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We reported yesterday that Secretary of State Antony Blinken had returned to Israel this week to pressure Israel to extend the cease-fire with Hamas.  He failed.  The war resumed after Hamas murdered four Israelis yesterday and launched a new barrage of rocket attacks. Blinken failed because he’s pressuring the wrong people.  Hamas isn’t interested in peace with Israel.  Hamas, not Israel, broke this cease-fire, just like it broke the previous cease-fire on October 7th. But Blinken’s failure to renew the cease-fire pales in comparison to his betrayal of our ally Israel. 

As you probably have heard by now, there was another sad attempt this week by leftist race baiters to stoke racial tensions and further divide America.  It’s the kind of left-wing agitation designed to keep us at each other’s throats, while the left is busy “fundamentally transforming” the country.  Deadspin sports reporter Carron J. Phillips published a story this week viciously attacking Holden Armenta, a nine year-old boy.  Why did this reporter smear a little boy?  His “crime” was attending a Kansas City Chiefs game with one side of his face painted black and the other side painted red… Read More

The Hamas massacre in Israel on October 7th unleashed something horrible right here in the United States.  We’ve seen things take place since October 7th that were unimaginable on October 6th.  After a massacre of Jewish women and children in Israel -- simply because they were Jews -- there was a massive outbreak of bloodthirsty anti-Semitism here in America.  Pro-Hamas demonstrations, with calls for genocide, erupted in our cities and on our university campuses. 

Last Monday, Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, was locked down for two hours.  Dozens of local police poured into the building to restore order after a riot erupted.  This wasn’t another out-of-control gang fight.  It was a pro-Hamas pogrom in a Queens high school against a female Jewish teacher.

I love Thanksgiving!  It’s not just a day off work.  It’s not a day devoted to parades and football.  It’s not even about turkeys and pumpkin pies.  As the name makes clear, it is a day devoted to giving thanks to God for all the blessings we enjoy.

There is breaking news indicating that Israel may accept a four-day cease-fire in exchange for Hamas releasing dozens of Israeli hostages.  Israel is also expected to release as many as 300 convicted Palestinian prisoners.  White House spokesman John Kirby said the negotiations were at a “delicate stage.” While this is certainly welcome news for many Israeli families, the pressure on Israel to agree to a cease-fire is completely misguided. 

The New York Times editorial board made a huge confession Saturday.  It came just days before Thanksgiving, so most Americans probably didn’t notice.  But I noticed because, once again, some on the left are having to concede that conservatives were right.  Of course, the New York Times did not admit that. But it did admit what we and many conservatives have said all along:  The closure of our schools during the COVID pandemic was the biggest educational disaster in history.  We lost 20 years of progress in math and reading.  The Times editorial notes that the fallout will linger for… Read More

Have you heard about the latest viral craze on TikTok?  Young influencers on the social media platform are claiming that their lives have been radically changed.  I wish I could say they have been radically changed because they found Jesus after stumbling on a Bible in their homes.  But, sadly, that’s not it.  They have actually gone further to the “dark side.”  Instead of the Bible, they stumbled on Osama bin Laden’s letter justifying his 9/11 attack on America that killed 3,000 of our fellow citizens.  And they believed bin Laden!

Nearly 300,000 pro-Israel Christians and Jews poured into Washington, D.C., Tuesday morning and no one was harassed or hurt.  But the very next evening, 200 leftists showed up angry that the Democrat Party isn’t left-wing enough.  This pro-Hamas mob laid siege to the Democrat National Committee headquarters just off Capitol Hill.  They surrounded the building and blocked every exit.  They attempted to smash their way into the building.  One House Democrat who was trapped inside told Axios that last night’s pro-Hamas protest “scared me more than January 6th,” adding that “Police were… Read More

It was confirmed overnight that there were at least 290,000 people at yesterday’s March For Israel on the National Mall.  It was the largest pro-Israel event ever!  I just want to reiterate that there was zero vandalism.  No one thought that the way to make a point about the Middle East was to attack local businesses in Washington, D.C. No one of Arab or Muslim background was attacked.  There were no reports of angry Jewish young men attacking anyone with a Palestinian flag. 

