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Friday, September 15, 2023 -- About That Indictment, When Will It End, 2024 Update

About That Indictment


While many cheered the news of Hunter Biden’s indictment, there are plenty of reasons to remain skeptical.  This one act does nothing to reestablish the concept of equal justice under the law, which the left has eviscerated.  Consider these points:


  • The most egregious behavior by Hunter Biden – foreign influence peddling, failure to register as a foreign agent (the same charge that put Paul Manafort in jail), tax evasion and money laundering – were all tied to Joe Biden.  U.S. Attorney Weiss and other elements of federal law enforcement dragged their feet on those investigations for years and allowed the statute of limitations to expire. The statute of limitations on the gun charge was just 28 days away from expiring. 


  • Weiss’s goal from the beginning was always to avoid indicting or prosecuting Hunter Biden, let alone Joe Biden, for anything.  Powerful people throughout the federal government were working toward that goal.  We’re only at this point because Republicans won a narrow majority in the House of Representatives, emboldening whistleblowers to come forward, and a single judge was so outraged by the absurd plea deal.  There could still be a new plea agreement that results in no prison time.


  • Let’s assume Hunter is tried and actually convicted of something.  There will be appeals, which will stretch out for at least a year, beyond the 2024 election.  The left wants to convict Donald Trump before the election, while making sure no one in the Biden family is convicted and sent to jail before the election.  Those are the optics they desperately want.


  • Let’s assume that we win the election, in spite of all the election interference that’s going on now and all the fraud we know they will attempt.  Joe Biden still has from November 6, 2024 to January 20, 2025 to pardon his son and all other Biden family members who are implicated in this massive wealth machine. 


  • Let’s say Biden wins the election.  He doesn’t have to face the voters again.  He’ll pardon Hunter and everyone else on November 6, 2024.


Maybe someone has a scenario I’m missing, but I’m not holding my breath that justice will be done here.  Meanwhile, the neo-Marxist left will continue their relentless campaign to have Trump die in prison.  That’s why he’s facing 700 years in jail.




When Will It End?


I can already hear some folk saying, “Okay, Gary, but once Trump is off the scene, this will all stop.”  No, it won’t!  It will only accelerate, especially if they succeed in locking up a billionaire former president!


The Biden regime is still hunting down people involved in the January 6th protest.  January 6th defendants are getting prison terms far greater than violent gang members


Remember what the left tried to do to Kyle Rittenhouse.


Remember how the left smeared Nick Sandmann and his entire class of Catholic high school boys at a pro-life march. 


Look at what they are doing to pro-life activists. They are going after them as if they are terrorists – for holding sit-ins and for getting into a shoving match


Look at what they did to parents at school board meetings.


Look at how the left smeared Moms for Liberty as an “extremist group.”  As a result, they are having trouble securing venues for their meetings. 


Look at what they did to conservative Catholic churches.  Someone needs to write a song not about the rich men north of Richmond but about spying FBI agents in Richmond!


Here's another example. 


Nadine Woodward, the mayor of Spokane, Washington, went to a church service hosted by a West Coast evangelist who prayed for her on stage.  This evangelist believes marriage is between a man and a woman and that there are only two sexes. (Shocking, right?)  The Spokane City Council is attempting to formally censure the mayor.


On every front – from the right to debate, to form like-minded groups, to get on the ballot – the left is attempting to shut all of us down, not just Donald Trump.


Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch was dragged in front of a Washington, D.C., grand jury.  The head of the Federalist Society is now being dragged through the mud by Washington, D.C., officials. 


The legal attacks are the punishment.  If they succeed in putting you in jail, that’s just icing on the cake.  But the legal attack puts you in constant turmoil.  It drains your finances.  It makes supporters hesitant to volunteer, show up at events or donate. 


If you’re a candidate, it often destroys your political career, even if you’re exonerated on appeal.  Just ask former Virginia Gov. and once-rising GOP star Bob McDonnell.  Jack Smith destroyed McDonnell, only to have his conviction unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court.  But the damage was done.



2024 Update


Fox News released a new round of polling yesterday.  There were a number of interesting results.  For example, there has been a massive 33-point swing over the past three years in the number of people who seriously doubt Joe Biden’s mental fitness to be president.  That’s a serious problem for Biden – and America!


Looking ahead to the 2024 race, every matchup is close.  Four GOP candidates (Trump, Haley, Pence and Ramaswamy) narrowly beat Biden, while Biden narrowly leads three candidates (DeSantis, Christie and Scott.)


Here’s something else that jumped out at me:  In this poll, Trump has 48% to Biden’s 46%.  All other the GOP candidates, including those who led Biden, ranged from 45% to 41%, and none of them have gone through the left-wing media’s meat grinder yet. 


They haven’t had to face what McCain, Romney or Trump had to face.  In other words, they haven’t been dirtied up yet.


Something else seems obvious to me.


Based on these results, a significant percentage of Republican voters -- perhaps as many as 7% (the difference between Trump’s 48% and Chris Christie’s 41% in the poll) -- are willing to say right now that they will only vote for Donald Trump.  That’s more than 5,000,000 votes!


Maybe there are some suburban voters we might get if Trump isn’t the nominee.  But what is never mentioned is that there are voters who are only Trump voters. 


They might hate the left, but they also despise the corporate, establishment GOP – the Republican Party of globalism, the party of endless wars and the party of cutting your mother’s Social Security check. 


But they love Trump because he’s a fighter.  And it’s not at all clear to me that they will show up for a typical Republican, even someone who says they are a “Reagan Republican.”


I admit that this is a problem for the GOP.  But I continue to believe, no matter who is nominated, that the only future for the Republican Party is to be a party that speaks the language of populist conservatism and appeals to Middle America.


In related news:


  • There are more calls for Democrats to dump Kamala Harris.
  • The rift between Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and the Democrat Party is growing.
  • Andrew Yang is reportedly talking to activists about running as a third-party candidate in 2024.
  • And no matter what Joe Manchin does in 2024 (run for reelection or for president), it likely won’t be as a Democrat.




Good News



  • A federal judge in California blocked a school district from enforcing a policy that required teachers to lie to parents about a child’s “gender transition” and use of “preferred pronouns.”


  • A federal judge in Florida dismissed a lawsuit seeking to ban Donald Trump from the ballot under the 14th Amendment.


  • New Hampshire officials rejected an effort to ban Donald Trump from the ballot under the 14th Amendment.


  • A federal judge in New Mexico struck down Gov. Grisham’s order suspending Second Amendment rights.



  • Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin formally pardoned Scott Smith.  Mr. Smith was prosecuted by local officials after he disrupted a school board meeting when board members tried to cover up his daughter’s sexual assault by a transgender student in a school bathroom.




L'Shanah Tovah


To all of our Jewish friends and supporters, Carol and I wish you a happy Rosh Hashanah!