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Monday, August 22, 2022 -- The Anti-Constitutional Left, Good News & Bad News

The Anti-Constitutional Left


Two left-wing academics, one Harvard professor and one Yale professor, published a column in the New York Times late last week calling for progressives to abandon the Constitution.  They claim the Constitution is “broken,” “inadequate” and “famously undemocratic.” That sounds a little “insurrectiony” to me!


Their solution is for progressive politicians and activists to “radically alter the basic rules” of our country and to stop “justifying our politics based on the Constitution.”


When have progressives ever justified their policies based on the Constitution?  Nancy Pelosi was asked about the constitutionality of Obamacare, and she was completely dismissive. 


These professors presumably think they have something new to say, but they’re way behind the curve.  Their article is only useful in that they have said out loud what the left really believes and what it’s been doing for some time now. 


A big part of the Marxist left’s agenda has always been to get rid of that pesky old Constitution, which has been responsible for the success of the American Republic.  Some leftists openly call the Constitution “trash.”  Getting rid of the Constitution is all part of the left’s desire to “fundamentally transform America.”


As we have written repeatedly in this report, the left is at war with the Constitution across the board.  They are at war with the freedom of speech.  They are at war with the freedom of religion.  They are at war with the right to protect your family with a firearm. 


They are also at war with the checks and balances in the Constitution, which guarantee our freedoms.


For example, the left says that having two senators in every state is undemocratic.  Some leftists want to abolish the Senate.  (Yes, that’s how radical they are.)  “Why should South Dakota be treated as an equal to California,” they insist.


Well, the Founding Fathers didn’t want small states to be dictated to by the big cities.  That’s also why we have the Electoral College. That’s part of our unique system of checks and balances. 


Other rules, like the practice of extended debate in the Senate (the filibuster) is part of our system of checks and balances.   It works to ensure that in most cases, extreme partisan measures are blocked and that consensus policies are passed.


Another critical aspect of our checks and balances is the separation of powers and divided government, including the Supreme Court, which serves as a check against the excesses of the executive and legislative branches of government.  That’s why the left is demanding to stuff the Supreme Court with more justices, just like the left stuffs ballot boxes in big cities with illegitimate votes.


Our system of government may not be perfect.  There is no perfect government on this earth.  


But our Constitution has worked well for nearly 250 years, and it has thwarted the worst impulses of the radical left.  That’s why the Marxist left is demanding that it all be thrown out the window so they can rule America unimpeded by that pesky Constitution.




Good News & Bad News


Two weeks ago, Fargo, North Dakota, made headlines when the city’s school board voted 7-to-2 to ban the Pledge of Allegiance at school board meetings because the phrase “under God” was exclusionary.  How so?  Because it clearly referred to the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible and, therefore, “didn't align with the school board's diversity, equity and inclusion values.”


There are those progressive buzzwords again – “diversity, equity and inclusion.”  That’s code for critical race theory.  This is another indication of just how extreme and divisive critical race theory truly is.


When the news broke, there was an overwhelming public backlash.  At a special board meeting Thursday night, the Fargo school board voted 8-to-1 to reverse course and to reinstate the Pledge of Allegiance.


So, that’s good news.


But what in the world happened in Fargo in the first place?  Why was there even a vote to abandon the Pledge at all?  Fargo is not San Francisco.


The bad news is that radical leftists, who thought it was a bad idea to have God in the Pledge, somehow got control of the school board in Fargo, North Dakota!


Sadly, the lone vote to still ban the Pledge Thursday night was cast by Board Member Nyamal Dei, who happens to be a Sudanese refugee. 


Previously in America’s history, people who came here escaping tyranny often became some of our best patriots.  That’s usually still true when immigrants and refugees are coming from places like Cuba and Venezuela. 


But, sadly, some immigrants coming to America today are being indoctrinated by the left’s woke ideology.  They end up hating America, and join with those who are trying to “fundamentally transform” the nation. 


One example of this is Ilhan Omar, who came to America from a Somalian refugee camp.  She spends all her time bashing America and our military.


If Ms. Dei was still in Sudan, her life would be miserable.  But she comes to this country and tries to get rid of the one unifying thing that has made us the exact opposite of her native country, and that’s the idea that our liberty comes from God, yes, the God of the Bible.


Here’s something to consider:  The American revolution was a pro-God of the Bible revolution.  That’s what made it decidedly different in its outcome from the French revolution, which was an anti-God revolution, and the Russian revolution, which was also an anti-God revolution.


With the November elections fast approaching, this is a good time to ask your local school board members whether the words “under God” violate their “diversity, equity and inclusion policy.”  The results may surprise you.




Liz’s List


Liz Cheney’s list of “deplorable Republicans” is growing.  As we have reported, she’s ruled out Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis as acceptable presidential nominees for the Republican Party in 2024. Over the weekend, she added Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to her growing list of “deplorables and irredeemables.”


Cruz and Hawley are, according to Cheney, unfit for the presidency because they are so-called “election deniers.”  That’s a term of the left, just like “climate deniers” and “science deniers.”  It’s clear that Cheney is now all in with the Democrat Party and the Marxist left.


But why isn’t Cheney leading the charge to depose January 6th Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, another well-known “election denier”?


By the way, Liz Cheney is indirectly involved in the left’s effort to ensure that Democrats maintain control of the U.S. Senate this November.


Earlier this summer, John Wood left his position as Liz Cheney’s counsel on the January 6th Committee.  He moved back to his home state of Missouri so he could run for the U.S. Senate as an independent third-party candidate.  His campaign is being bankrolled by former Sen. John Danforth, a liberal Republican.


Wood, who said he would be happy to have Liz Cheney’s endorsement, initially claimed that he got into the race because it looked like former populist Governor Eric Greitens would win the Republican nomination, and he wanted to offer voters a more moderate choice.  But even though Greitens lost the primary, Wood still won’t get out of the race. 


This election interference by RINOs and NeverTrumpers like Danforth could very well ensure that a Democrat wins this critical seat, guaranteeing Chuck Schumer remains Senate Majority Leader.