For weeks now, we’ve witnessed multiple demonstrations from hate-filled, pro-Hamas extremists all over the country.  This afternoon, Americans of all races, faiths and backgrounds came together in our nation’s capital to show their support for Israel.  The March For Israel was the right answer and a powerful answer to the anti-Semitic bigotry that has run rampant in our cities and on our college campuses over the past month. The march for Israel was peaceful.  The massive crowd proudly waved many Israeli and American flags, the two pillars of Western, Judeo-Christian civilization. 

This past Saturday was Veterans Day – a time when we honor the sacrifice and service of our military veterans.  Sadly, a mob of Hamas supporters marched yet again through the streets of New York City, marring what should have a time of respect and reflection for many Americans. The Islamofascist heirs of Adolf Hitler marched through the streets of Manhattan, chanting slogans that would have made any German Nazi in the 1930s proud.  Calls for a second Holocaust filled the air, as did chants of “Allahu Akbar!”

Hillary Clinton is the gift that keeps on giving.  Given the split that has erupted within the Democrat Party over Israel, her lack of any condemnation of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and the growing anti-Semitism within her party and on our university campuses is revealing.  But during an interview yesterday, Clinton had the audacity to claim that we have another Hitler in our midst rising to power, and he must be stopped at all costs.  Of course, she was referring to Donald Trump. I’m tempted to ignore her hyperbolic insults, but we can’t.  This is a teachable moment.

Last night was another disappointing election night.  Looking at the results from a macro level, you can make the argument that it was essentially a “status quo election.”  Very little changed. Incumbent governors won in Kentucky and Mississippi, one Democrat and one Republican.  Democrats won the election for an open seat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, so the liberal majority there remains unchanged.

We’ve been reporting on the disturbing hate-filled marches taking place all over America – in our major cities, on our university campuses and even in our high schools.  There is real violence happening, too.  In Indianapolis, Ruba Almaghtheh, a 34 year-old Palestinian woman, admitted to police that she drove her car into what she thought was a Jewish school.  She told police that she was offended by the Star of David on the front of the building.  “Yes, I did it on purpose,” she said.  Local authorities are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

As you recall, there was a big demonstration in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021. There was another huge demonstration over the weekend in Washington, D.C.  But what jumped out at me was how differently the mob carrying the flag of a non-existent country called “Palestine” didn’t even make the front page of the Washington Post.  This demonstration was relegated to the Metro section. 

Governing is about making decisions.  Sometimes the decisions are easy, and sometimes they are tough.  Last night, Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives faced, in my opinion, a very easy decision – aid to our ally Israel to fight the terrorists of Hamas or more money for more IRS agents to harass hard-working Americans.  (Remember, Democrats gave the IRS an extra $80 billion last year!) Republicans overwhelmingly chose to support Israel with an additional $14.3 billion in emergency aid.  They paid for this emergency wartime aid by cutting $14.3 billion from Joe Biden… Read More

“So many babies and children were beheaded that we’ve had a hard time matching heads to the right bodies.”  That was the first observation I heard this morning when I sat down for breakfast and turned on the news.  It came from an Israeli pathologist, who had to help sort through the bodies of one thousand four hundred dead Israelis.  (You can read more here – if you have the stomach for it.) Not only were Israelis brutally murdered on October 7th, their bodies were defiled by radical Islamists.  Some of these children were the grandsons and granddaughters of Holocaust survivors.  … Read More

Well, we knew the smears against House Speaker Mike Johnson were coming.  As we have noted since his election, Johnson is unapologetic about his Christian faith.  Sadly, that makes you a target of today’s radically secular, anti-religious left. For example, talk show host Bill Maher compared the new speaker to the mass murderer in Maine who claimed to hear voices in his head.  Maher said, “Is he that different than Mike Johnson?”  Yes, Bill, there is a difference.  The shooter was a killer.  The speaker believes in the sanctity of life.

