokesman said the post wasn’t about Smith, but was aimed at “dishonest special interest groups and Super PACs” that are attacking Trump.  Judge Tanya Chutkan ordered Trump’s attorneys to respond to the motion by 5:00 PM today. 


This is simply another attempt to silence Donald Trump and, by extension, all conservatives.  Smith is demanding that the judge issue a gag order preventing Trump from defending himself.  Meanwhile, Smith and the Department of Justice are constantly leaking to the media and making a myriad of allegations without any proof.


First, the left attempted to silence Trump by kicking him off social media.  So, he created his own social media company.  Now they’re trying to silence him entirely, preventing you from hearing his side of the story, while Biden’s Justice Department leaks like a sieve. 


By the way, it’s worth remembering that Judge Chutkan has previously recused herself from two cases involving Fusion GPS – the so-called “research firm” that helped produce the infamous fake Russian dossier.  She should recuse herself from this case, too!


As we wrote last week, many constitutional law experts are warning that Trump’s prosecution is a direct assault on free speech.  And the Supreme Court has already established a clear precedent from a similar case.


In 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to criminalize allegedly false statements by a politician for the obvious reason that doing so:


“. . . would give government a broad censorial power unprecedented . . . in our constitutional tradition.  The mere potential for the exercise of that power casts a chill, a chill the First Amendment cannot permit if free speech, thought, and discourse are to remain a foundation of our freedom.”


I want to remind you again that the charges against Donald Trump have been brought by Democrat prosecutors in Democrat jurisdictions at the urging of the Democrat president.  If found guilty, Trump is likely to be put in jail until he dies.


And I couldn’t help but notice the irony that all this is happening as Vladimir Putin just used Russia’s legal system to put his leading political opponent in jail for 19 more years.  The Biden Administration had the chutzpah to attack Putin for this obvious violation of the rule of law, while doing its best to duplicate such iron-fisted tactics here.




A Clear Message


Last week, 11 Russian and Chinese ships, participating in joint naval exercises, approached the Aleutian Islands, off the coast of Alaska.  They were met by four U.S. destroyers. 


Experts say that Russia and communist China, driven closer together by the Ukraine war, were sending a clear message. 


The United States projects its power by periodically sending naval assets into the Black Sea, which borders Ukraine and Russia.  We are also regularly sending naval assets through the Taiwan Strait, off the coast of communist China.


In response, Russia and China were saying to us, “We’re capable of doing the same thing off the coast of the United States.”  I predict that in the months ahead, we will see communist Chinese and Russian naval vessels off the coast of Washington State and California. 


Some are suggesting that President Biden should immediately meet with key congressional leaders and request billions of dollars in emergency funding to quickly build more ships before communist China totally eclipses the U.S. Navy. 


I am sad to tell you that it’s not that simple.  The U.S. only has seven large shipyards whereas China has dozens.  Communist China is building more ships every year than America built during World War II.  According to one report, the U.S. Navy decommissions ships faster than it builds new ones. 


But don’t lose any sleep over that.  We are way ahead of the Chinese and Russians in the race to have the most diverse military in the world with the largest possible number of transgender military personnel!




Kudos To Cameron!


In response to public libraries hosting “drag queen story hours” for little children, Kirk Cameron and the publishing company Brave Books held a national event over the weekend called, “See You At The Library.”  The purpose of this event was for men and women of faith to seek equal time at their local library.


In spite of opposition by the left-wing American Library Association, more than 300 “See You At The Library” events in more than 40 states took place this past Saturday!  Kirk Cameron and Riley Gaines attended three events, one of which almost didn’t happen.


The Huntsville-Madison County Public Library System in Huntsville, Alabama, initially canceled its event, citing security concerns.  Thankfully, quick action by our friends at the First Liberty Institute saved the day!




Getting God Back In School


The roots of the left’s culture war against normalcy in America go back decades – all the way back to the initial efforts to purge God from the public square, beginning with our schools.  In recent years, conservative legislators in several states have pushed back and we are beginning to reverse this trend. 


I am pleased to report that a new law took effect in Louisiana last week requiring all public school classrooms to display our national motto, “In God We Trust.”  Similar laws are in effect in eight other states.


Of course, the left insists this is a violation of the “separation of church and state.”  But you cannot find that phrase anywhere in our Constitution. 


Moreover, the Supreme Court, thanks to three appointments by Donald Trump, has issued several decisions strongly reaffirming our First Amendment religious liberty rights.  Yet, just like muscles, rights also tend to atrophy if they are not exercised and used regularly.