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Friday, March 17, 2023 -- Left-wing Lunacy, Senators Defend Life, Democrat Sympathies

Left-wing Lunacy


The number of Democrats coming out publicly in favor of mutilating children in the name of gender ideology is growing by the day.  President Joe Biden gave them the greenlight this week when he called laws that protect our children “close to sinful” and “cruel.” 


Just to be clear, Biden didn’t call extreme, irreversible surgeries on little boys and girls “sinful.”  No, he reserved that harsh condemnation for the parents and legislators trying to protect little children from radical activists and greedy doctors. 


Yesterday, we told you about the left-wing Nebraska politician who is willing to “burn the legislative session to the ground” in order to stop legislation protecting children from transgender surgeries. 


Think about that.  Ensuring that more confused children suffer from these cruel and unproven procedures is her most important priority.


Now the Democrat lieutenant governor of Minnesota insists that if your little boy says he’s a girl, you’re obligated to turn him into a girl.  “That’s what being a good parent means,” she said.


So, children who can barely write complete sentences are supposed to make life altering medical decisions for themselves?  Parents are now supposed to do whatever their child demands?  Well, some Democrat politicians would lock you up if you didn’t.


That’s insane! 


If your daughter, having already lost 20 pounds in the throes of anorexia, sees a fat girl when she looks in the mirror and tells you, “I want gastric bypass surgery because I’m fat,” are you really going to march her down to the doctor for major surgery? 


Of course not, because she’s delusional.  Any loving parent would help her by getting her mental health counseling.  You don’t reinforce her delusions.


As usual, the left has it backwards.  Being a good parent means doing what’s best for your children, not whatever they think they want at any given moment. It means protecting your children from harm.  That frequently means telling your children “No.” 


Indulging their delusions is close to sinful and cruel.


Help me defeat the delusional Democrats!




Big Government’s Double Standards


The bailout of all depositors at Silicon Valley Bank, coupled with nearly a dozen other banks being pressured to bail out First Republic Bank, does not appear to be reassuring Americans that their money is safe. 


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said yesterday that even though Biden bailed out everyone at SVB, including communist Chinese companies, they were not guaranteeing unlimited deposits at every bank in the country. 


So, yes, Silicon Valley Bank got special treatment that the Biden Administration does not intend to give to banks in East Palestine, Ohio.


It's useful to remember that in the last couple of years, we’ve experienced runs on toilet paper when we thought it might not be available.  We’ve experienced runs of baby formula when it was not available.  So, it’s not surprising that people might be tempted to get ahold of their money before it’s not available.


Everybody knows, even if they’re not an economist, that when you’re in the middle of a major economic crisis, it’s not good for the Biden Administration to be proposing massive tax increases on businesses and spending another $20 trillion over the next ten years that we don’t have.


Seventy percent of us already believe we’re headed in the wrong direction, and heading toward a cliff.  But every day, Joe Biden and his radical socialist allies give us reasons to jump off that cliff.


As I’m writing this, a volatile stock market is pummeling regional bank stocks once again.  That’s not going to inspire the confidence of depositors.




Senators Defend Life


As we have repeatedly noted over the past two years, the Biden/Harris Administration is the most pro-abortion administration in history.  They are doing everything they can to ensure as many innocent babies as possible are destroyed through abortion on demand.  They have even turned the Pentagon into a pro-abortion travel agency.


I am pleased to report that several Republican senators are stepping up to prevent your tax dollars from subsidizing abortion-related travel at the Department of Defense.


As Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), who served 23 years in the military, put it, “The Pentagon should not be mobilized against the unborn. The Department of Defense exists to defend life, not destroy it.” 


Sen. Ernst’s legislation, S. 822, is currently co-sponsored by 36 senators. 


Not that long ago, this wouldn’t be an issue as most Democrat politicians understood that American taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to subsidize abortions.  But so far, no Senate Democrats are co-sponsoring Ernst’s bill.




Democrat Sympathies


For more than 20 years, the Gallup Organization has polled attitudes toward the Middle East, and Americans have always stood strongly with our Israeli allies.  But that’s changing.


Currently, 54% of Americans say they sympathize more with Israel, while 31% say they sympathize more with the Palestinians.  That’s the slimmest advantage that Israel has ever enjoyed, and the first time that support for Israel was not at least 2-to-1 over the Palestinians.


This decline in support for Israel is due entirely to one thing – a collapse of support among Democrats. 


  • Republican support for Israel is up 18 points over the past two decades. 
  • Support among Independents for Israel is up five points. 
  • But over that time, Democrat support for Israel has fallen 13 points – from 51% to 38%. 


According to Gallup, for the first time ever, Democrats now sympathize with the Palestinians over Israelis by a margin of 49% to 38%.


This is the influence of the radical, socialist, anti-Zionist, anti-Israel left.  This is the influence of anti-Semites like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Linda Sarsour and Louis Farrakhan in today’s Democrat Party.




Good News


  • Arizona Superintendent of Schools Tom Horne launched the “Empower Hotline” for concerned parents to report inappropriate classroom instruction or material in the public schools.  Calls to the hotline are investigated to determine if anything, such as critical race theory or gender indoctrination, is detracting from academic instruction.


  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is terminating the liquor license of a Miami hotel bar that hosted a “Christmas-themed” drag show for children.


  • Kansas legislators approved a bill protecting women’s sports from men claiming to be women.  Democrat Governor Laura Kelly has twice vetoed similar bills, but the legislature may override her veto this time.


  • A college student won a free speech lawsuit against Montana State University after MSU dropped a no-contact order against the student over its insistence that she use preferred pronouns.  This is the second time in six years that MSU has lost a free speech lawsuit.


  • Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed legislation to delicense and effectively shut down abortion clinics in the Beehive State.


  • Jesus Revolution,” starring Kelsey Grammer and Jonathan Roumie, has earned more than $40 million and finished in the top 5 at the box office in the two weekends since its release.