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Monday, April 19, 2021 -- Fanning The Flames, Speaking Of Insurrections, Progressive Priorities

Fanning The Flames
Everyone knows this is a very troubling time for our country.  Many people thought Donald Trump was causing the divisions in America.  He wasn't.  And it's clear that things haven't gotten any better over the last 90 days.
But the worst thing anyone can do is pour gasoline on the fire, particularly when the unrest is related to charges of racism.  What we need right now is calm.  Sadly, multiple leftists are fanning the flames of division in our country.  
For example, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the president's spokesperson, prejudged a disputed police shooting.  Friday afternoon, she insisted that "too often in this country, law enforcement uses unnecessary force, too often resulting in the death of black and brown Americans."
There are hundreds of examples from the liberal media.  But CNN's Chris Cuomo said we won't get serious about reform until white kids "start getting killed."  That's disgusting! 
And for the record, Jen and Chris, more Caucasians are killed by police than minorities.
But the worst example is Rep. Maxine Waters, a powerful member of Congress.  She traveled 1,500 miles from her California district to tell rioters in Minneapolis that they should "get more confrontational," as if they needed any encouragement.
She demanded that Officer Derek Chauvin be found guilty.  And if he isn't, Waters said people should take to the streets.  Hours after her remarks, two National Guardsmen were injured in a drive-by shooting.  Is that confrontational enough, Congresswoman?  
Waters has a history of making outrageous and provocative statements.  In 2018, she faced an ethics complaint after inciting violence against Trump Administration officials
Waters also defended the 1992 Los Angeles riots as "understandable, if not acceptable."  She referred to the riots as an "insurrection" and a "rebellion."
It's disturbing to say, but some very prominent people seem to want a civil war.  How else can you explain such extreme rhetoric?
Maxine Waters should apologize or be kicked out of Congress.  Chris Cuomo should apologize or be fired.  The Biden White House should denounce violence.  But I'm not holding my breath.
Speaking Of Insurrections. . .
This may be some of the best news I have read in a while.  Parents at some of New York's most elite private schools are rebelling against the woke ideology that is being forced on their children.
Andrew Guttman pulled his daughter out of the prestigious all-girls Brearley School, which costs $54,000 a year.  He did so out of frustration with the school's obsession with race.  And the school wasn't content with forcing critical race theory into every subject. 
Parents were required to explain how their family's values aligned with the school's "anti-racist and inclusive" policies.  But it didn't end there.  Parents were also required to attend mandatory "anti-racist training and ongoing reflection."  In other words, the Brearley School was forcing its radical agenda into people's homes.
Guttman had enough of this nonsense, and he mailed a letter to all 650 parents, blasting Brearley.  In the letter, he wrote:
"By viewing every element of education, every aspect of history, and every facet of society through the lens of skin color and race, we are desecrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."
Sadly, that critique could apply to our entire educational establishment today.
The good news is that Guttman is not alone.  Parents at the Dalton School, another of New York's uber-elite private academies, have forced out two top officials, including the headmaster, for the same reason. 
In an open letter in January, a group of Dalton parents wrote that "Every class this year has had an obsessive focus on race and identity, 'racist cop' reenactments in science, 'de-centering whiteness' in art class, learning about white supremacy . . . in health class."
As we have previously reported, critical race theory and issues of "equity" are seriously dividing Loudoun County, Virginia.  Several school board members are facing recall elections after it was discovered that they and other public officials were targeting parents in the community who opposed their radical agenda.  I'm pleased to report that more teachers are now speaking up and pushing back.
I often hear from people asking what they can do, whether it's getting involved in their local Republican Party or running for public office.  That's great, but there is something all of us can do. 
Start by actually knowing what your children are being taught.  Do you know if critical race theory is being taught in your school?  I suspect it is being taught in some form.  And if your school has a special anti-racism program but it won't show you the curriculum, you have a big problem. 
Is Martin Luther King, Jr., a central part of the instruction?  That's important to know because critical race theory doesn't emphasize Reverend King.  If he were alive today, he would chastise Maxine Waters.  He was very critical of the radical elements of the civil rights movement.
I can't give you better advice than this, my friends:  First save your children and grandchildren from the clutches of the left, which owns the schools and popular entertainment.  It won't be easy.  But it may well be the most important thing every parent and grandparent can do for the future our country.
Meanwhile In Chicago
While Maxine Waters was in Minneapolis this weekend, 24 people were shot in Chicago.  One of the victims was a 7-year old girl, Jaslyn Adams.   Have you heard of her name?  Her father was shot and Jaslyn was killed while they waiting at a McDonald's drive-thru. 
Is Chicago bracing for riots over the dozens young black men and women who are killed every weekend?  Is Biden going to lower White House flag for Jaslyn? 
Are we going to get a lecture from Kamala Harris over the "systemic violence" that plagues minority communities?  Will any leftists ask where all the black fathers are? 
Unfortunately, we won't get answers to any of those questions. 
But the murderers responsible for Chicago's chaos are anarchist criminals, and I'm fairly certain none of them were raised in conservative homes.  In others words, everyone involved – from the thugs on the streets to virtually all elected officials in Chicago – are leftists. 
There are no religious, conservative, libertarian or free market activists involved in the violence in Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland or Seattle. But somehow all the violence is blamed on Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Fox News and Campaign for Working Families!
Progressive Priorities
Over the weekend, the United States and communist China announced a major agreement.  Our nations are going to work together to combat climate change.
The agreement comes in advance of climate summit later this week.
Stopping climate change is a top priority for the left.  In fact, Joe Biden made combatting climate change a central focus of America's foreign policy and national security agenda.  That speaks volumes about the left's priorities, as does Biden's willingness to trust communist China on anything.
Who cares if communist China is violating the terms of previous climate change agreements?
Who cares if communist China lied to the whole world about the Wuhan virus?
Who cares if communist China is suppressing freedom in Hong Kong? 
Who cares if communist China is threatening democracy in Taiwan? 
Who cares if communist China is engaged in a massive espionage campaign against the United States?
Who cares if communist China is engaged in genocide and promoting slave labor?
But, hey, at least they want to work with the Biden/Harris Administration to kill our energy industry!