It is absolutely clear now that the Biden White House and virtually every European government wants Israel to back off and back down in its war against Hamas.  Insiders are saying that Israel is under intense pressure to announce a cease-fire.  In some cases, the White House and European governments are motivated by fear of what they’re seeing in the streets of our major cities.  The pro-Hamas mass demonstrations in New York, London, Paris and Berlin have shocked political observers across the spectrum.  They’re worried about the potential political fallout.  They think if they can just… Read More

For years now, I have been warning about the growing acceptance of anti-Semitism within the progressive left, whether it was in the Women’s March, the Black Lives Matter movement, on our college campuses and even in the halls of Congress. Well, after the evil massacre of Israeli civilians, the specter of anti-Semitism is now threatening to tear the Democrat Party apart. The House of Representatives has approved a resolution expressing America’s support for Israel in its fight against Hamas.  The vote should have been unanimous, but it wasn’t. 

Another pro-Hamas march took place in New York City last night.  This one, led by “Within Our Lifetime” (WOL), marched down Wall Street before stopping at City Hall.  Thousands of demonstrators chanted, “Eric Adams, you can’t hide, you support genocide,” along with calls for the genocide of the Jews. Ironically and predictably, many of the marchers were wearing masks to hide their identities. “Within Our Lifetime” is an extremist organization.  Biden’s FBI should be taking a hard look at this radical outfit, but they’re too busy investigating parents at school board meetings, pro-life… Read More

President Joe Biden addressed reporters yesterday from the White House Rose Garden after a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.  Three things from Biden’s remarks jumped out at me. Earlier this week, as Israel continues fighting the terrorists of Hamas, Biden declared that he is “committed to the dignity and self-determination” of the Palestinian people.  That seemed like an odd thing to say now -- in the middle of this conflict. Well, yesterday, he did it again.  Biden repeated the mantra that whatever happens next, there “has to be a two-state solution,” two states… Read More

Ever since Kevin McCarthy was voted out as speaker of the House of Representatives, we’ve been working behind the scenes to ensure that a strong conservative replaced him.  We made it clear that we did not want anyone with a history of selling out conservative values.  We warned members against Tom Emmer.  He had to drop out yesterday after Donald Trump said he would be a terrible choice.  So, House Republicans went back to the drawing board. 

As I recently noted, we are currently witnessing the worst outbreak of raw, unhinged anti-Semitism in the history of the country.  The savage attack by Hamas against innocent Israelis on October 7th not only resulted in the greatest loss of Jewish life in a single day since the Holocaust, it also unleashed a wave of evil in this country.

We’re going into the third week of the Hamas-Israel War since the massacre on October 7th, and Israel has still not launched a ground invasion of Gaza.  Evidence is growing that the Biden Administration is pressuring the Israeli government not to do it.  As Donald Trump noted, Hamas and Hezbollah are smart.  They know how to manipulate the American media.  Alan Dershowitz wrote that Hamas has a clever “CNN strategy.”  Late Friday, Hamas released two American-Israeli hostages.  Two more hostages were reportedly released today.  That’s no coincidence, as it gave Biden all the leverage he… Read More

I have spent a lot of time talking to Jewish friends here and in Israel in recent days.  All of us have been struck by the enormity of what we’re seeing and what is happening.  We are in the middle of the biggest display of raw murderous anti-Semitism in the history of America.  There has never been mobs marching through the streets of our cities shouting “Death to the Jews” until now.

According to a new Gallup poll, trust in the media is at a record low.  In fact, more people (39%) distrust the media than trust it (32%).  Their left-wing bias is bad enough, but their basic inability to tell the truth and get the facts right is a tremendous disservice to the American people and it’s downright dangerous.  We saw a perfect example of that from the media’s coverage of events in Israel this past week. When reports broke late Monday that “Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza,” my immediate reaction was to check the source.  Hamas-controlled government entities in Gaza were… Read More

Joe Biden served four years as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and has often presented himself as some kind of foreign policy “genius.”  In fact, Biden’s “extensive foreign policy experience” was the main reason why Barack Obama chose Biden as his running mate in 2008. But Robert Gates, Obama’s defense secretary, tried to warn us.  Gates said that Biden’s “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”  Clearly, Gates recognized the truth that Obama missed.  Just look at the world around us.  The Biden foreign… Read More