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Friday, September 11, 2020 -- Patriot Day, Remembering 9/11, Another Deep State Outrage

Patriot Day
President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and former Vice President Joe Biden are participating in various 9/11 memorial services today at the Pentagon, in New York City and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. 
President Trump issued a proclamation recognizing September 11th as Patriot Day.  Below are some excerpts of his proclamation:
"In 2001, our Nation, united under God, made an unbreakable promise never to forget the nearly 3,000 innocent Americans who were senselessly killed on September 11.  On this sacred day — Patriot Day — we solemnly honor that commitment. . .
"To fulfill our collective promise never to forget, we impart the memory of that fateful day to our children and grandchildren.  The smoke that rose from the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and the Pennsylvania field carried away the souls of innocent Americans.
"As we recall the images of our American Flag raised from the ashes of Ground Zero and the Pentagon, we are reminded that good triumphs over evil.  We recommit ourselves to fortifying our cherished American values so that future generations will know in their souls that the United States is the land of the free and the home of the brave."
Please take a few moments today to share with your children and grandchildren your memories from 9/11.  There is an entire generation now with no memory of that day, who know only what they read in their history books.
Tell them about the courage of Todd Beamer, who led the first successful counterattack against the jihadists.  Remind them of the courage of New York's finest, the police officers and fire fighters who rushed into the Twin Towers. 
Tell them about the heroes like Captain Lincoln Leibner, who ran into the burning Pentagon, and of the Red Bandana man, Welles Crowther, who gave his life saving fellow co-workers in the South Tower.
Remembering 9/11
It is hard to believe that today marks the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our country.  All of us have a story from 9/11. 
I happened to be near the Pentagon, driving into Washington, D.C., when it was attacked by Islamic supremacists who turned American Airlines Flight 77 into a missile.  I heard the roar of the engine as the plane flew over, and the force of the explosion rocked my vehicle.
Immediately after the attacks there was a tremendous outpouring of patriotism all across the country.  Young men and women rushed to join the military to defend America against those who had declared war on us.
In recent days, I've heard people say that the country is so divided now that it would take another 9/11 to bring us together.  Sadly, I disagree. 
After 9/11 we saw celebrations of our suffering in Gaza and in the West Bank.  If another 9/11 happened today, there is no reason to foolishly believe that the people in our streets burning Bibles and American flags, tearing down historical monuments, assaulting diners and threatening people sleeping in their homes would suddenly become patriots. 
If America were viciously attacked again, we would see celebrations right here in our own country.  And that fact doesn't have anything to do with Donald Trump.
After 9/11 we were shocked to learn that young Muslim children were taught that we were the "Great Satan" and that the only way they could find redemption was to kill us.  We shook our heads in disbelief that adults would teach their children such hatred. 
And then we sleepwalked for 19 years while our schools were taken over by radicals who taught our kids that our country is evil and that the only way they can redeem themselves is to tear America down.
As tough as the fights in Iraq and Afghanistan were, this fight will be even harder. 
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can't win this fight.  They have too many sympathies for the mob in the streets demanding an end to the America we know and love. 
If anyone can win this battle, I believe Donald Trump and Mike Pence, who stand with patriots everywhere, can save this country.
What A Contrast
Did you catch the "protest porn" on the football field last night? 
On the eve of the anniversary of 9/11, two NFL teams owned by billionaires made up of multimillionaire athletes began the game by sticking their fingers in the eyes of one of the most integrated fan bases of any sport. 
The black national anthem (yes, there is one!) was played in addition to the Star-Spangled Banner.  Can anyone explain to me how having two national anthems is supposed to bring us together?  Aren't we supposed to be "one nation under God"?
Of course, having two anthems can't bring us together any more than some people disrespecting the anthem by kneeling in protest brings us together.  It only serves to divide us. 
And why don't we have a Hispanic national anthem and an Asian national anthem?  If we keep going down the road of identity politics we will have them.
So billionaires and millionaires are telling people who have to save up their money to get into the stadium and fans at home who can't afford a ticket at all what a bunch of bigots they are.  That's a really great PR move.  They should be ashamed of themselves!
Meanwhile, I couldn't help but think of the contrast between Pat Tillman and Colin Kaepernick.  Tillman gave up his football career to defend America.  Kaepernick gave up his football career to trash America.
Maybe I'm off base.  But I don't think this new woke NFL is going to be a big hit with most fans.
Another Deep State Outrage
If you need another reminder about just what a sham the Russia hoax was, we just got it. 
Late yesterday a story broke that dozens of government-issued cell phones used by top ranking members of Robert Mueller's team were wiped clean before Department of Justice investigators and record keepers could examine them.
Some phones suffered "irreparable screen damage."  Others were "nuked" because users entered a wrong password ten times.  That means all communications, text messages and emails that should have been preserved were destroyed.
Clearly, Mueller's team learned well from Hillary's "Servergate" scandal.
I admit that I have on occasion entered the wrong password into my phone.  But never ten times in a row.  Yet multiple members of Mueller's team did just that. 
In fact, the brilliant legal eagle Andrew Weissman, Mueller's chief prosecutor, managed to do it twice!  One Mueller lawyer claimed his phone miraculously "wiped itself." 
And somehow Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz still concluded that there was no evidence of bias in the FBI's investigation of the Trump campaign. 
Well, Robert Mueller took over that investigation and this mass destruction of evidence is clear evidence of bias.  It likely explains why Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham both rejected Horowitz's finding.
Every Republican member of Congress should be demanding answers and prosecutions for this outrageous behavior.  Subpoenas should have been issued yesterday and hearings should be scheduled for next week.
The Deep State corruption is as plain as daylight!  And many Americans are beyond frustrated by the perception that there are two systems of justice in America – one for the well-connect left-wing elite and one for the rest of us.
My friends, some of you may not like President Trump's tweets.  But this Deep State corruption should scare us all. 
This is just one more reason to reelect the Trump/Pence team.  If Biden/Harris win this November, the Durham investigation will be shut down and William Barr's efforts to restore integrity to the Justice Department will be over.
Prayers For Pastor MacArthur
Yesterday a Los Angeles County judge ordered Pastor John MacArthur to close Grace Community Church, citing an "immediate threat to public health" and potential "harm to the general public."
Something is seriously wrong when the government turns a blind eye to protests and riots, but deems churches an "immediate threat" and "harm" to the public.
I don't know what Pastor MacArthur will do, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear Sunday morning that he is preaching to a captive audience – behind the bars of the LA County jail.