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Friday, October 28, 2022 -- Red Wave Rising, Biden Lies Again, Musk Makes His Move

Red Wave Rising


All signs continue to suggest there is a growing Republican wave sweeping across the nation.  For example:


  • JD Vance is up five points in the Ohio Senate race.
  • Kari Lake, a rising conservative star, is up 11 points in the race for governor of Arizona.  If she wins, she will immediately become a prominent leader in conservative, populist politics.
  • The Arizona Senate race is now a “Toss-up” contest.
  • Chuck Schumer admits that Democrats are “going downhill” in Georgia.
  • Adam Laxalt is leading in Nevada.
  • General Don Bolduc is charging hard in New Hampshire.
  • The first post-debate poll shows Dr. Oz leading in Pennsylvania.
  • Governors’ races that once seemed out of reach – Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon and Wisconsin – are closing fast. 
  • A critical ballot initiative that could enshrine abortion on demand in the Michigan constitution and allow children to be sterilized is a toss-up.
  • More House races are moving in our direction.
  • And there are sleeper races, such as the New Mexico gubernatorial contest, where pro-life conservative Mark Ronchetti is making a serious run against the liberal incumbent Democrat.  (If you are looking to invest additional resources, this is one to consider!)


That said, I continue to be deeply concerned that many critical contests appear to be close – with just a point or two separating the Democrat and Republican candidates.


We know unhinged leftists are not constrained by the basic teachings of Judeo-Christian civilization.  They feel justified in doing anything and everything necessary to win.


As we have reported, the Republican National Committee and other conservative organizations have trained an army of poll watchers this year.  If you’re interested in volunteering on Election Day, click here to find a GOP Community Center near you or to sign up to be a poll watcher.




Biden Lies Again


As I noted in my latest opinion piece, the left lies all the time about anything and everything.  Joe Biden demonstrated that yet again yesterday on the campaign trail when he said, “The price of gas in America is $3.39, down from over five dollars when I took office.” 


Where are the all the media “fact checkers” who obsessed over every word uttered by Donald Trump?  And what exactly is Biden bragging about?


When Trump left the White House, the price of gas was around $2.40 a gallon – a dollar less than we’re paying now, and nowhere near $5.00!  But gas did hit $5.00 a gallon this summer because of Joe Biden’s failed energy policies.




The Trans Supremacy Movement


The trans supremacy movement and the politicians enabling it increasingly look like fascists.  Joe Biden, who accused conservatives of being semi-fascists, is promoting a movement that routinely uses fascist tactics. 


If there is an event where people are demonstrating against the demands of the radical trans supremacy movement, thugs may assault them.  If you speak the truth and say a man is really a man and not a woman, you will be censored on social media


If you object to a biological boy in the girls’ bathroom or locker room, you may be suspended from school or lose your job. 


That’s exactly what happened to Blake Allen and her father, Travis, after Blake complained about a “trans girl” in her school locker room. 


Blake was suspended, told to participate in a “restorative justice circle” and write a letter of apology to the confused boy.  Her father was suspended from his job as a school soccer coach for “misgendering” the boy in a social media post.


In normal times, any president of the United States would be speaking out against this insanity.  But these are not normal times. 


Instead, Joe Biden is putting the full weight of the federal government against normalcy, against Christian schools, against Catholic hospitals and against business owners who do not bow to this nonsense. 


Truth and normalcy are on the ballot this November.    


Virtually every Democrat at every level -- from the U.S. Senate to your local school board -- is all in on this insanity.  Virtually every Republican opposes it.


And if the issue had greater visibility in the elections, Democrats would lose in a landslide.




Musk Makes His Move


Elon Musk is complicated man, and hard to put into a box.  But he is a strong believer in free speech, and his acquisition of Twitter -- and new status as “Chief Twit” -- is a grand slam home run!


Immediately after walking into Twitter’s headquarters yesterday, he proceeded to fire several top executives, including Vijaya Gadde, who were responsible for the company’s outrageous censorship policies.


Musk has broken the left’s monopoly on social media! 


Progressives are in complete melt down today.  And if they are so upset, it must be a good thing.  Dan Rather is threatening to leave the platform.  (I didn’t realize he was still alive.)


Musk is yet another example of prominent liberals like Joe Rogan, Tulsi Gabbard, Bill Maher and even Jon Stewart who are realizing just how insane the left has become.


That is the real story.  But if you’re only watching the “mainstream media,” you’ll only see stories about Liz Cheney leaving the GOP.  (Good-bye, Liz!)




Good News


  • A Christian baker in California won a five-year legal battle after refusing to participate in a same-sex wedding.  This unexpected victory for religious liberty is possible because lower courts are finally accepting the reality of the Supreme Court’s conservative Trump majority.



  • A judge struck down New York City’s vaccine mandate as unconstitutional and ordered fired workers to be reinstated with backpay. 




  • A judge struck down New York’s continued use of mail-in balloting based on pandemic “emergency” orders.


  • A judge struck down absurd regulations issued by Michigan’s left-wing secretary of state, who was seeking to restrict poll watchers.


  • A Wisconsin judge rejected left-wing efforts to count mail-in ballots with incomplete witness information.


  • Eagle Forum of Alabama successfully beat back an outrageous attempt by the Biden Justice Department to intimidate the pro-family group for supporting legislation that protected children from transgender mutilating surgeries.