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Monday, April 11, 2022 -- Deep State Blues, Transforming America, Biden's Cultural Extremism

Deep State Blues


Our politicized federal law enforcement agencies have suffered two setbacks in the last week. 


First, a federal judge found a January 6th defendant not guilty on all charges.  The defendant, Matthew Martin, had entered the Capitol Building and walked through it for ten minutes. 


His defense was that Capitol Hill Police allowed him and many others to enter without any resistance.  A video played at trial showed two police officers standing on either side of a door on the east side of the building as Martin and others were allowed in.


A video released earlier showed the same thing happened on the west side of the building over a 40-minute period on that day.  Both videos are consistent with what many at the scene have reported.  There has been no comment from the January 6th Committee.


The second Deep State setback took place on Friday in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where a jury acquitted two men of conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in the fall of 2020.  (The jury deadlocked on verdicts for two other defendants.)


The jury apparently decided that the defendants were "entrapped" by the FBI after evidence showed at least a dozen FBI "confidential human sources" and undercover agents were embedded in the alleged plot.


The Michigan case made major news in the weeks leading up to the 2020 presidential election.  Joe Biden and Big Media exploited the charges and used them to accuse Trump of creating an atmosphere of hate and violence.  The jury decided the charges were bogus.


Both cases indicate that federal law enforcement at the FBI and the Justice Department have become political weapons deployed to smear conservatives and to interfere in our elections.




Transforming America


As you know, Texas officials are sounding the alarm on the chaos at the southern border.  Last week, Gov. Greg Abbott announced that he's going to start busing illegal aliens out of Texas to Washington, D.C. 


The White House dismissed the governor's pledge as a "publicity stunt."  Well, that doesn't sound very welcoming.  It almost sounds as if Joe Biden doesn't want all those illegal aliens in Washington.


Other Texas leaders are warning Americans to wake up.  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was on Fox News this morning to talk about a shocking statistic that should be a major headline in every newspaper and on every cable news network, but it won't be. 


Given the current record pace of illegal immigration, fully 20% of the people in the United States will be here illegally by the end of Joe Biden's first term. 


America is being fundamentally transformed by Joe Biden's open borders policies.


Your government, without the consent of the people, is literally transforming the population of America right in front of our eyes.  The Biden Administration is working with drug cartels to import millions of people who will forever change our country.


Biden says that millions of migrants are coming here for a better life.  Well, guess what?  Millions of Americans want a better life, too!  But no one has a right to illegally enter your home to take it. 


We have a very generous legal immigration system that admits about one million people a year.  "A better life" is not legal grounds for illegally walking into America.  Migrants are supposed to be allowed in only if they are escaping persecution or fleeing war. 


Virtually none of the people overwhelming our border fit into those categories.  Historically, the vast majority of asylum claims are rejected by immigration courts.  There are no wars raging in Latin America or in most of the other countries whose citizens are walking across our border. 


Approximately 40 million people in Latin America want to migrate to the United States.  The number of people worldwide who would move to America if they could is about 160 million.  It seems Joe Biden is eager to take them all, no matter how much it costs the American taxpayer. 


If any enemy of the United States had secretly compromised a president so that he was working for them instead of us, that traitorous president's immigration policy would look exactly like what Biden is doing right now.  Erase our border, and let the world walk in.  They're applauding this chaos in Beijing and Moscow. 


To restore common sense to our immigration policy, we must elect conservatives to take back Congress.  Then we must impeach Joe Biden and restore our borders before we lose our country.




Biden's Cultural Extremism


We've covered the debate raging in the state of Florida between Gov. Ron DeSantis and Disney.  What you must understand is that this debate isn't just isolated to Florida.  Led by the Biden Administration, the left intends to force its culture extremism on children everywhere, and it intends to force you to pay for it.


There was a disturbing exchange last week between Rep. Lauren Boebert and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra.  Thanks to Boebert's line of aggressive questioning, it became very clear that the Biden Administration is all in on taxpayer-funded sex change operations for children!


In fact, conservative organizations are warning that the Department of Health and Human Services is finalizing new rules this month to codify this radical agenda into law by forcing Christian hospitals, doctors and nurses to pay for and perform abortions and "gender affirming" surgeries.


Let's be clear about this:  The Biden Administration has decided that this is what America should be – a country that embraces, subsidizes and promotes abortion on demand and the radical trans ideology.  You WILL participate in it.  You WILL pay for it.  And the government WILL indoctrinate your children. 


These are not the values that made America "a shining city upon a hill."  These are not the values that will make America great again. 


Please stand with me as we fight Biden's cultural extremism!




Media Malfeasance


I hope by now you have seen the video of journalism students questioning left-wing media mavens last week about why they downplayed and ignored the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020. 


The media lied and dismissed the laptop as "Russian disinformation."  And they still won't apologize for it.  Anne Applebaum of The Atlantic said the Hunter Biden story just wasn't "interesting" and was "totally irrelevant." 


Really?  The son of the former vice president and Democrat presidential nominee is compromised by communist China and Ms. Applebaum doesn't find that "interesting" or "relevant"? 


There's no legitimate journalist who wouldn't find that story incredibly interesting and deeply relevant.  But that tells you everything you need to know about Ms. Applebaum and her liberal media colleagues, namely that they are not legitimate journalists!


This from the same left-wing media that covered the Russian collusion story over and over and over again without a shred of hard evidence.  That was all disinformation from the Clinton campaign!


This is the same left-wing media that lied about Nick Sandmann


This is the same left-wing media that lied about the "mostly peaceful" riots of 2020.


This is the same left-wing media that lied about Kyle Rittenhouse.


This is the same left-wing media that told us Jussie Smollett was a "victim."


This is the same left-wing media that isn't interested in the border crisis.


This is the same left-wing media that sees voter integrity as "an attack on democracy."


This is the same left-wing media that celebrates the fraud of the 1619 Project.


I could go on and on, but here's the bottom line:  Far too many of our friends and family members still get their "news" from the "mainstream media."  In this critical election year, we must do everything we can to help them see the truth. 


Please share these reports with friends and family members.  Don't waste your time with die-hard liberals.  But find just one person who may be on the fence and try to bring them our way.




Anti-Semitism Ignored


Here's another story that Big Media didn't find "interesting." 


A string of disgusting anti-Semitic attacks took place last week when Dion Marsh went on a rampage, attacking three residents in Lakewood, New Jersey.  Marsh carjacked a vehicle, hit one pedestrian, then hit a second victim. The second time, he got out of the car and stabbed the man he tried to run over. 


All three of Marsh's victims in this spree of violence are Jewish.  When police arrested Marsh at his home Friday night, he reportedly made anti-Semitic comments.  Marsh has been charged with hate crimes.


This attack was covered by local media and by Israeli media, but the big networks have ignored it.


Sadly, anti-Semitism is on the rise in New Jersey and in New York City.  The Times of Israel reports that anti-Semitic incidents in New York City, which is dominated by the left, are up 300% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the first quarter of 2021.