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Friday, September 8, 2023 -- Biden's Weakness, Biden's Tough Sell, Erasing Our Border

Biden’s Weakness


President Joe Biden is in India for the G20 summit.  We’ll see if anything useful comes out of the summit.  But here’s something I know will happen as a result of Biden’s trip:  When he returns home America will be weaker. 


Because of his decrepit and declining condition, Biden’s presence on the world stage is a constant reminder of America’s decline.  Only 28% of Americans say Biden “inspires confidence.”  It’s unlikely others around the world view him any better.


China’s Xi and Russia’s Putin aren’t bothering to go to the G20 meeting.  They don’t need to because Biden’s conduct will do their work for them. 


I guarantee you that in the lead-up to the meeting and in closed door sessions, the United States is wagging our finger at the southern hemisphere, demanding those nations do more to stop climate change.  Every time we do that, we drive India, Brazil and much of the global south into the arms of Russia and communist China. 


India is not going to bring its people into modernity with windmills and solar panels.  They’re doing it just like we did, just like Europe did, just like China is doing now.


Modern global economies need carbon-based fuels.  Nothing else can adequately substitute for it.




Biden’s Tough Sell


The NFL’s new season is underway.  Unfortunately, the left has to ruin it by, once again, injecting politics into the game.  Joe Biden is launching a $25 million ad campaign during the NFL’s opening weekend focused on his “economic accomplishments.”  Yes, you read that right. 


He’s going to need a lot more than $25 million to convince the American people not to believe their lying eyes or dwindling bank accounts. 


Biden’s out-of-control spending resulted in the worst inflation this country has seen in decades.  Biden’s budget deficit has doubled to $2 trillion this year. 


Meanwhile, skyrocketing food costs, gas prices and rents are wrecking family budgets coast to coast.  Millions of young Americans are locked out of the housing market because of Biden’s sky-high interest rates.


Sixty-one percent of Americans say they are living paycheck-to-paycheck.  Fifty-eight percent say Biden’s policies are making the economy worse!


Biden and Democrat big city mayors are so weak on crime that retailers are losing $95 billion to theft.  How do they make that up?  They raise prices on law-abiding Americans who still bother to pay for things.


Bidenomics is a bust, and the American people know it.




Biden Funds Neo-Nazi Hate


One of the most outrageous things Joe Biden did after taking office was to restore funding to the Palestinian Authority.  In 2021, Biden sent Mahmoud Abbas $235 million of your hard-earned tax dollars.  Last year, it was more than $300 million.


President Donald Trump cut off U.S. funding in part because of the Palestinian Authority’s “pay-to-slay” scheme which literally subsidizes terrorism against innocent Israelis and American citizens.  To this day, Abbas refuses to end it.


So, what is the “return” on Joe Biden’s investment in Abbas for the United States and our ally, Israel?  Predictably, it’s more hate.


During a recent address, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas defended the Holocaust by denying that Hitler’s victims were real Jews, and he quoted Karl Marx, who was also notoriously anti-Semitic, as an authority on the subject of Jewish identity.


Abbas’s raw anti-Semitism should come as no surprise to anyone.  He’s an expert anti-Semite.  Seriously.  Abbas did his doctoral thesis on Holocaust denial


Abbas’s outrageous remarks weren’t limited to defending Hitler.  The Palestinian dictator, now in the 18th year of his four-year term, also labeled the United States as the true enemy of the Palestinian people. 


Why would Biden give hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to this insane tyrant who hates Jews, hates Israel and hates America? 


While Biden falsely accuses Donald Trump and millions of Americans of being “semi-fascists,” he’s the one who is literally funding real neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers in the Middle East!


Make no mistake about it:  The effort by Abbas, the United Nations and various radical Islamist groups to claim that Israelis are “occupying Muslim land” and “aren’t real Jews” is an effort to erase Jewish history and their homeland. 


Jews were living in these lands when Washington, D.C., was a swamp and before Mohammad was born.  But if Israelis aren’t real Jews and are interlopers, the entire Bible is a lie. So, the effort to erase Jews in Judea and Samaria is also an effort to erase Jesus and Christianity.


Israel is regularly conducting archeological research and regularly finds things that confirm the presence of Jews in these regions for thousands of years.  They are also finding archeological proof of the Christian gospels and the accuracy of the Bible.


For example, there was news this week about a new project that recently unearthed steps to the Pool of Siloam where Jesus healed the blind man.




Erasing Our Border


New York City Mayor Eric Adams made headlines this week for shockingly candid remarks about the impact of Joe Biden’s open borders policies on his city.  Adams warned that illegal immigration “will destroy this city,” and he lamented the dramatic impact on city services and taxpayers.


Adams isn’t the only Democrat complaining.  Protests have erupted in Chicago.  The liberal governor of Massachusetts called out the National Guard.


So, the Biden White House has come up with a new plan.  In stark contrast to Donald Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy, Joe Biden is reportedly considering a “remain in Texas” policy.


Could it be any more obvious, folks? 


The neo-Marxist left insists we have no right to have borders, but they really don’t want all these illegal aliens in their communities.  So, Biden is going to erase the southern border and flood Texas, the biggest GOP electoral state, with millions of people who should be sent back to their countries of origin.


If Democrats want open borders, then Democrat sanctuary cities and states should be the ones to bear that responsibility and suffer the consequences. 


If I were Gov. Abbott, I would immediately double or triple the effort to bus migrants to Chicago, Denver, New York City and Washington, D.C.!




Just Do It


Last month, Angela Kilgore went to her local school board meeting in Suffolk, Virginia.  After addressing the board members with her concerns, she asked to pray for them and area schools.  But the board chairman cut her off, saying, “You can’t do that,” adding that prayers weren’t legally allowed.


When Kilgore and other members of the audience began reciting the Lord’s Prayer, the chairman suspended the meeting and ordered police officers to clear the room. 


The chairman’s reaction isn’t at all surprising.  This hostility to prayer has been the norm since the left took prayer out of the schools decades ago.  The fact that his response was to stifle her prayer as something illegal was a stark reminder that we have a lot of work to do to ensure religious liberty thrives in America. 


That’s why I revisited the Coach Kennedy case earlier this week.  In that decision last year, the Supreme Court ruled that people can’t be prevented from praying in public.  Anyone can go to public school board meetings and pray, and our schools certainly need a lot of prayer!


I hope what happened in Suffolk, Virginia, is a sign that the significance of the Coach Kennedy case is beginning to sink in at the grassroots. 


Here’s my advice for the next person who wants to pray at a public school board meeting:  Don’t ask for permission.  Just do it!




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