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Friday, September 27, 2019 -- Blumenthal's Bluster, Where We Stand, The Deep State, Keeping Our Streets Safe

Blumenthal's Bluster
As the impeachment of President Trump begins, the battle lines are hardening.  Senator Lindsey Graham dismissed the allegations against the president as "a nothing burger."  Senator Richard Blumenthal had a visceral reaction to Graham's quip, saying:
"Donald Trump is going to choke on this supposed nothing burger.  He will go down with this supposed nothing burger in his throat because what it shows is repeated, concerted, premeditated criminal conduct."
I found Blumenthal's statement very revealing.  Like much of Hollywood's "art," (here and here) it reveals the degree of hatred festering on the left toward Donald Trump. 
My old friend Bill Bennett, commenting on this raw hatred, said it reminded him of the animosity Inspector Javert had for Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, which had tragic results. 
Sadly, I suspect the left has given little thought as to how it might heal the wounds caused by impeachment or how it might begin to help reunite the country that has been so divided by its extreme policies and growing anti-Americanism.
But let me remind you, my friends, that the left's hatred isn't just about Donald Trump.  It's about you.  It's about me.  It's about all the 63 million "deplorable and irredeemable" people who voted for Donald Trump.  They tell us that all the time.
The left's rage didn't begin with Donald Trump.  It smeared Ronald Reagan, Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, George W. Bush, John McCain and even Mitt Romney.  The left viciously attacked Brett Kavanaugh and it is still attacking him. 
Today is the anniversary of Christine Blasey Ford's Senate hearing.  And Kamala Harris is still demanding Kavanaugh's impeachment.
Where We Stand
It is hard for anyone to keep up with all the nuances of this dispute, and the developments that have taken place at such a rapid pace.  Of course, that's the left's goal -- to confuse and demoralize conservatives.  But let me just summarize where we are: 

  • An anonymous CIA employee, with an identified anti-Trump bias, has filed a complaint about a presidential phone call to another head of state. 
  • His identity, and those of anyone he worked with, is being hidden. 
  • What he alleged has been shown from the transcript to be false, and there are numerous inconsistencies in the complaint. 

On this basis, we're being told by virtually every Democrat and reporter in America that the president must be removed from office.
That's it.
The Deep State
From the time of the campaign all the way until now, the president has been under repeated attacks from elements of America's intelligence agencies, including the CIA and FBI.  Many of the people, like Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, and Strzok, have been removed.  But there are still many more who have not been identified and "weeded out."
The president has appointed various people he was told would clean house.  Former Indiana Senator Dan Coats, an old friend of mine, was named director of national intelligence.  But he quickly became a mouthpiece for the agency he was running rather than a reformer of the agency.  Thanks for nothing, Dan.
Early in his administration, a CIA official resigned and wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post lambasting the president.  He was promptly hired to be a commentator for NBC News.  More recently, an intelligence analyst at the State Department used his resignation to make a big splash in the news.
The current controversy reportedly originated with an employee at the CIA.  The current head of the CIA is Gina Haspel, a career officer and the first woman to lead the CIA. 
The president was told, and we were all told, that she was the ultimate professional who would not tolerate any nonsense.  Clearly, she needs to call in all agency supervisors and review the rules regarding their involvement in partisan politics.
It is worth remembering that even before the inauguration, then President-elect Trump was expressing his frustration with the intelligence community.  At the time, Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer bragged to Rachel Maddow, "Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community -- they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you."
If this abuse of our intelligence agencies cannot be ended, then the globalists have won and we have lost the country.  I pray and still believe that is not true.  But the jury is still out.
Keeping Our Streets Safe
Progressives are all in on open borders, and one of their key demands is abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, ICE.  That would be a colossal disaster.
ICE Director Matt Albence held a press conference at the White House yesterday.  He told reporters that last year ICE arrested "more than 105,000 criminal aliens" and deported "more than 145,000 criminal aliens."  ICE also arrested "nearly 10,000 gang members" and deported 6,000 gang members.  So far this year, ICE has filed more than 160,000 detainers with local jails nationwide. 
That gives you some idea of the extent of the criminal illegal alien problem we have in this country.  And Democrats want to abolish the agency responsible for getting these criminals off our streets.
Albence noted that ICE conducted major operations this week resulting in 1,300 arrests.  Of those arrested: 

  • Three had convictions for manslaughter or murder. 
  • 100 had convictions for sexual assault, and nearly half of the victims were children. 
  • 70 had drug convictions. 
  • And more than 320 had DUI convictions. 

Needless to say, Director Albence had tough words for sanctuary cities and the politicians who support them.  He said:
"To the public who want to live and raise your families in safe neighborhoods, we ask you to hold your lawmakers accountable before you or someone you love is unnecessarily victimized by a criminal that ICE could have removed from your community."
L'Shanah Tovah
To all of our Jewish friends and supporters, Carol and I wish you a happy Rosh Hashanah!