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Monday, April 24, 2023 -- Biden's In, Tucker's Out, The Bud Light Backlash

Biden’s In


Joe Biden is reportedly ready to announce his campaign for reelection.  Biden will release a video tomorrow, exactly four years to the day that he announced his 2020 campaign.


The release of a video announcement is telling.  It’s an indication that Democrats hope to rerun their 2020 “basement strategy,” this time with a sitting president.  They want to limit and control Biden’s exposure to the press and the public. 


Biden is already facing a somewhat serious challenge from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and New Age author Marianne Williamson is running too.  To further protect Biden, the DNC just announced that there won’t be any Democrat primary debates.  That almost sounds anti-democratic.  (The left labels almost anything conservatives do as “a threat to democracy.” Well, they’re silencing speech and censoring Biden’s critics yet again!)


While incumbent presidents historically have the upper hand, Biden is facing severe headwinds.  Americans are not happy about the state of Biden’s economy.  They don’t like how he has handled various issues such as crime, foreign policy and immigration.  And they don’t seem to like him very much either.


In fact, a new NBC News poll finds that 70% of Americans don’t think Joe Biden should run again.  That’s a hard hurdle to overcome.




Tucker’s Out


Fox News made the shocking announcement today that the network has parted ways with its most popular prime time host, Tucker Carlson.  The network declared that Carlson’s last show aired April 21st.


This announcement comes on the heels of Fox News severing ties with conservative host Dan Bongino, and within hours after Carlson delivered a major speech at the Heritage Foundation in which he called for Americans to spend more time in prayer for the survival of our nation.


I have been urging Americans to do that for some time, but now I am also praying that Tucker finds someway to get back on the air. 


Many on the left were quick to celebrate this shocking news.  That speaks volumes.  There are few voices on the right that the left feared more than Carlson’s.


This doesn’t compare at all in the grand scheme of things, but perhaps it’s some consolation:  CNN fired Don Lemon today.




Biden’s Power Play


The Biden Administration is expected to announce new, draconian rules on power plant emissions.  According to Politico, these new rules “would be the most stringent regulations on fossil fuel plants in the nation’s history.”


Many experts believe the new regulations will be impossible for power plants to meet, and that’s precisely the point. 


These new rules have little to do with the climate.  We already have the cleanest environment and the most efficient energy production in the world, which we must have to maintain our economy and an improving standard of living.


So why are they attempting to impose these additional standards that will force fossil fuel plants to close?  They’re trying to force these plants to shut down entirely.  That’s always been their goal. 


Barack Obama told us that he wanted to bankrupt coal plants.  Hillary Clinton said she wanted to put coal miners out of work.  Joe Biden said he wanted to “end fossil fuels.”


This is just another power grab by the left, just like its efforts to impose impossible standards on auto manufacturers.  They are also complaining that gasoline isn’t expensive enough to force Americans into electric cars. 


They are taking choices away from the country on how we want to power our economy, and the effects will be devastating.




The Bud Light Backlash


We recently told you about the abrupt “about face” that the Anheuser-Busch company was attempting to pull off.  After celebrating transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney with a special commemorative can, the company quickly rolled out a new patriotic ad that attempted to reconnect with its core customer base.  In short, the company knew it had a major PR problem.


The New York Post reports that Bud Light sales fell 17% in dollars and 21% in volume in the week that ended April 15th as the backlash grew.


Recognizing just how big that problem was, news broke over the weekend that Bud Light’s vice president of marketing, Alissa Heinerscheid, and her boss, Daniel Blake, have both taken leaves of absence.  According to company insiders, their decisions to step away “wasn’t voluntary.” 


Moreover, Anheuser-Busch also announced that it was naming Todd Allen as the new vice president of marketing for Bud Light.  At a minimum, it seems Ms. Heinerscheid won’t be coming back.


This is a significant development as it marks the first time in recent years that a major corporation appears to have stepped back from its embrace of the radical LGBTQ+ agenda.




A Disappointing Decision


Friday’s decision by the Supreme Court on the abortion pill mifepristone was disappointing to say the least, but it was not entirely unexpected. 


To be clear, this is not the end of the case, and Friday’s ruling was not a final decision.  It was merely a ruling on an emergency appeal by the Biden Administration that sought to block lower court injunctions against mass distribution of mifepristone.


As our friends at the Alliance Defending Freedom put it, the decision maintains the status quo that existed prior to their initial lawsuit challenging the FDA’s approval of the abortion pill while their case continues to work its way through the courts. 


We will continue to follow this lawsuit closely, and we will keep you posted as developments warrant.




Happy Birthday, Israel!


Israelis have a unique way of commemorating Memorial Day and Independence Day -- they are observed back-to-back.  It would be like Memorial Day in America being July 3rd with Independence Day, of course, on July 4th. 


Ceremonies marking Israel's Memorial Day will begin tonight as Israelis honor the memories of more than 24,000 fallen soldiers, police officers and the civilian victims of terrorism.  


Tomorrow night, Israelis will begin celebrating Yom Ha'Atzmaut or Independence Day.  In recognizing the modern state of Israel in 1948, President Harry Truman said, “I had faith in Israel before it was established, I have faith in it now.”


In 1948, Israel was promptly attacked by virtually all of its Arab neighbors.  Israel prevailed, only to be attacked again and again and again.  Even now, 75 years later, Iran’s leaders repeatedly vow to annihilate the Jewish state, and many Muslim states still refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist.


But in the midst of this hatred, Israel has thrived.  It has done so because of God’s blessing, because of the determination of the Jewish people and with the strong support of the United States of America.