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Monday, August 31, 2020 -- An August Miracle, Trump Supporter Murdered, Stop The Indoctrination

An August Miracle
Ever since George Floyd's death three months ago, the left has turned America's cities into arenas for violence as mobs have preyed on citizens and destroyed local businesses. 
While this happened, virtually every Democrat politician and media commentator, including Juan Williams and Donna Brazile on Fox News, told us we were crazy.  They insisted that the protests were peaceful.  It was unbelievable to hear them say that with straight faces. 
Major networks downplayed the violence out of Portland, often refusing to show video of what has happening night after night after night.  But in the last ten days, something short of miraculous has happened. 
The Democrats held their convention, and the public wondered why no Democrat mentioned what they were reading about in their local papers and watching on their local news. 
Then the Republican National Convention took place.  Speaker after speaker vowed to confront the violence and hold the negligent Democrats accountable.  Polls came out showing a tightening race
Some notable liberals, such as Don Lemon, Bill Maher and Michael Moore, sounded the alarm, warning that the riots were hurting the Democrats.
I can't say with certainty what happened next, but over the weekend the word went out.  The same people who told you that there were no riots, that it was just Donald Trump making up things to frighten you, now insist that the riots are being caused by Donald Trump. 
Joe Biden went so far as to condemn the rioting and he challenged Donald Trump to do so too.  WHAT?!  Trump has been condemning the rioting since it began!
So Democrats suddenly realized they were losing on the law and order issue, and in the blink of an eye, they are now trying to change the narrative.  There are riots on the streets, and the left says it's all Donald Trump's fault.
Don't fall for it, my friends!
This is coming from the party that promoted a complete lie about Russian collusion for more than two years.  It's coming from the party that impeached the president over a phone call. 
And while they were conducting that fake impeachment, the coronavirus arrived in America.  But they were too busy trying to politically kill the president to do anything useful about that.
This is coming from the movement that wants to defund the police.
It is coming from the party whose mayors in Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, New York City, Seattle and Washington, D.C., have not only made no real effort to stop the rioting but have attempted to legitimatize what was going on in their streets because it is about social justice after all.
As for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who now think the riots are terrible and all Trump's fault, perhaps they should call a staff meeting and tell their aides to stop donating to groups (here and here) that are bailing out rioters as fast as they are arrested so they can loot and riot again the next night.
Trump Supporter Murdered
In Portland last night, a Blue Lives Matter supporter and a member of the Patriot Prayer group was shot and killed.  The alleged assassin posted on social media that he is "100% ANTIFA all the way."
Gabriel Johnson, a black resident of Portland, told Fox News this morning that he left his apartment to find out what happened in his neighborhood last night.  He was sickened to find people celebrating that a Trump supporter had been murdered. 
They were dancing with their fists in the air, yelling that they had killed a "fascist" and a "Nazi."  This is what Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has allowed to fester in his city.
What happened in Portland wasn't an isolated incident.  Trump supporters were holding a rally on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles when someone opened fire on them from an apartment building. 
How did we get here?  Well, this is what happens after decades of demonization. 
Pro-life activists and conservative Christians who believe in the traditional meaning of marriage have been called "fascists" and "the American Taliban" for years.
The media cheers whenever conservatives are run out of restaurants or harassed at their homes.  By the way, it's happening now to ordinary Americans simply trying to enjoy a night out.
When some Americans defended historical memorials, the media and the left united to condemn those people as bigots and haters. 
When Bibles were being thrown into the Portland bonfires, there was no dissent from the "mainstream" opinion makers.  We all know what would have happened if Korans had been thrown into the fire.
Today's left has no respect for freedom of speech and free thought.  That's why Antifa feels justified in attacking conservatives and silencing conservative speakers.  That's why leftists feel justified in forcing Americans attempting to eat dinner to bow to their demands.
But now the left insists that all this left-wing violence is really Donald Trump's fault.  And I suppose Christians and Jews all over America are somehow responsible for their churches and synagogues being vandalized and burned down too.
The Pauls Speak Out
It's no secret that I have had my share of disagreements with Senator Rand Paul over the years.  That said, what happened to him and his wife on the streets of Washington, D.C., last week was outrageous and should shock every American. 
Over the weekend, both Senator Paul and his wife, Kelley, published columns detailing their experience attempting to leave the White House after the president's address Thursday night.  You can read them here and here
But I'd like to include this excerpt from Mrs. Paul's remarks because she perfectly encapsulates the danger confronting America from today's "progressive" movement.
"In the last three years, my husband was shot at by the Bernie Sanders supporter who nearly killed Rep. Steve Scalise, had six ribs broken and his lung damaged by a vocal internet hater of President Trump, and endured numerous death threats against him and our family.  
"An MSNBC reporter literally said on air, laughing, that Rand's assault was her favorite news story of the week.  She was hardly criticized or made to apologize, let alone fired.
"People such as Bette Midler and Nancy Pelosi's daughter regularly tweet out encouragement of the man who nearly killed Rand, which is amplified by thousands of their followers.  My message to all of them is this: You have become exactly what you say you hate — violent, close-minded, authoritarian, and utterly lacking in empathy."
Stop The Indoctrination
Left Coast lunatics are getting ready to take public school indoctrination to a whole new level.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Assembly Bill 331 will require high school students to take a semester of "ethnic studies." 
The course will teach students to "build new possibilities for post-imperial life that promotes collective narratives of transformative resistance."  They will also learn about the "four 'I's of oppression —ideological, institutional, interpersonal and internalized."   The Journal rightly suggests the course add a fifth "I" for "indoctrination."
The course also introduces students to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, asking them to "write a paper detailing certain events in American history that have led to Jewish and Irish Americans gaining racial privilege."
Sadly, our public schools have become left-wing "reeducation camps."  Our schools are producing the social justice warriors who hate America and the values that made this nation a beacon of hope to the rest of the world. 
Learning garbage like this, it's no wonder that today's youth are the least patriotic generation in our nation's history and among the most ignorant when it comes to socialism and Marxism.
If we are going to make America great again, we must fundamentally transform our public education system.