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Monday, April 18, 2022 -- Cultural Barbarians Attack Faith, Biden's Not Helping, Coons Releases Trial Balloons

Cultural Barbarians Attack Faith


Just in time for Easter 1966, the secular media published a controversial article entitled, "Is God Dead?"  As you can imagine, it caused considerable outrage. 


But in its own way, it was a significant moment because secular elites thought then that the Christian influence was waning in America, and they've been trying to undermine Christianity ever since. 


They did it again this weekend with an editorial in the New York Times suggesting on the eve of Passover and Easter that we need to kill off the God of the Old Testament.


The left insists that conservatives keep starting the culture wars.  That's utter nonsense! 

The left is always on the attack in the culture war.  This editorial is just the latest example.  What they want is a cultural surrender by conservatives. 


It's inconceivable that any major newspaper in America would ever run a column entitled, "Allah Is Dead."  And they certainly would never do it during the middle of Ramadan. 


That's the case all over the world.  We just saw it again in Europe where someone burned a Koran and triggered days of rioting in Sweden.


There is an ongoing war against the Judeo-Christian worldview that is the foundation of our country.  The left continues to wage this war even as the dangers facing America and Israel are growing every day. 


There's runaway inflation.  Surging crime and violence in our cities.  There's a pandemic of drug overdoses.  There's talk of nuclear war.  Godless communist China is on the march.  We've been through tough times before, and it was our deep faith that got us through those times. 


Yet, what are our globalist elites doing now? They're not restoring our military.  They're not reforming our public health system.  No, they're spending their time and energy undermining the faith that inspires and gives strength to the American people. 


They are cultural barbarians doing everything they can to attack the civilization that has given mankind the greatest freedom and prosperity ever known!




He's Not Helping


As we have reported, Joe Biden is responsible for your pain at the pump.  Biden campaigned on phasing out the oil and gas that powers your car, and he declared war on our energy industry on his very first day in the Oval Office.  Not only did he cancel the Keystone pipeline, Biden shut down oil and gas exploration on federal lands. 


Like the laws of physics, there are predictable laws of economics, and when you limit supply as Biden did with domestic energy production, you increase prices, which ends up blowing up family budgets.


There appeared to be a glimmer of hope Friday evening, when the Biden Administration announced it was going to begin new oil and gas exploration leases on federal land.  But as usual, they're playing political games.  They're not helping at all.  In fact, they're making things worse.


It turns out they're only allowing leases to be issued on 20% of the available land.  Biden just took 80% of available federal land off the table.  Plus, they're significantly increasing leasing taxes.  So, as governors scramble to cut gas taxes, the Biden Administration is effectively raising the cost of producing gas! 


Of course, any additional costs to the price of finding energy will be passed on to you, making your pain at the pump even worse. 




Coons Releases Trial Balloons


Washington insiders believe that influential Delaware Senator Chris Coons, a Biden loyalist, said two things recently that may be "trial balloons" from the Biden White House. 


First, Coons said twice in recent days that the U.S. should send troops to Ukraine.  We just got out of the Afghanistan quagmire, and Joe Biden did it very badly.  Do we really want to jump right back into another foreign conflict?  The public wants to help supply Ukraine, but it does not want to go to war with Russia.


For those who are eager to see U.S. forces engage Russian troops, I'm just not excited about our sons and daughters fighting in Ukraine under this "commander-in-chief."  Nor does the prospect of a larger war, spilling beyond Ukraine's border if more nations start getting involved, seem like a good idea to me either.


On a separate issue, Coons hinted that the Biden Administration may be "reconsidering" its position on ending Title 42 enforcement at the southern border, as border apprehensions broke yet another record last month.


Many Democrats are panicking about the politics of the border crisis, and they're scrambling for cover.  A vulnerable Senate Democrat recently went to the southern border to record campaign ads.  The senator wasn't from Arizona or Nevada, but New Hampshire


More and more Democrats are publicly breaking ranks with Joe Biden on the border.  That tells you just how powerful the issue is.  Because of Joe Biden's open borders policies, every state is a border state now. 


Illegal drugs, including deadly fentanyl, are flooding across the border.  Just as we are beginning to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we're fighting a pandemic of drug overdoses. 


But just like the left's soft-on-crime policies created a crime crisis in our major cities, the left's open border policies have created a humanitarian and national security crisis on our southern border. 


Democrats control the House and the Senate.  They have had plenty of time to speak up and pressure Joe Biden and his administration to change course. 


Don't fall for the Democrats' tough talk on the border now.  Talk is cheap.  It's their actions that matter most.


The truth is that no matter what their campaign ads say in the weeks ahead, they fully support Biden's radical open borders policies.  They fought Trump's efforts to build a border wall, and they supported Biden's efforts to gut enforcement of our immigration laws.





Russiagate Update


The latest court filings by Special Counsel John Durham once again raise hope that justice may eventually be served in the Russiagate collusion hoax that was used to libel Donald Trump.  Here's the latest:


  • At least five Clinton aides are refusing to testify and pleading the Fifth.
  • One witness, however, was granted immunity in exchange for his testimony.
  • Indicted Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann not only lied to the FBI about the Russia collusion hoax, he lied to the CIA too.
  • The CIA wasn't buying it, however.  The agency concluded in 2017 that the data he provided was likely fake, "not technically plausible" and "user-created."


It's worth remembering that the last point is not necessarily new information.  Previously declassified memos show that the CIA knew in 2016 that Hillary Clinton approved a scheme to "vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security services."


Nevertheless, the Deep State ran with this false narrative and did its best to help frame Donald Trump and undermine his presidency.




Tax Day!


It's Tax Day!  I know, the 15th was last week, but the IRS filing deadline was delayed due to a local holiday in Washington, D.C.  Given all the talk about taxes today and the left's desire to raise taxes, especially on the rich, I thought it would be useful to provide a little perspective.


According to the Wall Street Journal, there are 735 billionaires in America.  The left really wants to sock it to billionaires and Biden recently unveiled a new proposal for taxing the uber-rich.


But here are the facts:  If you confiscated every dime from the nation's 735 billionaires – take every last penny of it – you'd get about $4.7 trillion.  That's a lot of money, but it really doesn't get you very far since Biden's 2023 budget alone is $5.8 trillion!


And if you take every last dime from the billionaires this year, what happens next year when they don't have a dime to give?


The fact is we already have a very progressive tax structure.  The top 1% of income earners pay 40% of all income taxes collected.  That's like 100 people going to an office party and one person picking up 40% of the tab. 


In spite of what AOC and Bernie Sanders say, our problem isn't that some Americans are "too rich."  Our problem is that there aren't enough rich people in America to pay for everything the left wants to do!